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water and weight lossWater and Weight Loss

Water plays an important role in our day to day life. It helps to maintain our body health and is responsible for removing the toxins from our body. Water helps to keep our joints working appropriately and control the metabolism of our body. If your body does not get sufficient water, the process of metabolism slows down. If you do not have enough water, it also affects your digestion process. If the digestion process is disrupted, the nutrients taken will not be converted in to energy and the body

motivates to take more food. This is very counterproductive for those who are looking to lose weight.

Water is very important for those who are trying to lose weight because during the process of weight loss lot of waste should be removed from the body. If you take sufficient volume of water, it will help to remove all the waste from the body. Without water, the body will not function appropriately and metabolize stored fat proficiently.

Benefits of Water

  1. Water plays an important role in the process of digestion and absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Water carries away the toxins from the liver and kidney.
  2. Fiber helps in digestion but it is not capable of doing the process alone. Fiber needs water to complete the process in a proper way. Absence of water makes fiber a toxin which causes constipation and discomfort.
  3. Water increases the mental and physical performance of human being.
  4. Replacement of lost fluids is possible by taking 2 liters of water along with your normal daily diet.
  5. A recent study proved that women who take more than five glasses of water daily have less risk of heart attack.
  6. Pregnant or breast-feeding women need more water to stay hydrated.
  7. Drink additional water in hot or humid weather, it helps to lower your body temperature.
  8. Take sufficient amount of water daily to flush out wastes of body and control the temperature of the body.
  9. If you drink sufficient volume of water daily, it provides natural moisture to your skin and provides a fresh glow.

Losing Weight and Water Research

Water contains no calories, fat and cholesterol and is considered as a natural appetite suppressant. All of us feel a decrease in the appetite after taking enough water. Water makes the digestive system to function properly and keep the nutrients moving through out the body.

Research Studies

Recent studies proved that less water level in the body allow the fat to be accumulated in the body instead of burning them for energy. Now, it is clear that the more water you drink the more fat you loss. Water plays an important role in the process of weight loss. Water is essential for proper metabolism and the removal of waste and metabolized fat from the body. If you are looking to lose weight, it is recommended to take more water. A sufficient amount of purified water is needed to get rid of constipation and flush out all the waste materials from the body. When you do not take sufficient amount of water, the body takes water from other internal sources such as colon and result in constipation. Water is very much essential for normal bowl function. Absence of sufficient amount of water affect the proper functioning of the body and the body could not metabolize stored fat efficiently. Water also plays an important role in a successful diet program.

Conclusion: Can water make you lose weight?

Sure, water can help in losing weight. In addition to weight loss, water also helps to clean our mind, and tighten the skin. Water mixed with lemon is good for people who do not like to drink plain water. Lemon also has the capability to reduce weight by flushing out the toxins and cleansing the body. Unsweetened green tea is also a good choice. Make sure that you are not taking much sodas and sweet drinks because both are enemies of losing weight. Make sure that you take at least 8 glasses of water regularly, it is necessary. Always keep in mind that water only helps in losing weight and water has no magical power to make your extra pounds disappear in a short period of time.

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