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Yonge Street Fitness Club (YSFC)
Isabella, Toronto

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Member Reviews

9/10 9.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/10

Reviewer: Shanaynay

Date: 3/4/2013

Cost of membership: affordable

Pros: This gym is a great place to workout! It is very clean and barely ever busy you dont have to wait for cardio machines/weights. The brick style of the building is different and unique and the location is very convenient (close to subway stopsbloor and wellesley). Also the classes you get included in your membership are amazing and fun especially the kangoo class! Their new functional training room is a GREAT place to workout, glad they added this to their gym. Change rooms are clean and spacious. Staff is great and always welcoming. Overall, great place to workout!

Cons: music isnt the greatest but doesnt bother me too much because most of the time I bring my own ipod. Also it would be nice if they were open 24 hrs, but their hours are still pretty convenient.

Thoughts: If you havent already signed up here, theres no need to wait stop looking for other gyms and come check this one out!

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Isabel

Date: 12/23/2012

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9/10 9.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/10

Reviewer: kim

Date: 8/29/2012

Cost of membership: The cost is on par with any other gym in the city, if not better. Very, very reasonable!
Pros: Friendly staff, and SINCERE. They are friendly everytime they see you. They don't play ignoring games with you, like they've done in other gyms I've belonged to, ie: friendly one day, don't acknowledge you the next crap.
Fantastic equipment, and lots of them.
I love the fact that the gym is in an old heritage building. Never been in a gym like that before. The exposed brick is beautiful, and I love the big windows. Very classy place.
Nice, soothing atmosphere. It's never packed and jammed with rushed gymbods trying to get to their classes, change rooms packed with no place to put your stuff. YSFC has NONE of that. So calming there.
The views are great. Yonge st, Isabella st. Especially in the evening, with the lights in the trees at the pub across the street on Isabella.
Cons: The music overhead is not my style, but that is no big deal. Everyone has their ipod on anyway.
The change rooms (shower stalls )could be a tad cleaner, but again it's not a big deal to me.
Thoughts: I almost don't want more people to know about the place because it could lose it's uniqueness. And it's charm.
The best gym in the city is (and why): All the other gyms have this very sterile, cold environment about them. They're alll the same in that way. Boring. Very impersonal as well. Not YSFC. Love the place. I've worked out in gyms most of my life, and this one is my favorite gym yet.

9/10 9.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/10

Reviewer: Nick

Date: 5/7/2012

Cost of membership: Appropriate
Pros: Very clean, well equipped, not busy
Thoughts: Great place to go for a workout anytime of day.
The best gym in the city is (and why):
Has a great feel to it. Friendly staff. Very clean.

9/10 8.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/10

Reviewer: Anthony

Date: 5/3/2012

Cost of membership: approx $60
Equipment is top notch, especially the cardio equipment
Great atmosphere, people want to work out there
free classes with membership
Training crew are friendly

I hate the music played at the club, I admit I'm not the target audience but that's really my only gripe
no comment on parking as I live within walking distance

Honestly have never had anything close to the type of issues I've seen typed on this Board, Roy has never been anything other than absolutely golden to me my entire time there, I left the gym for about half a year due to financial constraints,when I could afford a membership, I shopped a bit, YSFC was competitive, and close to home, I don't mind paying extra for comfort and quality.

The best gym in the city is (and why):
I love working out there, never wait for equipment, no one is rude in the weight room. I've never had a moment where I felt YSF was trying to cheat me out of money, when i needed to cancel my membership I made an appointment with Roy and he wished me the best and welcomed me back to the club like I had never left. I've recommended friends and coworkers, and all had good experiences, even those who had since left the gym

9/10 9.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/10

Reviewer: Amjad Hantash

Date: 5/2/2012

Cost of membership:40 $ /month
Thoughts:the only one thing missing is above 90 LB dumbbells which is not a big deal.
The best gym in the city is (and why):i get the best deal , best treatment , located in the heart of downtown of Toronto,Roy the operation manager always been nice to me and all my friends that i referred them to this gym and i get disc when i do that too. i'v been in this gym since 2007 and i will never change to anywhere else , if U mean fitness and getting results the YSFC IS THE PLACE FOR U.

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: priya

Date: 4/8/2012

real creepy people...they attract you by saying that you have won 1 month free membership and then the manager(very impolite and wicked)literally coerce you to sign up for a year or more. If that does not work the manager would ask you to furnish your credit card details even to avail your 1 month FREE membership saying that our system works like that and "IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SYSTEM BETTER LEAVE".

