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Finding the right personal trainer can be difficult to do because not all Personal Trainers have the same certification or education levels, charge varying amounts, have different equipment available to them (some train from home or at gyms that have allowed them to do so).

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The following Toronto personal trainers are found from our directory. These personal trainers can be hired / asked questions about their rates, services etc through our form below. Personal training is an excellent way to motivate, excel and reach your fitness goals towards a new you.

Would you like to become a personal trainer? I suggest you check out all the different types of Personal Training certifications you can get.

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NameSpecialtyCost Per HourEquipmentWill Travel?
Adam Ali, CanfitPro PTS, Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma, First Aid and CPRweight loss, toning, mass building, etc45bosu, stability ball, dumbbell,brampton, richmond hill, vaughn, markam, mississauga, etc
Adam firmly believes the best action one can make for his or her self is making an investment towards their own health. An investment towards your health is an investment that never gets lost. With better health you live a more vibrant life and you’re able to manage day to day tasks more efficiently without burning out. Adam can assist you with reaching new fitness goals in an interactive, fun, educational, and safety approach. With a wide range of training technique he is certain he can give the right fitness guidance to:-

• Athletes seeking to increase sports performance
• Women seeking a toned body
• Men looking to maintain or get in top notch shape
• Seniors looking for general health and wellness
• All individuals wanting to lose weight

Since your reading this why not take initiative for your health and book a free consultation and workout demo with Adam. Invest in your health today and forever!

Ana Plenter, CPTBody transformation specialist, weight/ fat loss, contest prep (bikini /figure)$100-150Full gymNo travel
Ana Plenter is the founder of Build My Body Beautiful, a multiple award winning fitness company specializing in body transformations for women.

We provide a holistic approach to fitness, including custom diets, programs for all our clients to do on their own, regular measurements and accountability, as well as ongoing motivational tools to keep our clients excited and to continue seeing results.

My team and I have worked with over 3000 women, reshaping their bodies, building confidence and changing their lives.

Andre Johnson CPTFat Loss70-100TreadmillBrmapton
i train you
Andrei Petrik, B.A., PTS (Can-Fit-Pro)Fat loss, Strength Training, Interval Training, Cardio Training$60 and upYesMississauga, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham
Andrei Petrik is a certified personal trainer in Toronto. Offering one-on-one personal fitness training in your home, condo gym, work and a private fitness studio.

Starting at $60 a session Andrei can help you reach your fitness goals including weight loss, weight maintenance, improve fitness levels, conditioning, muscle toning, increase strength and much more.

How can Andrei help you get fit?
  • by designing a complete exercise program

  • by developing a cardiovascular plan

  • by establishing goals

  • by holding you accountable

  • by establishing a progress tracking system

  • by identifying and modifying unhealthy lifestyle habits

  • by providing nutritional advice

  • Andrew Blakey, CPTIn Home Personal Training60All equipment is providedToronto, Mississauga, North York, Etobicoke
    Your Future Fitness is a company that specializes in providing personal training right to your home. We utilize the science behind exercise by tracking every exercise, rep, and set to ensure that what we're doing is in the most efficient way possible. We also track all your progress along the way.
    My philosophy is that fitness should be fun! Come try us out and experience exercise in a whole new way!
    We've worked with everyone ranging from teenagers playing elite level sports, to middle-aged business owners and those with busy schedules, to retirees!

    Anthony Gallagher ( Canfitpro Personal Trainer specalist level 1 )Fat loss25-30skipping rope, medicine ballToronto
    Hello Everyone My name is Anthony Gallagher. I Have been personal Training for roughly 1 year now. I am extremely passionate about fitness and health besides that I love helping people reach there fitness goals and building a relationship with those people.

    My Training specialties are to help those to lose body fat and also build muscle . I also help those use their time more efficient.


    Avaneil JohnStrength & Conditioning for Women Over 35$100 Portable Equipment if NecessaryToronto
    Personal training and nutrition services for women over 35 in Toronto, embracing change beyond the physical aesthetics, & creating healthier lifestyles.
    Bang FitnessPersonal training, group classes, combat conditioning$70-100Free weights, Olympic platform, weighted sleds, cablesToronto
    Bang Fitness Toronto

    Bang Fitness offers personal training, group classes and combat conditioning in downtown Toronto.

