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Wynn Fitness
11160 Yonge Street, Richmond hill
Telephone: 9057870007

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Member Reviews

4/10 4.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/10

Reviewer: Jay

Date: 11/17/2013

Cost of membership: $40
Pros: Spacious, not cramped at all
Cons: Poor maintenance, very dirty, horrible staff, terrible management
Wow...I thought I had been a member at sh!tty gyms before, but this one is THE. WORST. GYM. EVER!!!!

There are really only 2 things that are positive about this horror of a fitness club there is a lot of space (its essentially 2 floors) and there is a fair amount of free parking.

The downside of this place take your pick, but it all starts with what must be the worst gym management in the GTA.

In the time I was a member there, let's see:

change room flooded multiple times
no hot water (!!!) multiple times. Is this even legal?
water fountain not working so often I stopped trying to use it
Leaks in the roof
Leaks in the roof caused by the a/c unit they removed but left a friggin hole in the roof for a few weeks !!!
staff who never showed up to open the place on time. This happened so often I stopped counting. No joke. Cars lined up to Yonge St waiting.
aggressive sales staff, and never ever trust these jokers with your credit card.
broken stair masters that went 8 weeks before being repaired (yes, I kept track)
broken treadmills that were NEVER repaired FFS!!!
broken cables...count on 2 + weeks for repair
so many weights left on the floor it was a joke. I'm surprised no one tripped and fell and hit their head
And just as my membership expired, they put up a WALL to separate part of the gym for the women only. Guess what almost no women ever used it. Apparently it has hot, musty, and stinky in there. But the rest of the gym was that much more crowded. Nice work geniuses!!!

I can't believe this place is still open.

5/10 5.13/105.13/105.13/105.13/105.13/105.13/105.13/105.13/105.13/105.13/10

Reviewer: frank

Date: 9/26/2013

I used to be a member of the Wynn in Richmond Hill. The gym itself wasn't bad, but a year after leaving there they started charging my credit card again, and they refuse to refund my money they want to give me a "one month credit" instead.

Do not trust these people with your credit card info.

5/10 4.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/10

Reviewer: John

Date: 7/15/2012

If you want a gym that lets broken equipment sit for weeks and weeks and weeks, then this is your place. The constant turnover is front desk staff, combined with the poor management, has turned what was once a good gym when it opened into the last place you should consider.

6/10 6.47/106.47/106.47/106.47/106.47/106.47/106.47/106.47/106.47/106.47/10

Reviewer: j j

Date: 9/13/2011

Cost of membership:$50.00
Pros: clean and new.
Cons:Aggressive sales staff.
Horrible Experience!!!!!!! Will never join a Wynn Fitness Again! My friend and I purchased a Groupon membership for 4 months. We were persuaded into purchasing the full year membership, given the option of opting out within 60 days. We decided we did not want to continue going to there so after emailing, calling and going to the gym on several occasions I finally tracked down the salesman who issued the memberships. He did not want to cancel our memberships and tried anything to keep us, even agreeing to make our memberships month to month (and all of this was written down on the contract). Finally I put my foot down and aggressively stated we wanted our contracts cancelled. He told us to have a work out and think about it, and if we felt the same he would cancel it no problem. After we finished working out, we returned to the membership office to cancel, and he was conveniently having a workout himself. So he sent his coworker to cancel it for us. Horrible!!!!! After his coworker (who was much nicer, but Iím sure was playing 'good cop') had us fill out the cancellation form and clearly state on it not to charge my credit card.
Not to my surprise, my credit card was charged! I phoned the club to deal with the matter, and the person in charge of dealing with memberships was conveniently not available to speak to me (after the receptionist asked what I was phoning about).
The best and my gym in the city is (and why): the facility and equipment are good, but the staff needs some training in customer service.

4/10 4.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/10

Reviewer: Tamar

Date: 7/5/2011

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why): Definitely not!! I cancelled my membership and was charged for 3 months after. They claimed I didn't cancel my membership, thank god I had my copy of the cancellation!!!!

9/10 8.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/10

Reviewer: Fedorg

Date: 5/16/2011

Cost of membership:$35/month
Pros:friendly members, good equipment, always fixed promptly if broken, good atmosphere, clean equipment
Cons:busy a few hours after highschools give out, slightly wet bathroom
Thoughts:I have been going here for a few months and im very happy with the gym and the people that are there and the results that i am getting its a great place to go and id recommend it to anyone
The best gym in the city is (and why):

8/10 7.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/107.53/10

Reviewer: John

Date: 8/29/2010

Good sized gym with relatively new equipment and very competitive pricing in comparison.

7/10 7.27/107.27/107.27/107.27/107.27/107.27/107.27/107.27/107.27/107.27/10

Reviewer: frank

Date: 7/9/2010

If you like towel snapping then this is the place for you! Very gay environment with creepy guys in locker room who pucker their lips as you walk by. We are creeped out by this!

6/10 6.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/10

Reviewer: huge guy

Date: 2/1/2010

I won't be rejoining after my membership expires because some of the staff members are creepy guys who skulk around the locker room. One guy is in there when I start my workout, and TWO HOURS later when I hit the steam room, he's still in there being creepy. Also, the change room is gross with pools of water all over the floor. The steam room is also full of pooled water, and since you're only allowed one towel, you have to sit bare ass in dirty water, and save your one towel for drying off later.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: sepideh

Date: 11/5/2008

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