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Football Weight Training Exercises

Football exercises are extremely important to anyones football career. The football player must train differently at different times of year. Train with different drills, exercises, intensity, speed etc. If you are a football player you should check out our football workouts

Muscles needed to be focused on for football

When choosing weight training football exercises think about the most common motions performed during a football game and then tailor your workout around the muscles used.

Legs - Powerful legs are extremely important for speed, agility, and brute strength on the scrimmage line.

Chest- Chest muscles are extremely important for overall upper body stability when getting pushed around on the field.

Hip Flexors-
Hip flexors are important for stride speed and power.

Back -
Any pulling action requires your back, any type of rough housing will require a strong back to maintain balance.

Shoulders- Many football players end up with terrible shoulder muscles without strong shoulders. Making sure you have muscle mass will protect against any strong blows or twisting when your muscle is not prepared.

- Abdominals are VERY important for core strength and will increase your endurance during the football game. Abdominals are probably THE most important

Flexibility exercises are also extremely important for football players. It helps with speed, agility and prevents injuries.

Most Important Compound Exercises For football

Jump Squats : A great weight training football training exercise
- Squats are extremely improtant for off-the-line speed and strength needed to beat your football opponent.

Deadlifts- football Weight Training Exercise
Deadlifts - Deadlifts work on entire body strength, but focus on the lower back, grip strength and legs. Anytime you try and pull an opponent you'll need to have a strong back.

Bench Press - Football Weight Training Exercise
Bench Press - Bench Press is a great overall upper body exercise for your chest, shoulders and triceps. This exercise should be a staple in your football exercise routine.

Wood Choppers is a great football weight training exercise
Wood Choppers
- Woodchoppers are an excellent way to develop core strength and upper body stability. Not to mention it will raise your slap/wrist shot power.

Other Important Exercises for Speed

Clean and Jerk
Jump Squats
Leg Throwdowns

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