    Bang's performance-first approach combines of old-school training and cutting edge methods to help clients -- from professional athletes to weekend warriors -- achieve their goals.

    Bryan Morrison CPTFat loss, body sculpting$53Tubes, Bands, wobble boardToronto
    First off I am PICP Level 1 Certified, also PTS certified. I worked for Goodlife Fitness for almost two years. I've recently decided to go out on my own, I know that I can provide results to all my clients should they listen to my instructions on their lifestyle changes.

    Understanding the importance of coninuous training and exercise is a key point I try to get across to my clients, that paired with flexibility training and pproper eating habits is essential.

    The first step is to get to the base of your goals, set long term and short term goals by date in order to hit them properly. Once that is complete we can go into detail your nutritoinal habits etc...

    Chi Truong CPTStrength, fat loss, weight loss, boxing training strength training60-75yes
    I have over 4 years of training experience with a variety of clients from different walks of life.
    My training are geared toward clients with specific goals in mind, and who are committed in achieving those objectives.
    I guarantee my training will be challenging and fun.
    Feel free to contact us for a free assessment (value $60)

    Dave Szymkowicz, PTS,FISFat Loss, Muscle Building, Cardio conditioning $35 +kettle bell, med ball, swiss ball, free weightsNorth York, York Region

    My name is Dave and I am a mobile trainer.

    I was once 30 pounds overweight.

    I enjoy hockey & Snowboarding when I am not in the gym.

    I have been working as a free lance trainer for 3 years and have 14 clients who have all seen result.

    All my clients have different needs and wants (training for a 5K, fat loss, muscle building)



    Deepika Kansal Can-Fit-Pro PTS, Advanced-PTS, Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma,First aid and CPR-Red-Crossfat loss, muscle gain, flexibility$40 and upAll necessary equipment.North York
    I've helped people lose weight and stay fit since past 8 yrs. I have experience in teaching Yoga and dancing and my wide range of knowledge will help you reach your goal faster and effectively! I specialize in core stabilization, funcional workouts which you can easily do in comfort of your home.
    If you are looking for a trainer who is committed and passionate about fitness then contact me see the difference!
    Deepika Kansal

    Dionne Kent CPTFat Loss, sculpting, toning $50Bands, ball, dumbells, free weightsToronto / GTA
    Hi, my name is Dionne Kent. I'm from Toronto, Ont. Canada. My passion is health and fitness.

    I have been training for 20 years and have gained great knowledge from courses, seminars and many hours of being in the gym.

    My mission with my work with other individuals is to help them empower and achieve their own personal best. To take a desire and turn it into action. To see dreams realized. To give people the truth about getting in shape and fitness.

    To live with integrity. To help people understand how to be emotionally and
    physically healthy and live a complete

    I have a flexible schedule and am mobile. I can train you in the convenience of your own home or at my studio. I can also provide some equipment.

    Please contact me for appointments.

    Let me share my passion with you.

    Eric Astrauskas, Hon. B.A. (Kinesiology), P.T.S.fat loss, strength training/bodybuilding, sport-specific$70 and upAll necessary equipmentYorkville
    Personal Trainer in Toronto is committed to providing top-quality services in the fitness industry. I specialize in: weight loss, strength training, rehabilitation, and sport-specific training. I operate throughout Toronto and surrounding areas. I offer one-on-one and two-on-one personal training: in homes, condos, studios (including Stretch, located in Yorkville), fitness centers, and outdoors. Nutrition counseling and meal planning are included with personal training. I also offer exercise programming with nutrition counseling for those who prefer to train on their own. My programming is customized to each individual's level of fitness and goals.

    I have a Specialized Honours Kinesiology Degree and am certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist. I also have over eight years of training experience.

    Fit2Lead PTS, FIS, Figure CompetitorPersonal Training, Group Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition $90band, bosu, moderate free weights Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga
    Mary Phaneuf, founder of Fit2lead has been a certified fitness professional for 15 years. She is an accomplished group fitness instructor, personal trainer and figure/physique competitor. She understands how to set and achieve goals and can help you do the same. She is also a mother to 4 year old Nicholas so she can help you get back into shape post baby!
    Gena Govas CPT, In-Home Personal TrainingWeight Loss, Strength, Sculpt$70All Equipment ProvidedToronto
    Hi I'm Gena Govas, Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer. I have been servicing a diverse clientele in the Toronto area for the past 7 years. My in-home services will help you to reach your goals in weight/fat loss, body sculpting, endurance, strength, stress management and nutrition. My experience, passion, commitment and professionalism will keep you motivated, accountable and on track. I bring all equipment to your home, office or other facility. My personal training services are available for 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions. Your training program is designed to accommodate your lifestyle, fitness level, goals and any time constraints.