I can't imagine someone can be so so mean and wicked!! The manager uses the most terrible gestures and language if things does not work his way!!

2/10 2.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/10

Reviewer: carl

Date: 3/29/2012

Cost of membership: expensive
Cons:unethical business practice, unfriendly and agressive manager
Thoughts:worst place i have ever been
The best gym in the city is (and why):

1/10 1.27/101.27/101.27/101.27/101.27/101.27/101.27/101.27/101.27/101.27/10

Reviewer: karma

Date: 2/27/2012

I went here and met Roy and this guys seems like a crooked meat head. and now i see all the reviews and i see the truth. I cant believe i give these guys my personal information, this guys a stalking creep from the suburbs. I cant wait for this gym to go bankrupt so someone can make better of it!

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: David

Date: 7/26/2011

Cost of membership:

Pros:Good location, clean, great space and a lot of equipments.

Cons:Horrible manager/owner Roy Thomas, he makes up the rules as he likes. For example, he told me I can put my membership on hold any time I wanted as long as I gave the club a notice. Upon on my return from a 6 months oversea trip I noticed that my membership was not on hold (they were charging my VISA). When I confronted him, he told me that I did not fill out the “on hold” form. After a long discussion, he agreed to give me back the 4 missing months only if I can provide him my airplane ticket and boarding pass. Fortunately I kept the information, he gave me back 4 missing months not 6 but I had to put up a fight. Anyway, I let them kept the 4 months and cancelled my membership by registered mail few days after the meeting.


The best gym in the city is (and why):

8/10 8.13/108.13/108.13/108.13/108.13/108.13/108.13/108.13/108.13/108.13/10

Reviewer: JP

Date: 5/19/2011

Pros: Great Location, it has a nice community and quaint feel. I have never waited for any piece of equipment!

The atmosphere is great, very spacious. Good call with having the Ladies Only workout room, it creates a more comfortable workout environment.

I have never had any problem or issue here. The staff is always super friendly. I will continue to work out here!

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: coco

Date: 4/26/2011

Cost of membership:66
Pros:good location
Cons:Like many others who left comments here: This GYM is a scam. I signed a contract with them in June 2010 for one year. I was told I need to pay 9 month membership fee, which is 67 dollars a month and the last 3 months only cost 10 dollars. I paid the 10 dollars when I signed the contract. But they keep deducting money from my credit card even after 9 months. I went to see the manager, Roy. He said the clients need to tell the gym about cancellation of membership in written format 30 days in advance. Otherwise the gym will keep deducting money. The 10 dollars is for the last 3 months whenever the clients give the notice. That is so ridiculous!!!! I have never been told about it when I signed the contract. Some other friends who I met in the gym had similar problems with the management. This gym is just trying to rip money from the clients. Dishonesty does not make the business go far.
I also suggest people do not give credit card information to this gym. Pay check or cash.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

8/10 8.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/10

Reviewer: Graham

Date: 2/26/2011

Cost of membership: approx. $50
Pros: I have been with this gym since it opened. It is in a convenient location and I've always been able to get what I need to get done, even during peak hours. People and staff are friendly and helpful. The place is always clean, the equipment is always maintained. Very large open workout area. Very rarely have I had to wait for a cardio machine, dependent on time of day. Wide variety of classes. Whenever I've been away for an extended period of time, my membership has been frozen without problems.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

2/10 2.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/10

Reviewer: james

Date: 2/26/2011

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why): DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM. The owner/manager is a jerk and a cheater, He should have his facility closed down. There are tons of gyms with better facilities and access to awesome group classes like Goodlfe or exteme Fitness.

9/10 9.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/10

Reviewer: Kristopher Drake

Date: 2/17/2011

Cost of membership:$66
Pros:Friendly staff and a firendly atmosphere
Cons:none really
The best gym in the city is (and why):The best gym in the city is YSFC. I like the size of the gym. There isn't a long wait for use of the equipment. I enjoy the atmosphere and have made new friends there.

4/10 4.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/10

Reviewer: XOXOMB

Date: 1/13/2011

Cost of membership:$66.67

Pros:equipment always available

Cons: BIG CONTRACTS, bad owner, false advertisement

Thoughts: The flyers that the gym hands out (& online) say NO CONTRACTS but if you look closely to the "contract" it says NO BIG CONTRACTS. Also, they put the contract on the back of one of the sheets & do not inform you of this. I had to ask for the contract before they were like "oh it's right behind here". When I signed up I had the paper only to sign she never flipped it over but obviously I'm not that stupid, so I asked for it.

