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Eating Fast FoodFast Food Statistics

How many people eat fast food?

More than 50,000,000 people in U.S. depend on fast food. Americans alone spend over 110 billion dollars for different types of fast food that is over a quarter of Americans.

Effects of Fast Food

Eating fast food and leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity. Fatness leads to so many complications like high cholesterol level, block in arteries and the increased risk of coronary diseases. People easily get addicted to fast food hence they are greasy and fatty foods. Most harmful effect of fast food includes nutritional deficiencies, increased cholesterol levels, cardiac problems, obesity and many other threatening health hazards. These days campaigning against ill effects of fast food is carried out in every sector to save the life of people.

Fast Food Nutrition Facts

FDA encourages consumers to request nutrition information from fast-food restaurants to avoid harmful effects. These days, fast food restaurants display nutrition labels on the food products they sell. Some eateries will even publish their fat content for the information of the customers. The government of different countries recommended to include information about calories, fat and other nutritional values for food items in supermarkets. Newly introduced legislation in Congress would require fast-food outlets and other restaurant chains to do the same.

Fast Food Danger

Most of the fast food contain high amount of sodium which increases the risks of high blood pressure. Cholesterol in meat recipes is very dangerous for the health. Eating these type of fast food along with a sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity. Steady and habitual use of fast food can lead to unhealthy condition like malnutrition, corpulence, increased risks of heart attack, hypertension. Food poisoning is one of the most noticeable fast food shocks. 

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Best Fast Food Choices

Today’s generation approximately survives on French fries and burgers completely. Fresh foods like vegetables and fruits are forgotten long back. Maybe, children after few generations will not consider that fruits and vegetables are intended to be eaten.

Fast Food Causes Obesity?

Obesity is a rising anxiety that affects all age groups but it is more seen among individuals who routinely eat fast food. One of the main reasons for the rapid increase in the rate of obesity is fast food. It is just because of unhealthy materials used to increase the taste and attract customers to these food items. They contain high amounts of highly refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, sugars and sodium. They also have very high calorific value and are devoid of all the vital nutrients which play significant roles in the metabolism. High levels of carbohydrates raise the sugar level in the blood, as a result, the liver produce more insulin. High levels of insulin increase the amounts of fat depositions in the body. In this way, fast food leads to obesity.

Obesity due to fast food is a major risk factor of ten very serious diseases and health problems. That includes Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Arthritis, Blount’s Disease, Respiratory Problems, Liver Damage and Stroke.

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