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Finding the right personal trainer can be difficult to do because not all Personal Trainers have the same certification or education levels, charge varying amounts, have different equipment available to them (some train from home or at gyms that have allowed them to do so).

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The following Mississauga personal trainers are found from our directory. These personal trainers can be hired / asked questions about their rates, services etc through our form below. Personal training is an excellent way to motivate, excel and reach your fitness goals towards a new you.

Would you like to become a personal trainer? I suggest you check out all the different types of Personal Training certifications you can get.

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NameSpecialtyCost Per HourEquipmentWill Travel?
Branson Joseph (NSCA-CPT,BPE)Fat Loss, Sport Specific, Muscle Gain, Core Stability, Mobility/Flexibility, Injury Prevention$35-55Private Fitness FacilityBrampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto
I take pride in conveying myself as a professional. My qualifications as well as passion are what separate me from many trainers as well as fitness enthusiast. I have attained a Bachelor of Science degree from a respected private university in the United States while being on an athletic scholarship. Representing Canada with regard to baseball was indeed a remarkable highlight in my athletic career. I contain a professional personal training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association which is classified in many health and fitness circles among the most elaborate and difficult to attain.

Progressive Health and Fitness is the name of my private fitness facility. It is located in the heart of Mississauga within close proximity to the Heartland Shopping Centre. This allows me the flexibility to set appointments at the request of each one of my clients while providing them the opportunity to train in a private setting. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone to set up your FREE introductory training session.

Christopher Williams, CPT, NWSFat Loss, Toning, Small Group & Couples Training, Nutrition, Fitness, Older Adult Fitness40-80Yes: Bosu, Boxing, Weights, kettle bells, stability balls, resistance bands, balance boardsMississauga, Oakville, Brampton, West End Toronto
Hi I'm Christopher, Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Specialist. I have been training for over 6 years and have helped hundreds of clients in the Mississauga area lose weight, get in shape and improve their health.

I have written health and fitness articles, given corporate presentations and have appeared on television doing segments as the subject matter expert on weight loss, holiday weight gain vs loss strategies and the importance of strength training.

If you are looking for a professional experienced trainer, with a proven system that gets results, AND if your ready to explore your limits and make simple changes to your health and life to gain BIG results. Contact me. I'll get you to where you are going.

FREE Body Transformation Analysis
FREE Personal Training Demo
ALL Personal Training Programs include a full nutrition plan and receive my Weight Loss Manual with step by step strategies for success.

Eszter Barcsanics - ISSA Certified Fitness TrainerIN HOME TRAINING, Circuit Training, Core Training, Strength Training, Couples Training, Weight Loss$70.00NoOakville, Burlington, Milton, Toronto
Sick of not getting results?
Want to look and feel great?
I specialize in training women and couples in the GTA*
I will show you how to achieve your goals of losing weight & keeping it off for good. I am an experienced, knowledgeable, female ISSA CERTIFIED TRAINER and I will show you the effective workout techniques that will get you real results without boring you to death! The variety of routines will keep you burning fat and shedding all those unwanted pounds.
Get your detailed recipe for success specifically tailored to your current fitness level. Your transformation will give you back your confidence & you will feel fantastic. I am results-driven and dedicated to my clients, which you will surely notice & definitely appreciate.
References available upon request.
Contact me to receive:


Guy Aramini PTS, FKB, WAFA, EFI, Pilates InstructorWeight Management, Muscle Defining, Pilates, Dietary Planning$60.00Universal Machine, TRX System, Bosu Balance Trainer,Stability Ball, Rubberized Dumbbells, Stroops (various), Elliptical, Recumbant Bicycle , Pads and GlovesMississauga, Toronto
My name is Guy Aramini and I have been training clients for over 12 years in Mississauga. I am a certified Personal Trainer Specialist with the Canadian Fitness Professionals and am driven by your personal fitness goals. I am also certified in Pilates Instruction/Fitness Kickboxing/Equalizer Athletic Training. I have also been teaching for over 12 years in Martial Arts with styles such as Tiger Fist (3rd degree black belt), Chito Ryu Karate (1st degree Black), GoJu Ryu Karate (1st degree Black), and Hapkido (1st degree Black). I can help you achieve your personal fitness goals by designing a workout geared towards your needs. Call today and take advantage of a free fitness consultation and workout!
James Crosby Bachelorweight loss, crossfit, olympic lifting, power lifting, speed, agility, conditioning, strength, flexibility, mobility, post rehabilitation, nutrition, tuff mudder/spatan race training$25-45i have everything rquired plus my own facilitymarkham, toronto, brampton, orangeville, guelph, kitchener, mississauga, etobicoke, oakville, burlington, milton, cambridge
I went to school in South Carolina on a baseball scholarship. I also played professional baseball as a catcher and a pitcher. To be a catcher you must be well conditioned, very mobile, strong, and agile. To be a pitcher you must be endurable, powerful, balanced and flexible.

