7 Day Calorie Shifting Meal Plan

What is it?

A calorie shifting diet or CSD is a dieting technique where you aim for a certain calorie or nutrient goal for specific timeframe and then switch goals.

It is considered as an effective way to lose body weight and gain muscle in combination with an intense circuit training routine and HIIT cardio.

A calorie shifting weight loss program can control metabolism in the body by continually changing the type of calories that you take-in.


When compared to calorie restriction dieting (CR) it was just as effective at reducing weight (source). The big difference is that with calorie shifting it didn't decrease their resting metabolic rate (RMR).

Meal Plan

The idea behind this diet plan is to reduce weight by shifting calorie intake from meal to meal and from day to day or periods of time. This mode of calorie shifting activates your metabolic rate and there by burning more fat.

A sample meal plan for 4 days is given below:

Day 1 - High Protein Low Calories (1400 Calories)

Meal #1: Egg Avocado Toast (This one is our favourite -229 Cal)
Meal #2: 3-4 Scrambled Eggs with Veggies (150 Cal)
Meal #3: Tuna Salad (241 Cal)
Meal #4: Wild Salmon with Veggies (350 Cal - 2 servings)

Day 2 - High Calorie (2500 Calories)

Meal #1: Scrambled Eggs [and] Mixed Vegetables
Meal #2: Cottage Cheese
Meal #3: Banana Milk Shake
Meal #4: Chicken

Day 3 - 16 Hour Fast Day

IF (Intermittent Fasting Day)
Fast from the night before until after the usual dinner time.

Meal #1: 7am Water
Meal #2: 12pm Water and Green Tea
Meal #3: 5pm Water
Meal #4: 700pm Vegetable Salad (this one)

Day 4 - 2000 Calorie Diet

Check out this meal plan for 2000

Day 5 - 1500 Calories

Day 6 - 16 Hour Fast

Meal #1: 7am Water
Meal #2: 12pm Water and Green Tea
Meal #3: 5pm Water
Meal #4: 700pm Vegetable Salad (200 cal)

Day 7 - 3000 Calories Plan

Try this one for bodybuilding here


If you were to calculate the average calories per day it would be around: 1550 Calories. Since this plan is probably below most peoples RMR, we don't suggest keeping this meal plan going for a long time. You could do this plan for a week and then switch to a higher calorie shifting one for a week so you don't reduce your overall RMR as per above.

Printable Food Logs

Charts are a great way to help yourself become accountable. Get yours to print now.

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