Like everyone says the owner is very rude. I had a HUGE financial situation and I asked for him to pause a payment just for one month KINDLY. He simply said that it's not his problem, it's mine. ONE MONTH & I'll pay you back ... Wow. As soon as my contract is done I'm jetting out of there. It's so dumb.

SO, if you want to get scammed by con artists, have a BIG contract, be treated rudely and waste money then join this gym.

***PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE, DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM. Go to one of the gyms close by but NOT this one .Tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone you see walking in. Help the world of consumers!!!

6/10 5.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/10

Reviewer: Jermey

Date: 12/24/2010

Cost of membership:59.00
Pros:Clean, empty, equipment is good
Cons: horrible manager/owner
Thoughts:pay cash! Roy Thomas is well known with the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.
The best gym in the city is (and why): Goodlife Fitness!

7/10 6.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/10

Reviewer: zachq

Date: 12/21/2010

Cost of membership: 70
Pros: close by, not very busy, decent work out gear, decent cardio, punching bag,
all was ok for my year and a half membership. the owner was always kind of weird to see around but the probel came when cancelling my membership. I was long past my year contract and was on a month to month plan. I went in 2 different times to cancel and both times was told "ohhh you have to see the boss and he is busy right now". you could say. oh well maybe he was actually busy. but I would tell them im here to cancel my account, they would call him in his office and then tell me ohhh hes too busy right now. which is insane. I did this twice and then decided instead of biking all the way there for nothing I would call ahead of time. I called 2 different times and never recieved a call back from the owner. I finally went in one more time and happened to catch him standing in the lobby. I cancelled the account with one of his workers which was no problems. until the next month I was billed again. I was supposed to recieve 2 FREE MONTHS AT THE END OF MY MEMBERSHIP. which I DID NOT. which is ridiculous! and then i was billed for the next month anyways. I called them a few times about this of course and got nothing but ridiculous fake answers and lies about how i had to pay one last month. or ohhh noo that was for the previous month. which isnt true since I was paying for a month at the beginning of THAT month. they lied to me. they billed for an extra month. I DIDNT RECIEVE MY 2 FREE MONTHS. now I have called visa and am going through an investigation to get my $70 for december back. I emailed them and called them tons of times. never recieved a call back or anything. This owner is a complete jackass. MONEY MONEY MONEY. anyone looking for some LEGIT and no bull. dont go here. no way!

8/10 7.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/10

Reviewer: Phil

Date: 6/4/2010

Let's start by saying that I am happy with the gym. I get my workout done and it's not very busy. The manager has always been polite, respectful and professional. The majority of the staff is with the exception of the young people that works the front desk in the afternoons. In particular I am referring to Hannah and Sam who seem to be suffering from mood swings and some days are nice, while other days they just decide to be rude or bitchy. I understand everyone has personal issues, but in customer service it is important to leave those behind and give the most professional service. Otherwise, they shouldn't bother going to work because many of us work long hours and want to relax with a good workout. It is disappointing to see people like these kids behaving like they own the place while the truth is that our membership money pays not only for the maintenance of the building, but also their salaries. I hope Roy reads this comment and has a chat with them so they can offer better service and with a nice attitude. Other than that, I really recommend Yonge Street Fitness.

9/10 8.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/10

Reviewer: Janesse

Date: 5/14/2010

Yonge Street Fitness is my top pick for Toronto gyms (I've trained at Extreme Fitness, Dynamic Conditioning Centre, Level 5 and Venice.)

I'm finding there's a friendly vibe, quality group fitness instructors, great variety of cardio and strength equipment. The spaces are kept clean and have lots of natural light. It's amazing how rare it is to find all of these points in one spot.

Bonus points for the women's strength training area it has everything you might need and having machines that are sized for women's smaller frames makes a big difference.

8/10 7.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/10

Reviewer: Chris

Date: 5/9/2010

My favourite gym south of Bloor. The manager can be a bit tough to deal with, but the space is just awesome, the changerooms are luxurious, the equipment is clean and modern, and the crowd is great. The exposed brick is cool.

Based on the new equipment, staff, etc. it looks like the owners are starting to take an interest in this gem. It's about time!!!

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Sharon

Date: 4/15/2010

The manager has major issues. That is why I BOUGHT OUT OF the contract.

8/10 7.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/10

Reviewer: Derek

Date: 4/2/2010

I enjoy working out at this gym. The location is great, the interior is really nice with exposed brick, lots of windows and light. Now that they have upgraded the cardio equipment and layed down new carpeting it is even better. The weights are good and the weight area is spacious. Never had any problems with staff and the price of membership is reasonable. I'll continue to work out at YSFC definately.

