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What is it?

A one rep max is the maximum weight you can phyiscally do for one repitition. One rep max calculators are great for deciding a theoretical max without actually pushing yourself and potentially causing injury. This calculator can be applied to various types of exercises. To use this calculator just use a sample set from one of your workouts

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To use this calculator properly you should be going until exhaustion.


1. Preventing injury
Using this type of method of completing 6-8 reps and determining your one rep maximum will hopefully prevent a muscle strain from doing an actual one rep maximum.
2. Easy to do
You can easily calcuate this in 10 seconds and you don't have to plan a test in the gym to see each exercise. While you should be implementing periodization type workouts that vary your intensity and reps you can calculate what your max was a few years ago using your old workout logs.
3. Comparing with a friend
It should be easy to find out what a friend's maximum is using this method.


Using a calculator isn't always accurate depending on how many reps you complete. This calculator is not accurate when you complete more than 15 reps or less than 5. You'll notice the number you are receiving doesn't make sense.

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