I had to learn to change my body type and mechanics so human movement sports and everyday movement correction has become a hobbie of mine that I can you to help lose weight, gain lean mass, increase your strength or anything else your goals may be.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science from South Carolina, Certified with CPTN and CPR. I have experience with weight loss, strength and conditioning, power lifting, agility, speed, plyometrics, crossfit, flexibility nutrition and olympic lifting.

I am looking to help clients who genuinely want to change their life and acheive the goals that they set out for themselves. Everyone needs to be mobile and increase their flexibility, strength and conditioning.

Ihave my own facility in Mississauga by the Hersey Center. The Facilty has a 1500 square foot turfis room a 900 square foot free weight room. Both for running, sleds, speed, agility and boot camps, weight training and flexibility. There is no membership required. I also do in home training.

James Crosby, bachelor's of science, exercise science, canfitpro, lync trainingweight loss, strength and conditioning, plyometrics, nutrition, education, power lifting$50 - $35i have everything we need. i have the full use of a facility with a full weight room and a room with turf mississauga, brampton, etobicoke, oakville, caledon, orangeville, thornhill, vaughan, maple, newmarket, woodbridge
I have been training for 17 years and have recently open my own training facility in Mississauga with a full weight room and a room full of turf for athletic training and sled training.

I am looking for all types of clients because i have a passion for helping people better themselves, not just physically but mentally and changing their lives for the better.

I am offering a lower rate for training because i believe that everyone should be able to train without the stress of the price. I offer the best training in the city with the lowest prices always.

Contact me so we can get started asap!

Kris Raghubir, CPT, NCCP Level 2 CoachFat Loss, Sport Specific, Strenght Training, Injury maintenance/preventative care$60.00Kettlebells, Foam rollers , medicine balls, etc.Anywhere in Ontaio
I am a Personal Trainer, Kinesiologist and Gymnastics coach. I have over four years of experience as a personal trainer and over two years of experience as a kinesiologist.

I have also been involved in the sport of Artistic Gymnastics for over eight years both as a coach and an athlete.

I am also a martial artist, with several years of training in contemporary Wushu (Taolu) and also Genbukan Ninpo.

I believe in teaching fitness. Education is much better than dictation. If you're interested in becoming a competitive athlete or just looking like one, you can take a road less traveled with my training approach. I will teach you proper principles of health and fitness.

Leroy Bascombeweight loss, sport specific, nutrition 65-75 per hour Full personal training studio Toronto, oakbille, etobicoke , burlington
Lean Body studio, located in Mississauga,serving Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke, and Milton. Lean Body Studio specializes in one-on-one personal training for clients who want to pursue and meet their fitness and weight loss goals. Each and every one of our clients receives unique and personalized training to help them achieve their goals. We also educate our clients on the importance of healthy nutrition, proper technique of weight training, motivation and discipline. We set up all of our clients for success and positive lifestyle change.

Lean Body Studio’s focus is working with young professionals who have trouble getting to the gym because of their busy lifestyles, as well as young adults growing up with body weight issues who are not able to lose the weight on their own. We work with the parents to also help their children stay active and teach them about a balanced nutritional diet.

Martin Reid CPT, SCS level 2Sports Specific, Team conditioning$10 per person/ min 10 athletesspeed ladders, agility hurdles, cones etc.brampton, oakville
Martin is the owner of Personal Victory. His designations include Certified Personal Trainer, Pre-Post Natal Exercise Specialist and Twist Sports Conditioning Specialist (Twist SCS). His areas of specialty include weight loss, functional training and sports conditioning. He has also worked with clients from various sports including rugby, triathlon, soccer, tennis and football and he has coached individuals to national level competition, and successful finishes in Ironman competition. Martin worked in the social services sector for years, volunteer coaching for local teams and providing workshops on healthy lifestyles.

