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The pavilion
Racco Blvd, Thornhill

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Member Reviews

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Angry

Date: 2/13/2014

Cost of membership:
Pros:Nothing about this place
Cons:This is the worst gym DO NOT GO HERE!!! I paid in full for my membership via a cheque 12 months later my account was dinged $79.95 yet i never gave them a void cheque. After speaking to accounting a NUMBER of times for the passed 6 MONTHS and being promised a refund i still have not received it. The accounting manager, jennifer, refuses to come out and speak to me, instead you have to play telephone tag through the girls working in the office who at the end of the day have no say in anything.With respect to the previous comment...YES... anyone with any say in anything just hides in the back and refuses to speak with you... if you go up stairs to speak with someone literally ALL the staff are hanging out in the big sales office no body works here probably because all there bosses hide behind the door in the back!!
The best gym in the city is (and why): NOT THIS ONE

1/10 1.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/101.47/10

Reviewer: Mike

Date: 1/7/2014

Cost of membership:
Pros: The Staff you see
Cons: The staff that hide in the back
Thoughts: I feel bad for the staff that need to deal with all the customer complaints because they can only repeat what they are told. Its sad that none of the staff that can make decisions are willing to come out and talk to customers or return calls or emails. Its a terrible way to do business. I have been waiting 3 months for a refund that I was told I would get in two weeks
The best gym in the city is (and why):

3/10 3.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/10

Reviewer: mom

Date: 8/4/2013

Cost of membership:
Cons:Kidz Klub camp
The best gym in the city is (and why):

4/10 3.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/10

Reviewer: Naomi

Date: 7/31/2013

Cost of membership: 120.00(ish)for 2 from same household
Pros: Nice equipment, friendly trainers
Cons: too many to type
Thoughts: When I first joined I was very happy. They have new equipment and its some what clean..BUT soon after joining they started charging me ridiculous amounts of money (May $350, June $275 and so on) . They were also charging me later than they were suppose to (instead of on the 1st it was done on the 15th). They are very disorganized, and have terrible customer service. It is now July and ask me if they have given my money back, returned my calls, or have given me an answer to what will be done to my account..NOPE!!. When I go in and ask what is going on, they have excuses after excuses. My favorite line is "I will call you in a couple days". A couple of days has turned into 3 months! The sales department/trainers are the only ones that know how to do their job. The general manager is a joke and accounting department is useless. I know of other gyms that "accidentally" charge over what they are suppose to, but they have always dealt with it right away. I think it is a shame that a gym that offers nice equipment doesn't give a **** about their customers and the potential future clients they can have. Why spend so much money into your gym when you dont treat your customers with the respect they deserve? And why, we as customers, would give them our money month after month, year after year, when they don't give a crap? Because going in, we think that the contract we just signed would be upheld on their end. But this isn't so at Pavillion. They expect you to pay, but they can charge whatever they want whenever they want regardless of what it says on contract. I am writing this because not only am I FRUSTRATED but if someone had told me this before joining I would've gone somewhere else since gyms are practically at every corner. So new joiners..DONT SIGN UP!

The best gym in the city is (and why):

6/10 6.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/10

Reviewer: 50/50

Date: 2/10/2013

Cost of membership: $59.95 / month
Pros: sales staff, kids club staff, personal training staff, big parking lot, always clean, cleaning staff always on the clock,
Cons: Receptionist, Coustomer service staff
Thoughts: I love how the sales staff are not pushy like other gyms, you dont feel preasured to buy with them or like you are being scammed, the kids club has a great program for the kids they dont only have a daycare area for the children they also offer programs and camps. I like this concept as we can go to the gym as a family. The girls running the kids club are also very friendly and organized. It is rare to find a gym that is always clean, the pavilion always has cleaning staff on the clock so if something is wrong it is fixed right away. Past gyms I have been to have cleaning staff schedule only certain hours out of the day which allows the garbages to overflow.

On the other hand i think the receptionist & coustomer service staff bring down the facility. The receptionist are always on their phones, reading books, talking to friends behind the desk so they never great you. It is not a welcoming atmosphere. The receptionist were much better when they had a head receptionist who set i guess "rules" for the staff but since she left its clearly not being managed. The coustomer service girl is also very immature ...everytime you need to speak to coustomer service they are closed
The best gym in the city is (and why):

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: annie wilson

Date: 1/29/2013

Cost of membership: you pay for what you get
Pros: great facility
The best gym in the city is (and why): THE PAVILION
i have been with this facility for 4 years and have nothing but good things to say. You treat people the way you want to be treated. I have never had any issues with staff or the facility. PEDRO your classes are amazing! Paul pt manager thx for everything you have done for me over the past 4 years.