2/10 2/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/10

Reviewer: cherokee

Date: 3/25/2010

Only good thing about this place is it`s always empty...The management is the worst i have ever seen.(which explains the absence of patrons) It`s funny how one man can spoil such a huge facility. Stay away from that place.I for one decided to pay extra at a nearby gym although YSF is closer to my home.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Michelle

Date: 3/1/2010

I would like to address all the haters out there!! Just because you all are unfit and lack confidence does not give you the right to bad mouth ROY THOMAS the manager/owner of Young Street Fitness. If you stay focus by paying attention to the obvious!! each and every one of you would realize that this club has the best staff and manager/owner who provides quality service to one and all. Being a member for many years i had the opportunity to experience this club warmth and service by every staff member thanks to Roy Thomas who was responsible for such excellent service. Thank you Roy Thomas you are an amazing human being!!Not only are you the greatest manager, but a very sexy man.I agree he is very though, you know a no nonsense guy!!You got to respect that. Young Street Fitness is the club you wanna be at. Great location, friendly staff,affordable membership and a club to be recon with.

9/10 9.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/10

Reviewer: Geoff

Date: 3/1/2010

Who cares if there's 'draws, raffles or tournaments?' I'm going to the gym to lift, and only to lift.

YSF is a great gym. My only complaint (and I had to think about this) is regarding the limitations regarding dumbbells having sets that go up to 120lbs would be preferential, but honestly, when the rest of the joint is as good as it is, this is a minor issue at best.

Otherwise, there's never a wait for anything (and I've been there at all times of the day), the crowd that trains there is mostly alright (there's bound to be some people who just get in the way at any gym). The gym is always impeccably clean as well.

I question if people who had issues about payment attempted to have them remedied: there have been minor errors on my contract a few times (due to changes in billing information , etc), and all have been remedied in a few minutes with Roy, always with an accompanying apology for the error.

Great place. I only gave the parking a 5 because I walk there and have no idea if its easy to park there or not.

5/10 4.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/10

Reviewer: swindled customer

Date: 3/1/2010

Swindled Customer!
stay away from this place its crawling with a bunch con men! whatever you do dont give them your credit or bank info. they will bill you until kingdom come! they are bunch crooks! dont sign anything without triple checking it, do not sign for personal training coz its away to milk you dry!

i have reported them to Better Business Bureau!

the manager/owner is a slime ball!! very rude so are most of the staff with the exception of the receptionists.

7/10 7.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/10

Reviewer: Jennifer

Date: 2/17/2010

The gym is great, and you can always find machines to use. It is perfect for going to workout without feeling like you have to show off. The women's area is great and clean, try it out.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Tamz

Date: 1/25/2010

Why Don't you guys go to YMCA?
It is close to college and yonge intersection. trust me they have better facility than this fitness club.
No contract no lies, and headache.
The Manager( I don't know is name) But he is a bald guy. He is so rude such a big lier. Don't ever trust his words.

10/10 9.67/109.67/109.67/109.67/109.67/109.67/109.67/109.67/109.67/109.67/10

Reviewer: lucy

Date: 11/13/2009

the brightest and bigest weight floor downtown ..i was @ extreme to crowed hated how i was treated..nice to see smiles on members and staff..no waits for cardio..and a good price ..would i recomend yes !!

8/10 8/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/10

Reviewer: john

Date: 11/11/2009

Great facility, after reading all the reviews on the club i was hesitant to join but after meeting with the sales rep he assured me that there are no problems as long as a i respect the gym and its members. I've yet to have any problems with the manager and to tell you the truth he's the only one who says hi to me everytime i enter the club. Love the gym, staff are intelligent(big plus) and i love the fact that i never have to wait for any machines!

6/10 5.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/10

Reviewer: Peter

Date: 11/6/2009

Love the staff at this gym, The personal trainers are great and very helpful. I've had some free sessions from them and i wish i could afford one of them as i see the results other people are getting. The cardio machines are outdated and the carpet is crap. The weight room is well stocked and never busy, I will say the cable machine needs to be replaced. Only problem with is gym is the manager Roy, he is a complete douchebag and needs to be a silent partner in this business, he never respects any of his staff and is always trying to pick up members which i find disgusting. He has no people skills and often gets caught in his own lies, he is stupid not to hire a manager and spend his days else where, his staff should get paid more for putting up with him. I don't know how they do it and he is lucky they put up with him. Over all great gym and staff with great price, Manager Roy, its time for you to do us a favor and leave

