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World Health Gym
, Calgary

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1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Valerie

Date: 3/7/2017

I signed up in Oct of 2016 at World Health on Macleod Trail in Calgary, with a personal trainer only to be told that he is leaving and I would be with another one (a terrible one at that). After only two sessions with him, I put my back out. I received a Doctor's note stating that I can no longer continue there. When I spoke to Steve (Fitness Manager), he told me that he had to go through his boss and then his boss had to go through his boss etc, in the meantime, they took another 1.5 months to finally decide that I could cancel...but in the meantime, they continued to charge my credit card $250 on a biweekly basis. Steve told me that they had a big launch and other things took to the back burner because of it...which included me. When I finally sat down with Andres, the Manager, in Feb 2017, I had to explain everything, that just told me that he was never even informed of the situation. He then told me that I was out of luck and that I would not get any type of refund whatsoever.
Steve then told me to think about whether I wanted to come back and use the training sessions that I was roped into paying. However, forgot to mention that I would be charged another $30 on my credit card...after I was told that nothing else would be charged. Then I get another charge of $483 on my card and was told that the amount will be's been almost a month and no refund as of yet. And last...but not least...when I went in yesterday to sign the cancelation papers, they actually had the nerve to ask me for another $100 cancellation fee....seriously?????? I told them, that's not happening.....but I'm sure I will have yet another charge on my credit card without authorization.
Do yourself a favour, do not go to this gym or any WH for that're far better off sticking with something like the YMCA or The Trico Centre where you are valued as a customer and as a person.
WH's only focus is money...they really don't care about you or your's all about the bottom line.
OH....I was even hungup on by head office when I called them to see what was happening. The guy was extremely rude and curt with me and then just hung up. What kind of corporation does that??????
I will be seeing a Lawyer next week. This is going to court!!!!
I signed my cancellation papers last week and they still charged me another $30 yesterday on my credit card. Plus now they want a cancellation fee of $100. These guys are thieves and are relentless. They have no care for any of their customers.

3/10 2.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/10

Reviewer: Deb

Date: 2/28/2017

Severely outdated equipment
Very poor customer service
Money scam – they will do everything in their power to screw you over
Hidden charges
You have to stand in line to wait for water, as the machine takes forever for some reason.
$15 dropin fee? Seriously? Maybe for a gym that has something to offer, but that’s definitely not his one.
Do not go here; you WILL be screwed over in some way.

4/10 4.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/10

Reviewer: GV

Date: 1/15/2017

The World Heath Gym is the worst. I was over billed. Other gyms offer more for less.

4/10 4/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/10

Reviewer: jessie

Date: 6/18/2016

Don't sign up with this company. They are you're typical screw you over where ever possible company. After having my contract was terminated and making what was suppose to be my last payment with world health, they continued to charge me even after my one year obligation with them was over, and I had been assured that I would not be charged.
Hell to the no.

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Brianna R Killingbeck

Date: 6/26/2015

An update on my situation with North Hill World Health.

Yesterday I was finally able to buy groceries for the first time in 6 WEEKS because of their scam. Hope you guys are being well fed with my hard earned money by the way.

The general manager Trevor, decided that he would go an harass the managers at MY WORKPLACE a few days after I posted the first review on Yelp.
Clearly he like it so much that he wants another one from me :)

I was told by THREE managers that they were all contacted by Trevor numerous times regarding my review. I was told that there were several phone calls to my work, at least one email, and two of managers were cornered in person by him. He complained that I shouldn't be able to voice an honest (aka. a "bad") review because we both worked in the same mall, and that there should be a policy against that. (Even though he treated me like garbage, of course.)


This "general manager" is unprofessional, rude, CRAZY, and needs to be FIRED!

3/10 3.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/10

Reviewer: Brianna R Killingbeck

Date: 5/29/2015

A WARNING to all of those currently a member of, or thinking of joining World Health gym:

World Health at North Hill makes their money by scamming young adults (a.k.a. waitresses who are paid less than minimum wage) and tricking/pressuring them into misleading contracts that they do not fully explain.

I am an 18yearold waitress and I have never signed a gym contract in my life, which is something I emphasized prior to signing up. Without a trace of compassion, empathy, or conscience for what they were doing. I was faced with extreme pressure to sign a 12 month contract. Worst mistake I have ever made.

I asked before and during my training, four separate times (each different staff members) if:
1. There were any costs I did not know about.
2. If I would have to pay a large sum of money if I finished all of my training sessions, but had to leave before the year was up.
3. If I had to pay a large sum of money if I did not finish my training sessions at all.

The answers to the following questions were NO, every single time. The staff had evaded my questions for obvious reasons; had they been truthful or at least clear and concise with their answers, I would have never put myself in this situation.
I made it extremely clear before I officially signed up for training, that I could not afford more than what I was paying per month (a ridiculous $130.) I asked once again, that if I left early but finished my set amount of training sessions, would I be charged when I cancelled my contract? My personal trainer told me NO, so I felt assured and agreed to begin training.

I am now faced with a very sudden and unexpected move back to Ontario, and I tried to cancel my contract; thus I discovered the absurd $600 they are charging me before I am allowed to cancel.

