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Finding the right personal trainer can be difficult to do because not all Personal Trainers have the same certification or education levels, charge varying amounts, have different equipment available to them (some train from home or at gyms that have allowed them to do so).

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The following Calgary personal trainers are found from our directory. These personal trainers can be hired / asked questions about their rates, services etc through our form below. Personal training is an excellent way to motivate, excel and reach your fitness goals towards a new you.

Would you like to become a personal trainer? I suggest you check out all the different types of Personal Training certifications you can get.

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NameSpecialtyCost Per HourEquipmentWill Travel?
Multisport Fitness Personal one-one Training $ 100.00 per hour Multisport Fitness has all the equipment you need, Calgary
About Multisport Fitness

In order to perform at your best regardless if it's just everyday activity or a specific sport, you must develop over-all fitness. You need a good solid foundation on which to build.

In addition, you can't perform the same type of fitness programs over and over for months let alone years. At the very least you won't improve or worst you will work the same muscles over and over again which leads to injuries. Hence, to be effective you must have a fitness or personal training program.

Fitness and personal training doesn't have to be hard, but your fitness training program should have a clear goal in mind.

Multisport Fitness can develop a fitness and personal training program in Calgary specifically for you at home or at the gym based on your goals which could include overall fitness, losing weight or athletic goals.

Kyle Morrison has been personal training in Calgary, Canada and Australia for several years. In which time he has competing in various triathlons in both countries. Kyle Morrison also has a national championship in C.C.A.A. college basketball. He has obtained a 2 year personal fitness diploma from N.A.I.T. with honors and is AFLCA qualified.

Multisport Fitness Programs has been providing the following types of training since 1994:

  • Plyometrics training
  • Anerobic and aerobic training
  • Core and Strength training
  • Sports and Weight training
  • Sprint and Olympic Triathlon programs
  • Stretching programs

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What is a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer showing a woman how to stretch.A Certified Personal Trainer or CPT is someone who will help you reach your fitness goals, by monitoring your progress, and adjusting your fitness program. We have a list of trainers that will help you achieve those goals.

Most personal trainers require that you get cleared by a medical doctor before beginning a session.

Sample Personal Training Services

Individual Services Personal Training Services
Lifestyle Packages: *No equipment is needed. Your Calgary personal trainer will provide everything you need to pursue health and better well-being.

Program Design
-individualized program to meet your lifestyle needs
-includes cardio, strength, and flexibility programs
-program recommended for up to 8 weeks

Personal Training
-sessions with a Calgary trainer for proper instruction, form correction, and motivation
--package of 8
--package of 6

A- Introduction to Physical Fitness
*geared toward first-timers, or those with little experience with fitness
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: full appraisal and follow up
: additional measurements
: program design and revision
: 8 sessions with trainer

B- 8 Weeks to a New Self
*geared toward those who either have specific goals in mind or have reached a plateau in their current program
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: program analysis and redesign
: program revision
: 8 sessions with trainer

C- Weight Loss Personal Training
*geared toward those with weight loss goals
Includes: consultation and goal discussion
: nutritional analysis
: body composition and follow up
: program design and revision
: 8 sessions with a Calgary trainer

D- Core Strength Personal Training
*specific focus upon abdominals and lower back
Includes: initial consultation
: BMI, body composition and
waist girth with follow up
: core program with revision
: 8 sessions with trainer