Martin has been featured on the cover of fitness magazines, modeled for athletic apparel companies and he has contributed articles for various wellness related media.

Matthew Bermudez, Canfit Pro Certified Personal TrainerBody Toning, Weight Loss, Calisthenics, Sport Specific, Overall body conditioning45-60A gym in a condo, Treadmill, Free Weights, Elliptical, Stationary Bikes, Resistance Bands, Floor MatsMississauga
I'm an easy going technical type of trainer that teaches the importance of an overall conditioned body with a proper nutrition program.

Participated in the Toronto Pro Supershow - demonstrating and performing extreme calisthenics - Handstands, muscle ups, pistol squats

Worked at High End facicility teaching Calisthenics progressions for beginners and intermediate students.

Held bootcamps in Mississauga.

Phil Lebert, Can Fit Pro PTS, Certified NLP PractitionerFat Loss, Body Toning$75.00Portable Equipment for in-home training, and access to gym facilitiesMilton, Brampton, Oakville, Toronto, Burlington Etobicoke
Fitness has to be fun. It a world where time is scarce and stress is plentiful, my role is to be a drill sergeant with a sense of humour. I will maximize what time you have to get the most results.
Sean McCombe - BPhEd, BEdAEd, CPT, CAMDPersonal Fitness Training, Pre- and Post-Natal Training, Barrier-Free Fitness (our program for people with special needs)$60We use a fully stocked gym, but also have some basic equipment we can bring to your homeMississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, Milton
Offering trusted, in-home personal training in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington, Sean McCombe offers a wide variety of fitness programs from anyone looking to get fit. from new and expectant moms to people looking for athletic training, people searching for nutrition counselling and we even offer special needs services, all with a fun, goal-oriented approach.

Our head trainer Sean believes in empowering his clients through positive feedback and attention to specific goals. He works with women and men of all fitness levels and with a wide variety of goals.

Sean has a Bachelor of Physical Education with a major in Disability Studies, as well as a Bachelor of Adult Education. He is certified through Can-Fit Pro and has been working as a personal trainer since 2009.

Stephanie Lowe, BSc, CK, PTS, NWS, MBS, CALA (aquatic personal trainer)Mississauga$30-$80in home training: kettle bells, balls, balance boards, dumbbells, resistance bands. In studio; full gym.Oakville, Brampton, Toronto
I am a Nationally certified Personal Trainer and certified Kinesiologist (rehabilitation therapist). I provide in home and in studio personal training and group fitness classes (boot camp and yoga).

I am the author of the "Evolution Training Manual"; a fitness and weight loss, step-by-step, hand book for weight loss and nutrition.

If you are looking for a fun dynamic, no-nonsense program that delivers results, as well as coach that will be there to push you to your full me.

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What is a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer showing a woman how to stretch.A Certified Personal Trainer or CPT is someone who will help you reach your fitness goals, by monitoring your progress, and adjusting your fitness program. We have a list of trainers that will help you achieve those goals.

Most personal trainers require that you get cleared by a medical doctor before beginning a session.

Sample Personal Training Services

Individual Services Personal Training Services
Lifestyle Packages: *No equipment is needed. Your Mississauga personal trainer will provide everything you need to pursue health and better well-being.

Program Design
-individualized program to meet your lifestyle needs
-includes cardio, strength, and flexibility programs
-program recommended for up to 8 weeks

Personal Training
-sessions with a Mississauga trainer for proper instruction, form correction, and motivation
--package of 8
--package of 6

A- Introduction to Physical Fitness
*geared toward first-timers, or those with little experience with fitness
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: full appraisal and follow up
: additional measurements
: program design and revision
: 8 sessions with trainer

B- 8 Weeks to a New Self
*geared toward those who either have specific goals in mind or have reached a plateau in their current program
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: program analysis and redesign
: program revision
: 8 sessions with trainer

C- Weight Loss Personal Training
*geared toward those with weight loss goals
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: nutritional analysis
: body composition and follow up
: program design and revision
: 8 sessions with a Mississauga trainer

D- Core Strength Personal Training
*specific focus upon abdominals and lower back
Includes: initial consultation
: BMI, body composition and
waist girth with follow up
: core program with revision
: 8 sessions with trainer