    I am a life long fitness enthusiast and believe that if we have our health we have everything! With the right support and safe guidance there are no limitations to your potential fitness.

    Health Fitness TorontoPack on the Mass program; Get Slim and Trim program; Complete Conditioning program; Cardiovascular Strengthening program; Sport-Specific Training Services; Nutritional Consultations and Plan Design; Fitness Assessments $80 to $100Yes; Fitness Facility Membership IncludedToronto and Vicinity
    Health Fitness Toronto is backed by one of the most experienced and qualified personal trainers in the industry. We will help you to achieve your goals while feeling great about yourself and inspiring you to fulfill your dreams.

    For a limited time, receive a free pedometer and body fat analyzer with our introductory personal training package.

    Contact us now for your free 30 minute fitness assessment to get you started.

    In Home Trainerhome fitness$50-75no equipment needednewmarket, vaughn, aurora, richmond hill
    We provide In home personal training, group training, yoga, sports training and more. All from the comfort of your home. No equipment needed
    Jacqueline Garay, CPT, CSCS, YIS, PIS, FISStrength conditioning, sport specific, yoga, weight lossTBA per individualcardio machines, free weights, med ball, resistance ball, bands, machine weights, bench, full service gymwithin Toronto and the GTA
    I am a former athlete turned personal trainer and fitness coach. I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a wide range of experience in all aspects of wellness, including yoga, pilates, rehabilitation, holistic therapy, and nutrition. I am able to work with teams, athletes, individuals, and groups and I focus on the balance between mind, body, and spirit.

    I have previously worked with Olympians, pro athletes, amateur athletes, fitness models, body builders, the average gym goer looking to lose a few pounds, and weekend warriors. I am results driven, I want to see you achieve your goals while you are working with me, and I will do everything I can to help you get there.

    I offer personal training individual and group sessions, boot camps, fitness classes, yoga, pilates, program prescription, diet advice, lifestyle coaching, and running clubs. My specialties are strength conditioning, yoga, and weight loss. I also run a kickass boot camp!

    Jake Toms CPTMaking Fitness Fun$50Boxing, bosu, rubber bands, dumb bells, medicine ballGTA
    Jake Toms is my name and making fitness fun is my game. I am a certified personal trainer with almost 10 years experience in the fitness industry. My specialties include fat loss, toning up and overall health improvement. Here are just a couple of reasons to chose me as your personal trainer. I travel to you with all of the equipment and most importantly we have a great time getting fit. So, chose me, you've got nothing to lose, but body fat.
    James Somers CanFitPro CPT, ACSM CPTfunctional fitness, toning, weight loss$50yesOnly Toronto but offer online training
    Fully certified trainer that holds a diploma in Fitness and Health. I have been in the industry for just over 7 years, have trained a variety of different clients with great results! If you're looking to tone up, get shredded and lose weight, I have the best solution for you.

    Not only do I offer in home training, I also have a place to train clients and also do online training through an extensive training app. Even if you're not in the city of Toronto I can help for an affordable price!

    James Somers CanFitPro CPT, ACSM CPTfunctional fitness, toning, weight loss50yes full gymJust Toronto but offer online training
    Fully certified trainer that holds a diploma in Fitness and Health. I have been in the industry for just over 7 years, have trained a variety of different clients with great results! If you're looking to tone up, get shredded and lose weight, I have the best solution for you.

    Not only do I offer in home training, I also have a place to train clients and also do online training through an extensive training app. Even if you're not in the city of Toronto I can help for an affordable price!

