Printable Weight Loss Chart
Current Weight   ie. 215 pounds
Starting Date:   Jan 1st, 2009
Daily Caloric Goal:   2500Kcal
Date Current Weight Weights Aerobic 5-6 Small Meals? Calorie Intake Eat Right? Cheat
Jan 1st 2009 215 yes yes yes 2550 approx yes no
Weights - Did you exercise today with weights
Aerobic - Did you do any aerobic exercise today? (30-40 minutes of activity recommended)
Calorie Intake - Approximately how many calories did you ingest?
Cheat - Did you have any bad food or skip meals? Ie. Chips, soda, cookies, etc. 
Don't know how many calories to have?  You need to figure you’re your RMR ( Resting Metabolic Rate).  
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