7/10 7.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/10

Reviewer: Tommy

Date: 10/27/2009

I like this gym. Been going for the past three years. A lot of people complain about Roy, the mananger. In my experience, everytime I dealt with him he's been nice and polite. Maybe all the bad reviews you guys gave him made him change his approach to people, but the guy has more balls than all the big muscle guys on steroids pumping iron on the top floor. Some of the members are pricks, but that is their choice. The only complain I have is against the muscle Mexican janitor who doesn't do a very good job while cleaning the place. He spents too much time on his cell phone chatting with his wife or girlfriend in Spanish and mingles too much with some members of the gym which I find is very poor job ethics. He should leave the hanging out with the boys for after working hours. Other than that I am very satisfied with the results I get from working out at YSFC. I go there to get fit, not to get laid or chit chat.

8/10 7.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/10

Reviewer: Michel

Date: 10/27/2009

I like going to YSFC. I love the fact the gym is not too busy even during peak periods. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful, from Roy the manager to Sam at the front desk and anyone in between. It was good the change of TV sets to give it a more modern touch. Hopefully some of the elipticals, treadmills and bikes will be next on the line of changes.

7/10 7/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/10

Reviewer: Jaime

Date: 10/26/2009

9/10 9/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/10

Reviewer: tiki 23

Date: 10/1/2009

I've never had any problems at Yonge st. Fitness and have been a member there for years. The only negative thing I can say is that some of equipment is a little older but still in fine working condition. I've always been treated well by all the staff and have never had a problem with billing.

8/10 7.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/10

Reviewer: Kenneth Fallas

Date: 8/20/2009

I love this gym because it has all i need for a confortable workout, its bright day and night, never have to wait for a machine, its close to my house and other stablishments, very clean, other members are very respectful to each other, the long hours are a huge plus, there are plenty of machines for controled or free waight they are in fair condition but could be better. The management have been great to me at times when i needed it, This year Roy the owner gave me 3 months free at a time when i lost my job and in a passed year i put my membership on hold to go on vacation and I had NO problems with this either. I agree that management should obtain better and more friendly business aproach.
Would I recomend this gym? YES !!! Its a great pace to workout.

4/10 4.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/10

Reviewer: Michelle

Date: 7/2/2009

This gym is o.k. There are other gyms in the area that have better rates. I am switching over to Extreme Fitness where there will be no issues with the club manager/owner ( Roy Thomas) who lies an cheats his customers. This gym has potential but the owner needs to develop serious coaching skills with his staff and clients. I have 1 more month to go and will make sure I have it in writing that my memebrship is cancelled after reading all the comments below. WOW!


8/10 7.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/10

Reviewer: Dan

Date: 6/1/2009

I had joined Yonge Street Fitness one year ago as I was living in the area close to the gym for a year and needed a convenient place to exercise. Since my time there has just expired, I want to help others make an informed decision about whether or not it is worth signing up to be a member there.

The biggest complaint that many people have is with Roy the manager. During my time working out at YSF, I had never had a single problem with Roy myself. I can see why others may have had issues with him as I never saw him smile or act all too friendly to me, but when I did speak to him, he was polite and never gave me a hard time. The staff that worked the front desk was always friendly, specifically Nikki who was always kind whenever I came by to workout.

The greatest plus about the gym is the hours it is open and the wait times for equipment. I never had to wait for equipment, even during busy times. In addition, it is great to be able to have a gym that is open until 8:00 pm on Saturdays/Sundays. This is a big plus!

In addition, I found the gym to be very clean and spacious. In the mens changeroom, hair gel and shaving cream were always available. The facility itself was always very clean. Plus, during the daytime, there was a lot of natural light that would seep in due to the many windows.

There are some drawbacks to the gym though. For one, the gym is primarily a 'gay' gym, considering it is so close to the gay neighbourhood. This is not a huge problem for some, but I myself did not enjoy getting cruised whenever I was getting a workout in. In addition, the music that was played was not my choice (way too much dance/techno). However, this is remedied by just bringing along an iPod with my own playlist. Some of the treadmills could use replacing, but they are good enough to the get the job done.

Would I recommend joining the gym if you were in the area? Absolutely. There is a certain caution from many of the poor reviews that are listed on this page, but once again, I never had a problem with Roy or anyone that worked at Yonge Street Fitness. It's worth checking out if you live in the area and need a place to workout.

5/10 4.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/10

Reviewer: Jarod

Date: 5/23/2009

I strongly suggest not to join this gym and if you are to join pay cash only and do not give any financial information. Keep all documentation like I did because when it comes to reporting them to the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services and the Better Business Bureau you will have all bases covered. I was a member years ago and the owner/manager tried to take funds out of my checking account recently. The banks are aware of this business and a reversal can be done within the 90 days.

