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Where is this exercise data from?

This data is from the MyFit iPhone Fitness App users logging their exercises. We have tabulated over 200,000 logs and crunched these numbers to give you an easy to read chart of most weight training exercises.


There are many uses for this chart:
1. This chart can be used to help you determine a starting weight for each of these exercises.
2. You can also see where you stack up for your own weight lifting.


Some of these exercises are body weight exercises which might show up with weight. Some users use weight for these and some users do not. The body weight exercises may not be as useful as the normal weight lifting ones. All measurements are in pounds.

Future Implementation

We are planning on putting this data into the application to let you know how you are doing in comparison to others. That way you know if you need to step it up!

Want to discuss the data?

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know where you fit in and how we could improve it.

One Rep Maxes, Average Weight Lifted and Average Reps" title="Averages for all Weight Lifting Exercises

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  • N P

    Please, these are kg or lbs? Thanks.

  • These are in LBS.  Thanks for your question.   It’s possible that a few people might have skewed the numbers a bit with random figures, but on the whole it should be pretty accurate with a HUGE amount of data.

  • Mbrown

    I would really like to try some of these out for the preseason soccer routine but I feel like the weights are way too much for me. How can I find out what I should be lifting as a 17 year old girl?

    • There are a TON of variables to consider, but what you can do is take these numbers (an average of everyone at every age) and then take 50% off of it and see how that weight works out for you.  

      The easiest way to figure out your starting weight is to make sure you fail between 12-15 reps (a good rep range for a beginner).  Let us know how that goes.  For example, if you get 20 reps at 10 pounds try 15 pounds and see if you get a maximum of 15 reps.

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