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  A list of healthy food substitutions

Healthy Food Substitutions

We have come up with a list of the most common foods in a typical North American diet that needs a healthy food substitute. For instance, a great substitute for french fries are baked or mashed potatoes, carrot sticks, or oven baked sweet potato fries (no need for oil, 350 degrees celcius for 35 minutes flipping halfway through). Likewise, if crackers are your favorites, then use toasted whole wheat bread sticks instead.There are also healthy substitutesfor ice creams such as fat-free desserts, frozen grapesand frozen yogurt. In short, there is a healthy substitute for almost every tasty, fatty dangerous food items. Discussed further in this article are some important healthy food alternatives that help you keep healthy via saving your Healthy Rye Breadthousands of calories over a period of one year and that too without boring the process.

White Bread Substitutes

One of the healthy substitutes for white bread is bread made from whole grains, as they are enriched with fiber and contain less calories and fat. Some of the healthiest bread includes the first ingredient of whole wheat including the germ. Most breads are enriched which means they were stripped of their good stuff and then reinserted back in after. Read more about complex carbohydrates.

Sugar Substitute

Sugar is an important accompaniment in almost all drinks and foods. According to certain studies, an American consume about 20 teaspoons of table sugar a day, which may lead to a number of health disorders such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, and dental problems. Some of the healthy substitutes for sugar are honey, fresh fruit, and applesauce, all of which are non-caloric and help to control the desire for sugar. Sugar free sweeteners can also be used in stead of sugar. Please read more about natural sweeteners.

Table Salt Substitute

As in the case of sugar, table salt forms an important ingredient in almost all food items. Salt is also sometimes used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of food items such as pickles. Over consumption of salt is regarded as one of the prime causes for ailments such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. Even though it is difficult to completely eliminate the usage of salt, you can reduce its usage via opting for natural seasoning choices like spices and herbs.

Butter Substitutes
Butter is a major ingredient in almost every tasty dish, and in fact it is a rich source of fat. But its increased intake may sometimes be a cause for such conditions as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Among the healthy substitutes for butter are fruit oils and nut oils. For baking purposes, you can use options such as puree made from apples (applesauce) instead of butter. Similarly, you can replace butter spreads with soy spreads.

Margarine Substitutes
Healthy substitutes for margarine are available in the form of fat-free or low fat margarine, and non stick cooking spray. If you use margarine for baking purposes, then pick the margarine made with canola or olive oil.

Cream Substitutes
Cream is a fatty food item and its over usage may lead to diseases such as high cholesterol and cardiac-related problems. Evaporated Skim Milk is one of the prime healthy substitutes for cream. Likewise, you can use vegetables such as cucumbers or low fat yogurt or cottage cheese for creamy dressings.

Meat Substitutes
Meat-based diet, high in saturated fat, is regarded as one of the prime causes for high cholesterol and heart diseases. As ground beef substitute, items such as extra lean beef and lean ground chicken or turkey can be used. In addition, Lean ham and Canadian bacon can be used instead of bacon items. One of the healthy options to reduce the consumption of sausage dishes is via using fat-free sausage.

Whole Egg Substitutes
No matter it is the egg of hen, duck, quail, goose, or turkey, its white contains zero cholesterol and saturated fat while its yolk is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Hence, you can intake two egg whites or one egg white with two teaspoons of oil instead of taking a whole egg.

Nut Substitutes
Nuts are yet another high-cholesterol food items and its usage can be replaced with options like raisins and dried apricots as well as cranberries.

Mayonnaise Substitutes
Healthy substitutes for mayonnaise include low fat yogurt blended with low-fat cottage cheese.

Low Calorie / Fat Substitution
As mentioned earlier, there are healthy substitutes for almost all dangerous food items and listed below are food items along with their healthy substitutes, which in turn may prove helpful to alter your daily diet.

  • Baked Foods – Low Fat or Fat-Free Baked Foods
  • Cakes – Gelatin desserts
  • Potato chips – Vegetable sticks with hummus
  • Chocolate – Cocoa
  • Coconut oil – Sun flower / canola oil
  • Coffee creamer – low fat or non fat milk powder
  • Cookies – made with oatmeal, applesauce and natural sweeteners
  • Hot dogs –Chicken burgers
  • Lamb – Poultry / Fish
  • Whole milk – skim / low-fat / fat free milk

Food Substitutions for Egg Allergies

Food Substitutions and Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic health disorder in which your body is not able to properly secrete insulin, thereby adversely affecting your body’s metabolism system and leading to a number of such disorders as heart diseases, blindness, limb amputations, stroke, and kidney failures. Even though it could not be completely cured, diabetes can be completely controlled by following a systematic diet plan. This in turn helps to lower your high blood sugar levels Keep reading about a list of foods diabeteics should avoid.

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