It's too bad because the gym as potential...

4/10 4.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/10

Reviewer: fefe

Date: 5/12/2009

The facility is average and the prices are moderate. But the manager is a jerk and the customer service is lacking. This operation is a scam and is only out to get your money.
I first heard about this gym through a contest in a local restaurant around the area. I entered the contest to win a free 1 year membership and was contacted by the gym. Once I got there, they informed me that I won one of the secondary prizes as I will get 3 months free if I sign up for a 1 year membership. I signed up for the one year membership and cancelled a year later once I stopped working in the downtown Toronto Area. I was told everything would be taken care of and recieved the documents of the cancellation, a carbon copy yellow form with a staff members signature and the terms of cancellation. Unfortunately for me, I trusted that this place would be honourable and follow through with the procedure, and trashed these documents. 15 months following the cancellation, I realize that this place is continuing to charge $62 out of my savings account EVERY MONTH! When I confronted the manager about this situation, he states that there are no records of my cancellation and would not be able to do anything about the $939 that they've charged to my account. They even know that I have no attended the gym for well over a year. I had to physically go down there to speak to the management and was further treated rudely. No resolution was negiotiated to my satisfaction. I discourage any person from associating themselves with this business and warn those who plan on cancelling. Make sure to check that they are not continuing to charge your account after cancellation of your membership.

8/10 8.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/10

Reviewer: Kevin

Date: 2/28/2009

I had a great time training at YSF. My personal trainer, hugh, was amazing. Not only did he push me to the extremes, he gave me 3 extra sessions at no cost to me. I had amazing results after my 13 training sessions. Jason, the trainer who signed me up, even cut me a deal; I paid $55 for each session. I heard many stories that the club is very busy during rush hour but I never got to experience that because I'd normally go in around 11am or noon. And believe or not that there was only a hand full of people working out at that time there. The weekends were amazing too, I never found it busy at all! Sadly, I had to end my membership after my contract was done due to travel inconvenience because I moved further north. Roy was such a nice guy that he offered to lower my monthly payment by a 15 bucks; I had to decline his offer. All in all... amazing, comfortable and friendly staff at YSF. Thank You Kevin

7/10 7.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/10

Reviewer: Chris

Date: 12/29/2008

Never had a problem with Roy; never seen him abuse staff/clients; staff and clients really friendly; I like the range of free weights and machines and cardio stuff; some of the equipment pads need replacing; they seem to let people keep locks on lockers permanently even though a sign quite clearly states they'll be cut off if left on overnight this makes getting an upper locker challenging sometimes.

5/10 4.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/10

Reviewer: the_edge

Date: 11/27/2008

Quiting this gym because dumbells only go to 90lbs. Roy is a douche. Whatever I don't care about that I just wanna lift. Pretty expensive. I have joined premier for only 34 bucks a month and have access to all their facilities. The gym itself is ok but only 90 lb dumbells? Come on!!

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: don

Date: 9/3/2008

i want to know the join the this gym but i dont know where u guys at. iam by young and finch area

7/10 6.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/10

Reviewer: Teresa

Date: 5/28/2008

The staff at this gym are very friendly. As for the manager, he goes out of his way the accomadate his members. The classes are great. The are more than enough machines...see it for yourself and judge.

10/10 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10

Reviewer: Roy

Date: 5/14/2008

Hi! I'm Roy Thomas I hope everyone can understand that in customer service you can't please everyone. For those that went into NSF, I could not help you balance your interest in fitness, im sorry. Any questions regarding my facility please call my customer service line: 24/7 (647) 2058856 We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied.

9/10 8.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/10

Reviewer: Faith

Great facility, great staff, always clean. Minutes from the subway, and they have a separate woman's weight room!

4/10 3.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/10

Reviewer: XOXO

I joined the gym not long ago and was shocked and disgusted at the arrogance of the owner. He was the rudest man I have ever come across and am planning to cancel my membership because if I have to see this man on a regular basis it wil ruin my whole day. The staff were great but I will never understand how anyone can work for a man like that. He treats them hooribly and talks down to them like they are incompetent children. He should not be allowed to operate or work in a customer related environment. I would advise anyone considering to join this gym to strongly and seriously consider this before making a financial commitment. There are much better gyms available in the area, google all of them! As I read below, I am clearly not the only one with this opinion.