I tried to discuss this matter with the general manager of North Hill World Health, Trevor Portsmouth. I don't think I have EVER met a more unprofessional and disrespectful general manager. Trevor was DISGUSTINGLY rude to me, from the second he met me; I tried to remain pleasant but I refused to put up with his arrogant and demeaning attitude. I asked the reception if I was able to speak to a manager for a quick few minutes, because I had to get back to work. Out comes Trevor who immediately begins to tell me in a condescending manner, that he doesn't have time for me, that he has "time sensitive" projects, and essentially that I was at fault for interrupting that.
He told me he would make an appointment with me and I had no problem with that; however I told him I needed a question answered before I could book the appointment with him.

As I am trying to ask (for the FIFTH time) if I had to pay an extra sum of money if I did not finish my 9 training sessions. If so I would continue going to the gym, but if not I would cancel my last four; I made this question very clear to him but he acted bewildered and told me he didn't know the answer because he did not know what my contract consisted of (shouldn't the general manager know this simple question?)
I was persistent with the same question, and tried to tell him once again that I needed to know that moment, before I could book the appointment; he continuously interrupted me by saying he didn't have time for me, and that he had projects to finish by 5:00. He then went on to say that he had to meet his grandfather in the hospital, and that I "obviously didn't care" and that it "meant nothing to me" because I was apparently still taking up 5 minutes of his precious time. He said he "might as well call his grandfather and tell him he can't come" implying that it would be my fault that he couldn't go.

Trevor Portsmouth makes it very obvious that his customers are the dirt under his fingernails, and the staff will do anything they can to suck money out of you.

Yes I did sign the contract, and yes I learned my lesson. I also know of 5 coworkers who are victims of your system, which only fuels my belief you are doing something very wrong. I haven't been able to buy groceries for two weeks to begin with, and now because of world health, I will now be going hungry for an entire month. Not only that, but I am also out $600 to pay for my move across the country. Congratulations World Health! You win! I wish you all the best in keeping your gym running by scamming kids who cant afford it.

Ps. Knowing a member of the family is sick can be difficult, I for one can understand, having just lost my aunt last month. I am also currently struggling with a sick grandparent , but that does not, and will not change the way I choose to treat others (especially in a professional environment.)
I truly wish I had the luxury of visiting my sick family members, like yourself.

I took hours of my own day, and spent hundreds of dollars to come to World Health gym; all I asked for in return was 5 minutes of your time.

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Robert

Date: 3/13/2015

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why):

4/10 4.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/10

Reviewer: Bhupinder

Date: 1/12/2015

By any means I have nothing against any of the gym facilities. Everything is available for basic to advanced training.

However, When I got this membership, I specifically asked the staff who's working there in Sunridge that I need a membership which I can withdraw any time with no dues pending (monthly payment) because I do not get enough time from office to come regularly and also I might move to some other place later, however, even though my request for a no contract membership, she set me up with 12 months contract.

I've moved to Southwest now and do not get enough time as I mentioned before. So, now if I want to withdraw Worldhealth say that I have to pay more than $150 to cancel it.

I'm quite disappointed as I'm paying money for no services every month or I come once or twice a month because of the fact that I'm actually paying; because of one single false statement at the time when I got this membership.

The frustrating part is that they send me an email saying "We missed you" every next week.

Man! I'm just waiting for the time when they actually stop charging my credit card.

2/10 1.53/101.53/101.53/101.53/101.53/101.53/101.53/101.53/101.53/101.53/10

Reviewer: Umar

Date: 8/14/2014

Cost of membership:64+gst and hidden charges
Pros: none
Cons:too many, hidden charges,
Scams, do not signup here. they make much of their money from scamming people. their reps are smooth talkers and liars. they have their own collections department, don't be fooled, the collection agency wont accept their scam contract. talk to a lawyer before you do anything, he'll tell you.
and they cover all equipment fees etc. with other charges and charge gym fee on top of that.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

1/10 1.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/10

Reviewer: Cora Banks

Date: 8/9/2013

This is a total scam, BEWARE!! They lie to get you to sign up I was told I could cancel anytime with 30 days notice and that is NOT TRUE. There is a reason that the fint print on their contracts is too small to see I signed up with my son and they put him under me for monthly gym fees. Now he ordered personal training, and they are charging me for that too, even though I did not authorize it! They basically told me whatever he charges all year is on me, no choice. This can't be legal! When I called they said they would call me back, but instead I just received a new invoice for double the original amount. RUDE and EVASIVE HEAD OFFICE STAFF.

10/10 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10

Reviewer: T. Ann

Date: 10/24/2012

The Kids Club staff at this club are friendly and go above and beyond to make our visit great. In particular, the group fitness classes and trainers are excellent and have helped me to overcome health challenges and have fun while doing it. The cost for membership, personal training and childcare is more than reasonable for the terrific service we receive.

1/10 1.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/10

Reviewer: sophia

Date: 5/5/2011

Cost of membership:
Cons:Membership lock in Scam! When I joined World Health I specifically asked what their cancelation policy was, 30 days notice I was told. I would never have locked myself into a contract that I couldn't cancel before getting a feel for whether I liked the gym or not. I decided I did not like it, the club was old and dirty (the richmond location) with hardly any classes as I had been promised. When I went to cancel the membership I was told I had to wait until the term was up and then give 30 days notice! I have talked to managers and supervisors about this and I was treated rudely each time. World health say whatever it takes to get a contract signed and then couldn't care less once they have you locked. I would give this no stars if I had the option. There are many gyms out there that do care and really if World Health have to rely on scamming people to stay it doesn't say much about the facility. Very very disappointed.

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