    Jerome Ferguson CPT, DTS L1Kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, TRX, and calisthenics 50 to 60YesToronto
    Jerome discovered the fitness industry while spending 2010 to 2012 working for Lululemon Athletica. During this time, Jerome had the pleasure of meeting several fitness instructors and personal trainers around the city. This created the urge to better his understanding of the body’s reaction to certain movement patterns. His passion for the health and fitness industry derives from his love to see client progression, whether in their strength, mobility, stability, endurance or power.
    Kevin Z - CPT, FST, CPRAesthetics, fat loss, wellness, Stretch therapy3 sessions for $180 - Intro offer (New clients only)Fully equipped gym - weights, machines, stretch areaWithin Downtown Toronto (Mobile Training)
    Coach Kevin Z (CPT, CPR, FST) has 10 years of experience working with clients in attaining a greater sense of well-being through a multi-dimensional approach to training. Incorporating fascial Stretch techniques along with a well structured workout plan that is personalized is the method that has been a staple in helping clients feel strong and a sense of the body flowing, rather than feeling stiff and sore from over-training.

    Personal Training (at our Bathurst and Lakeshore location- mobile training available) Intro 3 session package $180 (new clients only) Single Session $90 10 session Package $750 (To apply reach Kevin at this email address: directly)

    Stretch Therapy - Relax and enjoy a fascial stretch session with me to improve range of motion, help with lower back pain and headaches. 30 mins for $50 60 mins for $90 (To apply reach Kevin at this email address: directly)

    Referrals rewards program if you send your friends. Gift cards available.

    Linda Di Croce, PTS, NWS, OAS, Trx level 1Fat loss15-40yesEtobicoke, North York, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton , Toronto
    Hi , my name is Linda and I am a personal trainer and nutrition and weight loss specialist. I am also an older adult fitness specialist, which sets me apart from other trainers as I am great at quickly modifying exercises to accomodate your fitness goals safely. I am very compassionate and love what I do!

    15 per hour for 3 or more people
    $40 per hour one on one

    Mark Paterson, CPT, CSNWeight Management, Conditioning70 - 100YesToronto
    Mark from Body Matrix works from the inside out by getting to the root of his clients’ health and body issues first. Before formulating and carrying out proper fitness and nutrition plans, he assess everything from allergies, food sensitivities and muscle range of motion to combined stress levels, and cardiovascular and skeletal conditions.

    Mark customizes his fitness and nutrition services to every individual, as they understand the fact that everyone is unique. With over 10 years experience and certifications in both personal training and nutrition Mark provides top quality service.

    Melissa Traynor ACSM EP-C, PN, CISSN, CrossfitFat loss, fitness, HIT/HIIT, strength, sport specific, corrective exercise, special populations75bands, TRX, Bootcamp toolsDepends
    I have worked with diverse populations in diverse settings over the past 15+ years. No matter the tools or space available you can achieve results if you trust the process, do the work and have realistic expectations, which comes with communicating honestly with me. Everything in life is a team effort and holistic health IS life.
    Michael Kelly Can Fit ProWeight Loss,Bodybuilding,Life Coach,Sports Specific$55-80Exercise ball, Dumbbells,Barbells,BandsGTA
    True Life Fitness was founded by Michael Kelly on a core belief that a person’s mental health and physical health are one and the same. Through customized personal training programs, Mike develops workouts that help you burn fat, build muscle and enhance tone. At the same time, Mike’s positive reinforcement and continuous encouragement help you achieve a sense of accomplishment, making you feel better and more confident.

    True Life Fitness is about long-term, life-changing results. As such, Mike’s fitness programs offer diversity and progression. Each workout is customized to provide a physical challenge, and allows each client to advance at his or her own pace.
    In home personal training
    weight loss
    Muscle toning
    Lifestyle coaching

    Looking forward to your success
    Michael Kelly Personal Trainer Toronto

    Monica Tangry, ACE-CPTweight lossPlease contact for program detailsProvide Affordable On-line Fitness SolutionsN/A

    Welcome To fitBodyCoach!

    fitBodyCoach is a provenly effective Online Personal Fitness Solution that provides men and women an Online Fitness Program and Online Meal Plan Solution

    Get in shape, build muscle, burn fat, and lose weight with your very own Online Personal Trainer

    fitBodyCoach gives you the Personal Trainer Support you need from our Certified Personal Fitness Trainers as you track your personal fitness training progress

    Pricing and Packages

    fitBody Express $40
    fitBody Jump-Start $50
    fitBody Bride-to-Be $300
    fitBody Post-Baby $300
    fitBody Transformation $550

    Monthly Plan $60 recurring
    Real Results - 3mths $180 recurring $55
    Fat Burner - 6mths $300 recurring $50

    Monica Tangry, ACE-CPTfat loss, women$20-45 per programOnline ServicesOnline Services
    fitBodyCoach is your on-line Certified Personal Trainer offering a modern day fitness solution to suit your fast-paced modern lifestyle.