8/10 8/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/10

Reviewer: david

I have to say that most of the staff is quite friendly; I especially love the woman who greets me at the front desk most days. The manager can be gruff sometimes --but he's a very reasonable person once you get to know him. He runs a very clean, well-equipped facility that is convenient, bright and almost never too busy. The clientele is a nice, broad spectrum of the downtown neighbourhood with little attitude and even a separate facility for women if they desire. The newly-renovated change rooms are great; it's a fantastic no-frill gym that is conducive to having a workout in a multi-level, spacious atmosphere with good music and great natural light.

9/10 9.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/10

Reviewer: Don

I joined Yonge Street Fitness as I had heard many good things about the facility. Having been burned on gym memberships in the past, I wanted a club that had been around for awhile and had a great reputation. This club has delivered. I am very happy with my decision and I find the staff and management to be exceptional. Highly recommend!

8/10 7.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/10

Reviewer: dan

nice looking place inside. usually empty which is good. pretty expensive considering there's only one location and it's pretty standard (ie i can't go there if i' out of town, whereas you can if you're part of a gym chain). I had a friend join who used me as a reference so i could get $10 off per month but they told him they'd give him the discount instead of me. However, i went in to quit recently because i can't afford it and he (owner) offered me the next two months for free instead (worth $124 to me since i' currently paying $62/month). i thought that was pretty great.

10/10 9.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/10

Reviewer: Tim

I have been a member and worked out at Yonge St Fitness for 8 years and would rate it the best in Toronto for the location, price, equipment and staff. I have been a personal trainer and involved in the fitness industry for 17 years and have worked in many gyms as a trainer, my reason for leaving past gyms over the years is the way management treats members. I have never seen anyone mistreated at YSF in 8 years and very happy with the gym. It has always been clean and great to work out within YSF. The changing rooms have been recently renovated with a larger locker room area and new shower room. The equipment is always up and working with no down time if anything gets broken its repaired the next day. It’s not over crowded with trainers that haunt you asking to buy sessions and never packed with people trying to share equipment.

9/10 9/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/10

Reviewer: Sebastian

Regardless of how you feel about the manager, this gym is good. It is not too expensive, it is clean and never too busy.

The mens change room has just been renovated so it is much more spacious with more lockers available.

Personal training is up to the individual but I think most of us could use some good advice sometimes. I has also been a member of 4 other gyms all more expensive, all have professional sales staff trying to up sell and all give a fitness assessment, why does everyone think YSFC is so different.

Lastly, the health clinic inside the club, massage, naturopathic medicine, nutritional consults is very good.

7/10 6.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/10

Reviewer: mlb

I left my video camera in the locker room and the staff there held it for me. Very honest! Twenty thumbs up!

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: david

I am a member of yonge street fitness and I believe that if you pay your dues on time and respect the club, there is no reason to even talk to the manager. It is a private gym and that makes it a more personal gym. The staff looks like it's hand picked very well. I went to the fitness assesment and found the kniseologist to be very competent and that is not even mentioning his personality. The gym is not overcrowded at all and if you want the bells and wistles than you should not be here because it is a great gym with a lot of toys and there is no pretentiousness at all.I have been to over 15 different gyms in my life, and this is one of the cheapest and best ones so far. I go to the gym to exercise not socialize so if you want to get involved in gym politics, it just shows what kid of a member you are, I certaintly do not want people like that around. To finish this off I just wantto tell you that if you want free stuff, there is always a price you got to pay. Leave your drama for your mama...

6/10 6.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/10

Reviewer: Tom

I like the location and the price is right. But I don’t like the management so I workout late to avoid them.

8/10 7.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/10

Reviewer: Jay

I've recently signed up at yonge street fitness and couldn't be any happier. The fitness evaluation was very infomative and corrected me on a lot of things i was doing wrong. From what i've experienced so far everyone seem to be quite friendly

7/10 7.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/10

Reviewer: Stephanie

I love the gym so much but the owner/manager. He's the reason why I didn't put 10 for some of the points. Even the employees don't like him. They sometimes vent out to me. I don't blame them. I've dealt with him as well and it's not pleasant at all. He makes you feel like you have no right to question anything. Oh well, good thing I don't have to deal with him everyday when I'm working out.

