Myfit App’s Paid Features – ONLY $3.99

  1. NEW: Workout Reports and MyFit Score with Data Sync
  2. Share your Workouts (OR with Logs) over Email,FaceBook,Twitter
  3. Graphs and Email them to Analyze your Logs and Goals
  4. Recommended Weight and Reps During Logging
  5. Photo Comparison Tool
  6. Challenges
  7. Backup all your precious data
  8. Share your data with a friend, Coach or Personal Trainer
  9. Personal Trainer Feature: Get Weekly Client Updates
  10. Automatically load new Exercises and Workouts
  11. Support us for Future Development!

NEW: Workout Reports and MyFit Score with Data Sync

Get a score of your overall progress with a Myfit Score! After you sync you can get a report of your progress describing many factors that are important for your motivation and continued improvement with the workout plan (ie. consistency, VO2 max, exercise volume, total cardio time etc). It will provide other recommendations as well and this feature will just keep building. We will enable you the option to post your report to Facebook to encourage social support and share your MyFit Score.

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Share your Workouts (OR with Logs) over Email,FaceBook,Twitter

This allows you to share workouts between people and allow them to see your logs or your workout complete with any circuits and custom exercises. Anyone else can then add that workout to their own routines by logging in. You could then complete in a challenge together to see who completes the routine the best!

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Graphs and Email them Analyze your Logs and Goals

Get graphs of your progress, logs and stats and also use the built in mail app to email them. Looking at the data on the iPhone is simple and great, but wouldn’t it be great to get a chart of your current progress and goal in a graph format to your email? This feature is a great motivator.

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Photo Comparison Tool

Wouldn’t it be great to see the difference when you start and your goal date? We think so; in the app you can save pictures from your photos library or take new ones and it is organized by date. Are these crunches helping!? Let’s check last month.

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Challenges and Scoreboards

Have you ever thought it would be great to challenge your mom, friend or sports team to a fitness contest? Well we do too, in the PRO version you can compete with your MyFit Score and get a notification to see who wins in four weeks time! This is a great motivator!

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Backup all your precious data

It takes a long time to enter that data in and we will save that data for you on our server. We will eventually allow you to edit this data for two-way syncing.

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Share your data with a friend, Coach or Personal Trainer?

This is a big secret. We allow your trainer, friend, partner to view your progress virtually. Simply access your PRO section within the app and click ‘share’. You can then share or request workout data from any other person with a PRO account. They will have access to your reports. This will give them a huge tool in analyzing your performance and knowing how to tweak your current workout routine remotely. They could then email you with advice. Yes, and eventually you can receive a new or modified workout routine from them without even seeing them. That’s cool.

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Get Emailed Reports of Your Clients Progress Automatically

We allow the ability to get sent emailed reports of your clients to monitor their progress easily. These reports contain their MyFit Score and details about when their last sync date was. A high MyFit Score (100 is the MAX) means you do not have to worry about them. We also add the ability put a link to their email address to make things easy to follow-up.

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Recommended Weight and Reps during Logging

You just finished a set and wonder “How much weight should I lift next time?” We have solved this age old dilemma with a complicated algorithm, but it’s simply displayed and greyed out right before you type in the weight. This algorithm keeps you improving all the time. Stuck at a certain weight? No problem, we will add weight and decrease it depending on your history to make sure you’re always going up! We have also implemented recommended reps during logging as well so you’ll never have to guess what to do to improve!

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Automatically load New Exercises and Workouts

With data sync we check to make sure your phones database is up to date. We update it regularly with the latest exercises and even take some requests for certain workouts.

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Support us for Future Development

We are sure that you have noticed that our free version gives the most features out of any fitness app in the app store at the moment and we appreciate your support to help future development.

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