    People today are busier than ever with hectic schedules and multiple commitments, it's proven that on-line personal training is consistently becoming the sensible option. You can schedule your workouts at your own convenience, rather than when the trainer is available. Most people would love to have a personal trainer help them get into shape, however, the COST of quality one-on-one personal training can be a real cash drain! On-line personal training is definitely becoming a realistic solution for more and more people all over the world.

    So, why should you choose fitBodyCoach for your fitness and weightloss solutions? Here are some considerations:

    Is the trainer an actual fitness professional with a legitimate certification?

    As your fitBodyCoach, I am an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified fitness professional committed to delivering the highest standard of service and advise to my clients. I am a member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, my professional profile can be found in the IDEA FitnessConnect directory. Keeping abreast of the latest health and fitness industry information and developments allows me to offer fitness programs and services that are current and relevant.

    Is online training expensive?

    Cost is a very relevant consideration when choosing a personal training service. At fitBodyCoach, a one month online Periodized training program, nutritional advise, plus unlimited access to your trainer via email costs less than a 1 hour session with a one-on-one personal trainer. For example, the average cost of a one-on-one session with a personal trainer can cost anywhere from $50-$70 per hour. fitBodyCoach online training is considerably budget friendly, a one month program is $20, less than half the cost of private one-on-one training!

    What is a Periodized Program and how is it different from regular programs?

    Elite trainers and coaches charge large sums for designing Periodized Programs due to their technical nature, and for that reason, they have mainly been reserved for competitive athletes. However, these same concepts have proven highly effective for the general population as well. In fact, most fitness professionals today recognize that all fitness programs should include elements of periodization to optimize results. This is where the regular programs fall short.

    There is new research by the American Council on Exercise that supports the importance of periodized training as a key factor in achieving continual results.

    What are the benefits for me?

    The fitBodyCoach Periodized Program Design is highly dynamic and requires the trainer to manipulate program variables on a regular cyclical basis. What this means for you is:

    • An easy to follow specialized technical program customized according to your progression

    • Workout on your own schedule - not on the trainer's schedule

    • Exercise in the privacy of your own home or at the gym

    • No specific equipment required - workouts designed based on what you have available

    • Quicker results

    • Greater strength gains

    • Greater fat loss

    • No boredom - program is continually changing

    • Avoid plateaus and see continual results

    • Less time in the gym - shorter workout sessions so you can get on with your busy life!

    • 24/7 support and motivation from your fitBodyCoach

    Are there any cons to the Periodized Program design?

    Only one: You will have to give away your old clothes and go shopping for your new size!

    fitBodyCoach wants you to try what the athletes have been successfully using for decades, EXCEPT, you won't have to pay elite-trainer prices! The fitBodyCoach Periodized Program Design is a superior training program with the potential for delivering MAXIMUM RESULTS. The best part is............ it is completely AFFORDABLE! You have nothing to lose but the weight!




    Programs and Services:

