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Vaughan Weston/7 Goodlife Fitness Club
57 Northview Blvd., Vaughan
Telephone: (905) 265-1188

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The average is score is 7.33
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The average is score is 6.67
The average is score is 4.67
The average is score is 5.67
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The average is score is 3.33
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Member Reviews

9/10 9/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/109/10

Reviewer: jen v

Date: 10/26/2011

Cost of membership:50
Pros:service, classes, free weights
Thoughts: new management has really stepped it up. been a member since it opened almost 3 yrs back.

The best gym in the city is (and why):
goodlife. theyre everywhere lol

4/10 3.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/10

Reviewer: DeeDee

Date: 8/5/2011

Cost of membership:
$65 for single location: $75 for multiple locations: Towel service is an extra charge ($5 I think).

Absolutely fantastic Online New Letters
No Pro's for this site.

WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!! $780 to $900 a year is ridiculous! Atrocious!

As soon as I walked in, I felt like I was in a dark basement. It's obvious there was little to no money spent on decor.
I just walked in and asked if anyone was available to speak with about their services and membership. The woman behind the counter said she would help, but another younger female said she would do it as the first lady was needed for something. I was asked to wait a few minutes. No problem.
The furniture is this disgusting, dirty looking black leather. There was nothing comfortable, warm, or professional about it. Again, little to no money spent on the decor.
Twenty minutes later, as I was about to leave, the young lady finally comes to address me. Although she was apologetic, there was no excuse for keeping anyone waiting for that long. I told her very clearly that I have experience working out properly with the weights and machine, I've taken classes so I know what they're about, and that I was simply looking to join a gym and do my own thing: no PTs, no special classes, just me doing my thing. But that didn't stop her from asking dozens of questions on why I wanted to work out and how I want to work out and what made me look into their gym, and then telling me about their classes and their PT services. I even told her I understood how the PT services work they're the same at all the gyms and that there was no possible way that I was going to pay for a PT. What? Another $75 to $85 dollars for an hour's worth of training with someone that just graduated and keeps looking around the gym checking out all the hotties? No thanks. I've educated myself well on the proper techniques, and if I need to speak to a PT at any point in time, I'll make the arrangements then. Still, the shpeal went on. Definitely no respect for the client. It's all about the money they can bring in, not giving the client what they want.
Colossal waste of time. They gym looks like a dive, the staff look uninterested, and the vibe is ... well, there is no vibe.
I didn't join. Did even take advantage of the one day free pass. Major turn off.

5/10 5.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/10

Reviewer: Mark C

Date: 7/11/2011

They always blast this terrible lowIQ audio noise at levels higher than a personal audio player can compensate for. The garbage that they play can ruin a workout. I tried several other goodlifes and same nonsense. I grew weary of complaining about it so I cancelled my membership.

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