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Finding the right personal trainer can be difficult to do because not all Personal Trainers have the same certification or education levels, charge varying amounts, have different equipment available to them (some train from home or at gyms that have allowed them to do so).

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The following Montreal personal trainers are found from our directory. These personal trainers can be hired / asked questions about their rates, services etc through our form below. Personal training is an excellent way to motivate, excel and reach your fitness goals towards a new you.

Would you like to become a personal trainer? I suggest you check out all the different types of Personal Training certifications you can get.

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NameSpecialtyCost Per HourEquipmentWill Travel?
Brent Weatherhead NSCA CPTPersonalized Fitness Solutions$60Private Training at our clinic is fully equippedMontreal and West Island areas
Forever Fit is a professional personal training company serving Montreal and West Island regions. We specialize in training our clients in the privacy and comfort of their homes using a variety of customized programs and techniques developed exclusively at Forever Fit.

This unique approach to personal training will bring you closer to your fitness and health goals.

Our cutting edge programs are proven successful and can help you too!

CanFit-Pro PTS, ICS Canada Fitness and Nutrition Nuttrition,Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, Areobic/Dance Group Courses55YES Downtown,Lasalle,Montreal Area
I am a certified and dedicated Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Fitness Competitor who wants to help YOU get your SEXXI BACK!! I provide full detailed meal plans and no nonsense hands on one on one personal training, including group aerobic classes that are fun and challenging. My studio is fully equipped with all we need to train together so now is the time to get it back and KEEP IT!

We train at a personal studio located downtown, or at your location, it's hands on and intense!

FRANK DI-RIDOLFO FITNESS TRAINER, CFA, CANFIT PRO, CPR certifiedGENERAL CONDITIONNING AND HEALTHY EATING FOR WEIGHT LOSS70$/hr or 60$/10 sessions+ Yes a fully equipped gym or any equipement for in home trainingEast end of Montreal, Anjou, Ahuntsic,Boucherville, Rosemount, St Leonard,
Former member/athlete of Athletics Canada competing in 1500 meters. Presently competing in Drug free Bodybuilding.
University of Montreal degree in Exercise science,
studied Dietetics (2 year programme) with over 20 years experience in Fitness and Nutrition.
I help the general public and athletes get fit, prepare for sports and learn about healthy no nonsense eating. In home training or at Leonardo da Vinci community center. Healthy mind in a healthy body!

514 258 1864

Jonathan Holcman AKC, ISSA CFTFat loss, Strength and conditioning45Kettlebell, tubing, and moreMontreal and Surrounding Areas
Are you feeling sluggish? Unhealthy? Do you want to Lose weight? Gain weight? Are you into martial arts and want to become stronger and faster without changing weight class? If you’ve answered Yes to any of these questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I am an ISSA Certified fitness trainer as well as an Agatsu Kettlebell Trainer. I will take you’re training to new heights in less time and at your convenience, you choose the place and time.

45$ per session, if a session is longer then an hour you will not be charged more. Also packages available!

Keshia Coriolan, ISSA CPT Weight loss, muscle gain, bikini body, strength coaching55Kettle bells, battle rope, dumbbels, TRX, tubes, elastic bands, boxes, weight ball, swissball , yoga mats, jump rope, cones , etcMontreal
Fitness is my passion. As a certified fitness trainer and former competitive tennis player, i understand the human body and exercise. The key to my success with clients has been the coaching, the extra push and my guidance with 80% nutrition 20% training.
My coaching never stops because i want each individual to go through workouts specifically designed for them and their goals that will help them perform better but mostly be healthier.
Want to lose? Gain muscle? Be in better shape?
I can help you with my wide variety of techniques and designing programs that confuse your muscles so they never know what to expect and as such delivers the results you want constantly as long as you put in the work.

Lemieux Training, Can-Fit Pro, McGill, YMCA, A.C.E Body Transformations, Fat Loss, Tone, Muscle Gain, Flexibilty, Eating Plans, Exercise ProgramsTBDAt home service, or Fully Equipped Gym in the Montreal WestMontreal, Laval, West Island, Brossard
Fitness Professionals, Specific Design for Optimal Success

What are your health + fitness goals? Have you reached them?

We are a team of Experienced Fitness Professionals with Guaranteed monitored results. We work with people who are frustrated by diets and exercises that lead no where, we help eliminate those frustrations by using a professional approach of:

-Goal specific Eating Plans
-Tailor made Exercise Programs
-At home training/no equipment needed - Professional Gym CSL area
-Nationally Certified Professionals, CPR certified

L'Entrainement Lemieux Training has 2 openings in our schedule, contact us now to secure your spot and see a new you!

