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Golf exercises are extremely important to a golfers career. A major research study has recently been conducted into the improvement of a golfers game with reference to exercising. Dr. Greg Wells the Director of Sports Science from the RCGA (Royal Canadian Golf Association) found that certain attributes need to be looked at the most when training for golf.

1. Balance
2. Flexibility
3. Posture
4. Core Stability
5. Strength and Power
6. Cardiovascular Fitness

Lets look at how to develop these areas in more detail.

Golf Balance Exercise Drills

To develop balance you need to isolate the weakest link that is preventing you from properly maintaining accuracy during your stroke. To do this you should:

1. Try and stand on one foot

2. Another balance golf balance exercise involves standing on balls and going through the motions of hitting a golf ball.

Think about how important balance is in golf. It is needed for hitting the ball properly on the way down. This is why balance is the most important factor in golf exercise training.

Golf Flexibility Exercises

A flexible core, arms, hips and legs will allow much more range of motion for a great golf stroke. Try this drill for improvement in golf hip flexibility.

Start by doing a split lunge and then lean forward with your hips. This will help improve flexibility in your hip flexors.

Another great hip flexibility exercise:

Posture Exercises in Golf

Posture in golf can make or break a shot. Balance and posture go hand in hand and need to be trained at the same time. To do this you please follow the following youtube video:

Strength and Power Exercises in Golf

Muscles needed to be focused on for Golf

When choosing weight training Golf exercises think about the most common motions performed during a Golf game and then tailor your workout around the muscles used.

Legs - Powerful legs are important for speed, agility, and shot power (transfering bodyweight from one leg to the other).

Chest- Chest muscles are extremely important for overall upper body stability.

Hip Flexors-
Hip flexors are important for the swing.

Back -
Any pulling action requires your back, any type of rough housing will require a strong back to maintain balance during your golf swing.

Many Golf players end up with terrible shoulder muscles without strong shoulders. Making sure you have muscle mass will protect against any strong blows or twisting when your muscle is not prepared.

Rotator Cuff - Rotator Cuffs are used during every shot and arm rotational motion during Golf. Strong rotator cuffs are important for this.

- Abdominals are VERY important for core strength and will increase your endurance during the Golf game.

Most Important Compound Exercises For Golf

Jump Squats - A great weight training hockey exercise
- Squats develop overall lower body strength needed for exploding into the golf ball.

Deadlifts- Hockey Weight Training Exercise
Deadlifts - Deadlifts work on entire body strength which is great for overall strength
Bench Press - Hockey Weight Training Exercise
Bench Press - Bench Press is a great overall upper body exercise for your chest, shoulders and triceps. This will develop overall muscular strength in your upper body. Great for golfing.

Wood Choppers is a great hockey weight training exercise
Wood Choppers
- Woodchoppers are an excellent way to develop core strength and upper body stability and mimic the action of a golf swing.

Other Important Golf Exercises

Clean and Jerk
Jump Squats
Leg Throwdowns

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