    One Month Periodized Program $20 CDN

    • Initial Fitness Assessment

    • Health History Questionnaire

    • Exercise History & Lifestyle Questionnaire

    • One month custom Periodized Strength Training Program

    • One month custom Interval Cardiorespiratory Program

    • Workout Log for tracking your progress

    • Nutritional guidance as per request

    • Unlimited access to your trainer via email

    • Subscription to monthly fitBodyCoach eNewsletter

    3 Month Training Package $45 CDN

    • Includes all the same features listed above

    • Minimum 3 month program is recommended for optimal results

    • Greater savings

    Nielsen Fitness Personal Trainingin-home, mobile, customized plans, personal training33all you need is a 6x6Toronto and GTA
    Nielsen Fitness is an in-home personal training firm. We offer a unique and second-to-none standard of personal training. With us you will get the most value out of your time, and most importantly - achieve results.
    Nigel Gaymeweight loss, bodybuilding, sports conditioning$50YesDowntown Toronto
    I have won regional and national amateur bodybuilding contests, played semi professional soccer and earned certifications in, physiotherapy, nutrition, and exercise science. Physical fitness is my passion and career. Fitness Consultant, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer Specialist.
    Paul Nam, Can-fit Pro, YMCA resistance training, CPR level 1, Yoga Level 1, Pilates Mat Level 1, Sports and Fitness Registered Nutritionist, Red belt tae kwon doMuscle Building, Fat loss, Resistance Training, Sport Specific, Body building competitions$90-100Stability ball, teep pads, boxing mitts, bands, dumbbells, floor matToronto
    Competed in over 20 body building and fitness modelling shows. Over 15 years experience in nutrition and personal traning. Trained 3-4 years in MMA (jui jitsu, muay thai, boxing). Current actor for t.v. commercials. Offer specialized meal plans and sport supplements for the complete package.
    Richelle Morgan PTS, NWS, Fitness Instructor, (CanFitPro)Spinning, definition, general healthN/Ayesyes
    Robert Malatestastrengthening, toning and conditioning$55Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, Omron body fat analyzer and moreToronto and vicinity
    If I told you that nearly ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the people that try my services become long-time clients, what would that mean to you?

    I am SO CONFIDENT that you will absolutely LOVE my style of training and the RESULTS YOU WILL ACHIEVE that I'm willing to take the plunge and make you an offer that few other trainers would dare to match.

    Sandra Drygas, PTS - CanFitProWeight Loss, Postpartum, Injury Prevention, Dance Conditioning, Toning & DefiningFrom $25.00Weight Machine, Free Weights, Bands, Balls, Bike, Glidder, Stepper, Bench, Loops, Pilates Ring, Etc.
    Beaches Fitness is a home-based personal training studio in Toronto. The private studio is for women only, group classes are also offered. With an attached playroom and kid-friendly classes offered, even a mother can find time to get fit with Beaches Fitness. Sandra was a professional dancer and upon having children, received her Personal Trainer certification with Can Fit Pro. Sandra opened Beaches Fitness in December 2008 and has had great results with all of her clients since then! Prices are kept low in order to make sure training is affordable and accessible to all women. The website is always updated with the current specials and and special events. Sandra is also a certified Pre and Post Natal Specialist.
    Sebastien Rahman, BPhed, CPTN-CPT, Personal Training, Weight loss, Fitness KickboxingSport Specific, Functional Training, Lifestyle Coaching$100Dumbbells, Stability Balls, Speed Ladder, Speed Hurdles, Mats, Boxing gloves, Kickboxing equipmentToronto, Etibicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough

    I'm Sebastien, a Certified Personal Trainer with over 9 years of experience. I offer Personal Training Services in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions. My mission is to "Put the Personal back in Personal Training" and I live this every day. My clients have a high success rate in their goals, and I strive to deliever excellent fitness services to my clients.


    Sebastien Rahman

    Stephen Walter BA Exc&H, AAI1, EHFA5Weight Loss, Running, Fitness80NoToronto
    My name is Steve and I am a freelance Personal Trainer in Downtown Toronto.
    Degree qualified and internationally qualified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
    With over 5 years training clients I will help you reach your goals no matter how impossible they may seem right now.
    Looking forward to working with you towards a fitter, healthier future.

    Stone HagueHealth & Fitness YesToronto
    HotFlex Fitness is now Mobile!!! "We come to you" Trasform your body in just 8-12 weeks
    We Accomodate Condos,Homes,Hotels,Schools,Business,Corporate offices,Seniors Facilities, Ect...
    Why HotFlex:
    -We Motivate
    -We Educate
    -We Inspire
    -We gurantee results
    -Affordable rates
    -Corporate and Group rates
    -Children's programs
    We Offer:
    -Fitness Evaluation
    -Establish personal fitness goals
    -Before and After picture's
    -Measurement and Weigh in
    -Personal Nutrition plans
    -Customized weights and Cardio routines
    -Vitamins and Supplements
    -Contest and Stage preperations
    -Weekly Diet log reveiw
    -7 days a week On line assistance

    "Just call in and we'll do the rest"

