Metabolism Calculator and Factors which effect it

Author: Rod Ferris, CPT (ACE, YMCA), CPAFLA


This calculator will help determine how fast your metabolism is and the following page will tell you what factors influence metabolism so you can change it accordingly. Some people have naturally fast metabolisms while others need to change thier diet and exercise more to speed or boost it up.

2 Major Factors

  1. Your body type and genetics
    This is probably the most frustrating factor for most people. Gentics play an amazing role in your metabolism and it's hard to change this.
  2. Activity level
    For those of you that sit at a desk, this quiz will not be surprising to see the results.

And The rest...

There are many others (which we ask you about) but the two above are the most important. Since number one cannot be changed we suggest you focus on number 2.

Answer the following

1. Select your bodyfat assumed percentage
2. How many meals/snacks did you have yesterday?
3. Select your sex
4. Select your age
5. Are your parents obese?
6. Do you have a medium to high stress level?
7. Do you take cold showers, sleep without a blanket or swim in a cold pool?
8. How frequently do you have moderate to intense workouts per week?
9. Did you have protein, fibre, veggies and good fats in three-six seperate meals yesterday?
10. Are you in a healthy BMI?
11. Do you drink caffeinated dark teas or coffee daily?
12. Do you drink the recommended daily oz. of water? 13. What would you rate your current working activity level?

Other Factors

  1. The amount of lean body mass (LBM) .
  2. A hyperactive thyroid has a large effect on metabolic rate.
  3. The younger you are the higher your metabolism. Metabolism declines with age, unfortunately.
  4. Having the appropriate amount of hydration will help and regulate body temperature.
  5. Frequency you meals. Aim for 6-8 small meals with protein, veggies and good fats high in DHA and EPA.
  6. Breastfeeding burns as much as 500 calories per session.
  7. Spicy foods increase BMR (source).
  8. Hydrotherapy (alternating cold and hot water).
  9. Caffeine, nicotine and some fat burning supplement.
  10. Weather plays a role on your metabolism as well. Shivering causes your body to expend energy, thus increasing your metabolism or BMR.
  11. Men naturally have a higher metabolism than women because of hormones available. The availability of testosterone increases muscle mass and thus increases lean body mass.
  12. Stress and anxiety.
  13. Completing many compound exercises such as squats and cleans will help release growth hormone which helps build muscle.