6/10 6.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/10

Reviewer: brad

I thought the condition of the gym was great,clean everything working and intelligent staff. I did purchase a personal trainer (i'm very fit and healthy) because everyone works harder and sees better results when supervised and pushed. I can only say that reception isn't always friendly or informative

2/10 1.8/101.8/101.8/101.8/101.8/101.8/101.8/101.8/101.8/101.8/10

Reviewer: newyorker

It's like dealing with a used car salesmen. Here is how it works, the "consultants" will try to sell you different plans (they have ready-to-use script, I was too stupid to notice it at first). Then they will say "today is your lucky day, we got a special deal for you". The fact is everyday is a special deal especially when they want to sign up new clients. But they won't admit it of course, and will try their utmost to sell you the plan on THAT SAME DAY you visit!!! Be careful when selecting plan, especially when you must sign a contract. My "consultant" said whenever we want to cancel membership, I would be able to negotiate with the manager. This is NOT TRUE!!! You are responsible for paying the whole 1-year. When I talked to the "consultant" about it, he pretended not to recall what he said. Also, as mentioned by previous reviewers, the 1-hour appointment with a fitness specialist is an upsell, and again they will try to do their very utmost to sell you expensive personal training program even when you are very healthy. I just had a checkup with my personal doctor and there was nothing wrong with me. But at this fitness club, they'll tell you stories to instill fear of ill-health, so you sign up with personal trainers. CONCLUSION: stay away from this sleazy place!!! For your own good!!!

7/10 7.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/107.07/10

Reviewer: Paul

The guys' changeroom is pretty small and cramped and the lockers have seen better days.

4/10 4.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/10

Reviewer: ruth

I used to be a member and yes upselling is an issue. But rudeness was more of an issue and to the comment above about the manager being unpleasant to certain troublesome members... well, I'm no longer a member and don't know whether the person my partner and I had a run in on the street in front of the gym was the manager but from these comments - my guess is he is the same guy.

He drives a car with " on fiar" on his licence and parked illegally outside the gym. But, before doing so he drove up the side of the street and sprayed both me and my partner with slush. My partner confronted him when he stopped and he called her a "drama queen" told her to "let it go" "move along bitches" and topped it off with a derogatory anti-LGBT statement.

He also confirmed he worked at the gym and was quite a large muscular imposing man.

Nice for customer service - and treatment of random people on the street especially after soaking them with his inconsiderate driving.

So, for 2 of us telling 20 people each how horribly we were treated by an employee of the gym and being that the location is within steps to the gay village... hmmm, no wonder they are lacking members and my guess will continue to do so.

5/10 5.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/10

Reviewer: Crystal401

The gym itself is excellent.
Location, facility, equipments including a quality heavy bag: can't ask for more.
Staff are quite nice too.
However, the owner was extremely rude and unreasonable - including to his own employees in front of me while I was consulting with a sales person (during my very first visit half a year ago)

I went there to renew my contract, but the owner tried to squeeze more profit out of me by mentioning that I had to sign for a longer plan...
Negotiation did not work, and I know that I was reasonable.

Beware: you won't get your membership card until you go through a _mandatory_ 1 hour physical checkup which is more of a up selling session to sign up for their personal trainers. Until then, you have to leave your ID at the desk... have not seen this at other gyms I have been so far.

If management would do a better job, this place would easily double their enrollment, as their location and facility is quite excellent.

8/10 7.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/10

Reviewer: mike

Great gym! I agree that the manager can be tough at times, but from experience, he's usually a prick to those gym patrons that are.. well 'pricks'. Its his house and he doesn't want members that are trouble and will ruin it for other people. That's not so bad is it? I've been a member since they first opened and have not had any problems. Good atmosphere and friendly staff. *Although the management can return calls more consistently and quicker that how it is being done now.

5/10 4.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/10

Reviewer: Tomasz Cichon

I do not like the general manager.

3/10 3.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/10

Reviewer: Marc

The Manager is extremely rude and seems incapable of doing his job in an appropriate manner. On serveral occasions he made me feel defensive about my questions and hung up on me when I was aking for information about my membership. I am cancelling my membership.

5/10 4.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/10

Reviewer: Clinton

The staff is very rude and completely lacks appropriate customer service etiquette. While the gym itself is pretty good (equipment and not too busy) the management has created a less than friendly atmosphere. This place needs to work on it's customer service (more like the management does)… rude

6/10 5.73/105.73/105.73/105.73/105.73/105.73/105.73/105.73/105.73/105.73/10

Reviewer: darka

I do not appreciate how the manager treated my spouse.
First of of all he lied about his blood pressure results and other things to try and sell him on his "personal trainer" services. He does not have the physique my husband wants for starters. I also came on a vistors pass one Saturday and found him to be very rude and arrogant. No wonder the gym is so dead. I work in a client centred environment and it only takes one customer with one bad experience to tell 20 other people and more about the bad experience they had.
At we thouoght Yonge St. Fitness was different until we had a few encounters with this guy.
Bottom line if they can't make money from you other than a membership-they will make your stay there difficult.

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