    Stone Hague Personal Fitness Coach
    Main: 416-504-0006

    Sylvie Normandeau BASc nutrition,CanFitPro PTS, Yoga Exercise SpecialistNutrition,Weight Loss,Pre-Post pregnancy fitness, Yoga, Bodyweight-only, Ballet body bootcamp classes60-80/hourbands,tubing,low weights, TRX, mat, Gliding DiscsToronto
    My name is Sylvie, I'm the creator of! I am a former dancer,I have a bachelor of science in nutrition, and hold a personal training specialist certification with Can Fit Pro. In my quest for a healthy work-life balance, my creative pursuits met my desire to educate and I decided to launch my own fitness and wellness enterprise. In recent years, I have become a mom and have focused my attention on mind-body awareness as I have expanded my knowledge base to include Yoga, Pilates and Meditation in my teaching style. I aim to help clients gain strength from the inside out by using a holistic approach to fitness and wellness, focusing on the body mind and soul!
    Tim Wong, BSc. Kine, CSEP-CEP, OKA-CK, Agatsu Lv 1Kettlebell training, fat loss, chronic disease management, injury rehabilitation, unconventional training, sport specific training$80 for private, $60 for semi-private, $40 for small groupYesMarkham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga
    Want to work out with an Exercise Physiologist,Registered Kinesiologist, Kettlebell Instructor and Personal Trainer all at once?

    Then this trainer is the one for YOU

    I've helped many clients lose weight, recover from old and new injuries, build strength and get that body they've always wanted.

    One of my greatest tools is the Russian Kettlebell. Straight from the Russian Military it will make you will lean out and achieve a fitness level you never would have thought would be possible.

    I also specialize in managing chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

    If this sounds good, then I am just the right trainer for you!

    Tony Bahia Certified Personal Trainer / Martial Arts Teacher and Physiotherapist AssistantStrength training, endurance and fat loss training, flexibility training, rehabilitation/prevention training, Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chinese Boxing-Sanshou) and self -defense45-60/h in home and different options at full equipped gym with membership free includedI can provide equipmentToronto
    Hi and thanks for stopping by.

    I am an experienced certified Personal Trainer in Toronto since 2011 and I have studied Physical Education University in Brazil before I move here. Also, I am PTA (Physiotherapist assistant) and a Shifu (Master) in Chinese martial arts (Traditional kung fu and Tai Chi and Chinese Boxing) with over 20 years of practice as a teacher.

    I can provide:

    - Assessment and effective exercises programs to any of your fitness goals
    - Individual or group classes in Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Kung FU, Chinese Kickboxing)
    - Private self-defense lessons
    - And private rehabilitation programs for recovering, post surgical, muscle imbalance, posture re-education and other needs.

    I have the equipment to provide functional training at home, can train you in your gym condo or provide a free membership and access to my gym.

    If you think about either, changing your lifestyle, build a nice and fit body, learn control and how to kick some a** or just lose a few lbs I am your Trainer;)

    I have references to provide.

    First and Last Name:
    Phone Number:
    Pick where the service would take place?
    How long would you like this service?
    Describe your Goals/Concerns/Comments

    ****Make sure to check off the trainer you would like before clicking below.
    *******1+1= MUST ENTER THIS!
    -Required Fields

    What is a Personal Trainer

    A Personal Trainer showing a woman how to stretch.A Certified Personal Trainer or CPT is someone who will help you reach your fitness goals, by monitoring your progress, and adjusting your fitness program. We have a list of trainers that will help you achieve those goals.

    Most personal trainers require that you get cleared by a medical doctor before beginning a session.

    Sample Personal Training Services

    Individual Services Personal Training Services
    Lifestyle Packages: *No equipment is needed. Your Toronto personal trainer will provide everything you need to pursue health and better well-being.

    Program Design
    -individualized program to meet your lifestyle needs
    -includes cardio, strength, and flexibility programs
    -program recommended for up to 8 weeks

    Personal Training
    -sessions with a Toronto trainer for proper instruction, form correction, and motivation
    --package of 8
    --package of 6

    A- Introduction to Physical Fitness
    *geared toward first-timers, or those with little experience with fitness
    Includes: consultation and goal discussion
    : full appraisal and follow up
    : additional measurements
    : program design and revision
    : 8 sessions with trainer

    B- 8 Weeks to a New Self
    *geared toward those who either have specific goals in mind or have reached a plateau in their current program
    Includes: consultation and goal discussion
    : program analysis and redesign
    : program revision
    : 8 sessions with trainer

    C- Weight Loss Personal Training
    *geared toward those with weight loss goals
    Includes: consultation and goal discussion
    : nutritional analysis
    : body composition and follow up
    : program design and revision
    : 8 sessions with a Toronto trainer

    D- Core Strength Personal Training
    *specific focus upon abdominals and lower back
    Includes: initial consultation
    : BMI, body composition and
    waist girth with follow up
    : core program with revision
    : 8 sessions with trainer