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  1. How do I convert to metric (KG, CM, KMPH)?
  2. How do I add my own custom workout routine?
  3. How do I update my body measurements?
  4. How do I change my birthday or heart rate for the VO2 Max Score
  5. I paid for PRO or a paid workout but it's not letting me access it
  6. What's the deal with 1RM in the logging screen?
  7. How do the circuits or supersets work?
  8. How do I see my online profile and logs on a cpu?
  9. I want a new feature!
  10. How do I get the free eBook that was emailed to me?
  11. Where is the back button for some screens?
  12. Do you have an iPad or Android version?
  13. Notes about offline profiles and PRO

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How do I convert to Metric?

Click on 'Home' -> Top Left Button (Settings).
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How do I create a custom routine? What are the steps?

1. Click 'My Routines'


2. Click + in the top right.
3. Type in the fields and click 'Create'.
4. It will take you to the main routines screen.
5. Click the routine you just created.

Note: To edit the day names or basic data click edit in the top right.


6. Click '+- Ex.' To add exercises to the days.
7. This will take you to the exercises tab where you can go through and select exercises, or create your own to add.
8. Once you are happy with this click 'My Routines' at the bottom to return to the day that you just added.


9. Here is where you can organize them with the right ordering button (hold and then reorganize) or delete button on the left.
10. Once you're done click Routine Details (top left).


11. Click the settings button on the right to the exercises. In V2.0 you can also set all exercises to have a certain set/rep combination.
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How do I update my body measurements?

1. Click 'More'
2. Click 'Stats'
3. Click 'Update'
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Updating your Profile Information

Click on home, then click the 'Person' in the top right corner. Here you can change your information. More here
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It wont let me access PRO or paid workouts, but I paid for it!?

Don't worry, you don't have to pay again. Our workouts and PRO version are non-consumable products which means you only pay once no matter how many times you 'purchase' through iTunes. We recommend trying to 'purchase' again. Again, this doesn't mean you will have to pay. It will just reactivate the PRO version or the workout that you already purchased through iTunes.

While we'd like to say our app is flawless, but we are human too even if we look like greek statues. 🙂

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How do I access my online profile on a CPU?

Simply visit www.myfit.ca/iphone and click on member login. If you want to login to your online profile via your iPhone you can do so on the Home screen and click 'MyFit Score' (Pro Only)

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What's the deal with the 1RM number in the logging screen. That's not right is it?

That number is your sets AVERAGE 1RM. This number is extremely useful and better than an all-time 1rm. Join us for the discussion.

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How does the circuits/supersets arrows work?

Join us for a good explanation of circuit training with the app and what the deal is with the arrows.

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I want a new feature!

Join us on our facebook page and request a feature. We will most likely do it!

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How do I get the free eBook (Ultimate Weight Loss Bible) from the offer that was emailed to me?

The best way to ensure exclusive access is through email. Sign up for our facebook page and then the newsletter using the 'Free Gifts' tab. The link will be emailed to you with the confirmation.

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Where is the back button in some of the screens? Ie. The routine screen I can't backup to the previous menu

Click the bottom 'tabs'. They will take you back to the previous screen. For example, if you are in the My Routine screen and are adding exercises to a day click the My Routines button to get back to your list.

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iPad or Android Versions

Our current plan is to redo our website and then work on Android and iPad versions if there is enough. To have your say which version gets done first visit this discussion.

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Offline Profile Notes

If you created an offline profile instead of creating an online profile and plan on using our PRO features you might want to reset your user (NOTE: all exercise log data will be lost) and create an online profile. The reason is that a lot of the PRO features are features that connect to our website and use algorithms to interpret your logs. One of which is the MyFit Score and other include sharing routines and your log data. The only reason you should create an offline profile is if you don't trust us. We left 'offline' profile mode in our app because some people like to be totally private.

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Any iTouch 3,4th Generation, iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4S Running iOS 3.2 and Above

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Server Updates

April 16th

Member Workouts Search, Exercise Log Search and Body Logs

March 26th

Member Home Login Created You can now login via our website: www.myfit.ca/iphone and view your progress virtually, add routines, view strength charts etc. This section is just going to grow from here on out adding a lot of features.

March 21th

Workout Strength Graph will show after you sync the app you will have the option to visit a graphing page to see your progress.

February 27th

Body Statistics Save Fixed and will now show in your MyFit Score Report.

February 24th

Workout Restored Extended from 6 to 12 workouts.

February 24th

Syncing Exercises Fixed when you are adding any custom exercises to a routine they will be correctly added.

February 21th

Manual Improved within the application itself. Simply click the manual button in ‘More’ to see all the FAQ’s for each section.

February 20th

Added Total Calories Burned to MyFit Score Summary. This lets you see how many calories you are burning while working out over the past 7 days. You can see how many calories you burned during your cardio sessions and weights.

February 5th

Changed Database Structure for entire server and it has made it much more stable. Server downtime should be an issue of the past.

Updates Possible for Next Version

  • Adding more built-in workouts
  • Adding inline ability to add workouts from other users within the app
  • Fixing strange crash when logging the ‘treadmill’ exercise.

Version 2.0 iOS Updates – Live

  • Fix music issue shutting off during MyFit usage.
  • Adding the ability to see more about the exercises in the routine you are about to perform without clicking the exercise setting button. These include reps, sets, duration and or rest timer.
  • Fixing iOS 5 issues.
  • Adding ability to add more exercises to the graph to see as many exercises as you’d like.
  • Fixed ‘perspective’ on the graph so you can see the weight better.
  • Adding native ‘Export Logs’ button right. This will let you email anyone your logs in XLS format.
  • Changing out 75% of the images for better quality images with a great fitness model: Artus Shakur (www.artusshakur.com).

Recent Questions


Visit ALL our topics and community discussion


Any iTouch 3,4th Generation, iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4S Running iOS 3.2 and Above

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