London Gym Reviews

About Our Reviews

This section of is designed to educate you as to how to go about picking a gym in your area. Below you can select a gym and it will show you their services and ratings by visitors just like you. We have moderated the reviews for profanity, insults etc. We have tried to ask for all the information that you will need to make a good choice when deciding on a gym. Also, make sure to read our tips to the right and about cancelling a gym contract BEFORE you sign up.

Tips for Picking the Right Gym

  1. Write a checklist to what's important to you in a facility (sample). 
  2. Is it close to your house or work?
  3. Is it within your price range? 
  4. Do they offer the fitness classes you want at the times you can go? 
  5. Price should be around 35-45 dollars a month for an adult membership. 

Best London Gyms or Health Clubs Available

Name (Click to view the Gym's Ratings & Services Available) Address (Hover forMap) Services Available Average
635 Southdale Road East, Unit 103
1225 Wonderland Rd N
1925 Dundas St. E.
460 Berkshire Drive
355 Wellington St.
116 North Centre Road
1205 Oxford Street West
775 Adelaide St. N.
3040 Wonderland Rd. S.
1310 Adelaide Street North
825 Oxford Street East
Tamworth Place, Church St
Highbury St.
1295 Highbury Ave.
334 Wellington Rd.
390 Springbank Dr. #4
University Community Center
These Gyms have been approved by Myfit

Make a Workout

Crafting a workout for the gym is extremely important. Consideration should be maintained throughout your designing process. If you just want to find one to use we offer plenty here. If you want to make your own you can start now.

Tracking Your Weights

There are lots of easy ways to track your sets and reps. One easy way is through a little book that you can take with you to the gym. This book has progress charts, workouts and lots of tools you can use to always make sure you are improving.