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  Ethnic Foods Nutritional Information
Nutrient Lookup Instructions
Select a food category below and then select the food you wish you view the nutritional information for. You can also type ANY food into the search box to your left. <----.

Select A Category Your search results for:" Ethnic Foods"
Agutuk, fish/berry with seal oil (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native)
Agutuk, fish with shortening (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native)
Agutuk, meat-caribou (Alaskan ice cream) (Alaska Native)
Ascidians (tunughnak) (Alaska Native)
Bear, polar, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
Whale, beluga, meat, air-dried, raw (Alaska Native)
Whale, beluga, eyes, raw (Alaska Native)
Whale, beluga, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
Whale, beluga, flipper, raw (Alaska Native)
Whale, beluga, liver, raw (Alaska Native)
Oil, whale, beluga (Alaska Native)
Blackberries, raw (Alaska Native)
Fish, blackfish, whole (Alaska Native)
Blueberries, frozen (Alaska Native)
Caribou, bone marrow, raw (Alaska Native)
Caribou, eye, raw (Alaska Native)
Caribou, liver, raw (Alaska Native)
Stew/soup, caribou (Alaska Native)
Caribou, tongue, raw (Alaska Native)
Chiton, leathery, gumboots (Alaska Native)
Cloudberry, raw (Alaska Native)
Cockles (Alaska Native)
Cranberries, high bush, raw (Alaska Native)
Cranberry, low bush or lingenberry, raw (Alaska Native)
Fish, devilfish, meat (Alaska Native)
Fireweed, young leaves, raw (Alaska Native)
Fish, herring eggs on giant kelp, Pacific (Alaska Native)
Fish, herring eggs, Pacific, dry (Alaska Native)
Fish, herring eggs, Pacific, plain (Alaska Native)
Fish, herring, Pacific, meat packed in oil, air-dried (Alaska Native)
Huckleberries, raw (Alaska Native)
Fish, lingcod, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
Fish, lingcod, liver (Alaska Native)
Stew, moose (Alaska Native)
Mashu roots, raw (Alaska Native)
Moose, liver, braised (Alaska Native)
Octopus (Alaska Native)
Seal, bearded (oogruk), meat, air-dried (Alaska Native)
Seal, bearded (oogruk), meat, raw (Alaska Native)
Oil, bearded seal, (oogruk oil) (Alaska Native)
Oopah, whole animal (Alaska Native)
Owl, horned, meat (Alaska Native)
Fish, pike, northern, liver (Alaska Native)
Rhubarb, wild, leaves (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, tipnuk, fermented (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, king or chinook, kippered, canned (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, king or chinook, smoked and canned (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, king or chinook, smoked, brined (Alaska Native)
Fish, salmon, king or chinook, liver (Alaska Native)
Sea cucumber, yane (Alaska Native)
Seal, ringed, meat (Alaska Native)
Seal, ringed, liver, (Alaska Native)
Soup, fish, homemade (Alaska Native)
Sourdock, young leaves (Alaska Native)
Squirrel, ground, meat (Alaska Native)
Tea, tundra, herb and laborador combination (Alaska Native)
Walrus, meat, dry (Alaska Native)
Deer (venison), sitka, raw (Alaska Native)
Walrus, meat, raw (Alaska Native)
Walrus, meat and subcutaneous fat (Alaska Native)
Walrus, liver, raw (Alaska Native)
Oil, walrus (Alaska Native)
Whale, bowhead, subcutaneous fat (blubber) (Alaska Native)
Whale, bowhead, skin and subcutaneous fat (muktuk) (Alaska Native)
Oil, whale, bowhead (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, broad, liver (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, mixed species, raw (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, broad, roe (Alaska Native)
Fish, whitefish, broad, head, eyes, cheeks and soft bones (Alaska Native)
Willow, leaves in oil (Alaska Native)
Willow, young leaves, chopped (Alaska Native)
Mush, blue corn with ash (Navajo)
Cornmeal, blue (Navajo)
Melon, banana (Navajo)
Chilchen (Red Berry Beverage) (Navajo)
Corn, dried (Navajo)
Corn, white, steamed (Navajo)
Cornmeal, white (Navajo)
Cornmeal, yellow (Navajo)
Squash, Indian, raw (Navajo)
Squash, Indian, cooked, boiled (Navajo)
Bread, kneel down (Navajo)
Mutton, cooked, roasted (Navajo)
Bread, Indian, fry, made with lard (Navajo)
Tortilla, includes plain and from mutton sandwich (Navajo)
Stew, dumpling with mutton (Navajo)
Stew, hominy with mutton (Navajo)
Stew, mutton corn squash (Navajo)
Tamales (Navajo)
Stew, steamed corn (Navajo)
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