Margaux WengerAll sports and regimensVariableFully equiped gymMontreal
I am co-owner of the West-End Cavendish Athletic Club, a 30,000 sq ft facility fully equipped for all sport activities. (Please Google website)
We are offering to all trainers the possibility to train their clients for $8.70 per day. Please contact me to discuss. Thank You
Margaux Wenger
514 489-6879

Micaela Whitworth ISSA CFT, SSC & AAHFRP Medical Exercise SpecialistStrength Training, Fat Loss, Sport Specific, Group Exercise, Corporate Wellness$80-$120YesDowntown Montreal
Micaela Fitness offers a sophisticated personal training experience to those who are looking to train with one of the most qualified and experienced fitness professionals in the industry.

"I believe in making your experience unique and tailor your fitness program to fit YOU! I want you to feel good on the inside and outside and I do this by incorporating all forms of exercise. Yoga, Martial Arts, Strength Training, Pilates, and more are all incorporated into you’re workouts; leaving you feeling refreshed physically and mentally."

Micaela Fitness services take you to a whole new level of wellness by offering services that other training companies do not. "I will come grocery shopping with you, take you on wellness retreats and give you the tools you will need to live a longer, healthier and happy life."

Services Include:
Corporate Wellness

In Home Personal Training
Fitness Club Training
Group Exercise
Post Rehab Training
Sports Specific Training
Wedding Party BootCamp
Outdoor Training

Peter Churchill B.Ed.P.E.,C.S.C.S.Mature adults, Kids90-60$/hrI have all the equipment we need to start wihWest Island, Main City
I have almost 30 years experience as a Personal Trainer and have worked with hundreds of clients although many have stayed with me for years. I have extensive experience in the areas of strength training, senior’s fitness, kids and youth fitness and sports performance. I also have a great deal of experience in teaching water fitness classes and personal training. I can meet you at your home or you can meet me at one of my studios (Vaudreuil, Pointe-Claire, and Montreal).
I like to keep it simple, and to help you get the results that you're after. Please contact me to discuss Personal Training.

Shaun Ziman B.Ed KinesiologyFootball, nutritional consultation, weight management (fat loss - increase muscle mass), general prep50$ TRX, ajustable weights (2.5-50 lbs), elastic bands, glider disc'sMontreal East, Downtown, South shore,
I have a vast experience in all fields of physciacl activity (medical clinics, gyms, sports teams, at home training). People appreciate my honesty and professional approach and dedidcation. I focus a lot on nutrition as I believe that you have to train hard, eat right and rest properly no matter what your objetcives are. I also like to use a wide range of tools to get results, people deserve more than just swiss balls and elastics! Everybody is entitled to results!
Tony Testa ; ISSA certifiedSports specific, fat loss, gaining strength and power general fitness30$ per hourStability ball, light dumbbells, matsMontreal, Laval
I have been around sports my whole life and
I have ten years of weight training
experience. I have been around such
sports as soccer, football, track and
field, and mixed martial arts. I can
develop extensive workouts for any
athlete or anyone just trying shed a
few pounds and get into shape. Whatever
your goal is I will help you achieve it.

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What is a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer showing a woman how to stretch.A Certified Personal Trainer or CPT is someone who will help you reach your fitness goals, by monitoring your progress, and adjusting your fitness program. We have a list of trainers that will help you achieve those goals.

Most personal trainers require that you get cleared by a medical doctor before beginning a session.

Sample Personal Training Services

Individual Services Personal Training Services
Lifestyle Packages: *No equipment is needed. Your Montreal personal trainer will provide everything you need to pursue health and better well-being.

Program Design
-individualized program to meet your lifestyle needs
-includes cardio, strength, and flexibility programs
-program recommended for up to 8 weeks

Personal Training
-sessions with a Montreal trainer for proper instruction, form correction, and motivation
--package of 8
--package of 6

A- Introduction to Physical Fitness
*geared toward first-timers, or those with little experience with fitness
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: full appraisal and follow up
: additional measurements
: program design and revision
: 8 sessions with trainer

B- 8 Weeks to a New Self
*geared toward those who either have specific goals in mind or have reached a plateau in their current program
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: program analysis and redesign
: program revision
: 8 sessions with trainer

C- Weight Loss Personal Training
*geared toward those with weight loss goals
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: nutritional analysis
: body composition and follow up
: program design and revision
: 8 sessions with a Montreal trainer

D- Core Strength Personal Training
*specific focus upon abdominals and lower back
Includes: initial consultation
: BMI, body composition and
waist girth with follow up
: core program with revision
: 8 sessions with trainer