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: mom

Date: 1/20/2013

Cost of camp: $150
Pros: swimming, rock climbing, skating available
Cons: no security, filthy facility, rude staff especially customer service
Thoughts:No security at all for the kids at the kidzklub camp. Anyone can come take any child home without any form of ID or permission from the parent. Management refusing to refund money after my child didn't attend due to this security issue. I made an honest review on facebook and was verbally attacked by the camp director, as well as three fake accounts that were created by her to promote the camp.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Zach

Date: 6/4/2012

Cost of membership: $70
Cons: Staff, customer service
Thoughts: They are extremely fake and nice to get your business, but after that they don't care about you. They have charged me for something I have alreaady paid for, and are threatening to attack my credit if I don't pay. Some staff have told me the managers have talked about my account and admitted that I was right, but refuse to do anything about it out for spite. Many of my friends have stories of them continuing to charge them after their membership has expired and other horror stories. I couldn't more strongly suggest going to another gym and saving yourself the hassle here.
The best gym in the city is (and why): NOT THIS ONE

4/10 3.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/10

Reviewer: Neil

Date: 9/23/2011

Cost of membership:$85
Pros:Basketball Court
Cons:Every Staff Member
Thoughts:Manager Staff is rude and mislead to get your money. Pure Scammers
The best gym in the city is (and why): Goodlife

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: John

Date: 11/24/2010

This place wanted 90 bucks per month for my GF to join. I could not believe my ears when I heard that. It seems that they like to over charge aka ripoff people because it is located in a predomanitely Jewish area of Thornhill so they think Jewish = $$$. It is a scam here folks. Take it from me as I have been to 4 different gyms since 1994 and I have not paid more than 3040 bucks a month (understanding that rates do go up but not over dramatically like what this dump likes to charge). You should not be paying more than 4050 dollars per month for a gym membership and that is in a good high end gym like Golds / Powerhouse or Fitness 365 aka Monster Gym. Plain & simple.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Maria

Date: 9/6/2010

Rudest receptionists/customer service I have ever come across, which is a contributing factor for why Iím leaving this gym. There were NO resistance bands and they charged you for the use of certain equipment that I believe should have come with the membership. This was all very disappointing considering the whopping 85 dollars a month I was paying for the membership. I will never resume membership, nor will I ever recommend this gym to anyone. Please avoid this gym at all costs.

4/10 3.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/10

Reviewer: ripped off

Date: 9/2/2010

customer service is really bad. They try very hard to steal your money. They charged me extra month after my contract expired and did not reimburse me. Accounting manager never answered the call and made different story everytime. they are full of shit!!!

2/10 2/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/10

Reviewer: Eyal

Date: 4/4/2010

they are sooo rude
i had so many problems and there was nobody i could speak with
DO NOT sign up to this place !

4/10 4.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/10

Reviewer: Rick

Date: 3/8/2010

Employees in the office are rude, and clearly favour people. Atmosphere is extremely snobbish, and to top it off the pavilion is way too much money for nothing

4/10 4.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/10

Reviewer: Mike

Date: 1/16/2010

This place is a joke! They must be almost bankrupt because they STOLE over $600 off my girlfriend's credit card and after 8 months of battling for it, they said that it was impossible to give it back. No services were rendered, they just stole it! I have had 2 previous memberships at other gyms and an annual membership means one year. At this place they DO NOT call you to let you know that you have to come in physically and cancel 30 days before your year is up. If you don't, it's about a $100 fee! This place is the biggest scam. If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit I would love to hear back from you.

4/10 4.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/10


Date: 10/20/2009

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Jason

Date: 10/13/2009

bad service.The pavillion thornhill is a scam.

10/10 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10

Reviewer: ilina

Date: 9/5/2009

I have been a member at this club for 3 years now. Yes, there were some minor problems in the past with the parking lot and some staff, but it couldn't be better now!! I love coming here and I bring my 2 kids. The parking lot wasrecently fix and it is so smooth to dive on. All the staff in the sales office and the accouting office are so friendly and always smile and are helpful to me. When I go away sometime with my kids, they can't wait to come back. I used to belong to other clubs and they were always dirty and smelly in the changerooms and I really like using all that the pavilion has to offer! I recommend this place to everyone.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Jay

Date: 8/10/2009

The Pavilion is a good gym for the price, completely worth it. The sales staff is very kind and friendly, and not pushy what so ever. The accounting department on the other hand is a total scam and who ever is in charge of it clearly is incompetent and should go to school and learn how to manage it properly. my money has been stollen by that Jennifer kid. Shes the accounting manager and has her little girlfriends working for her. The gym needs to find someone new to reestablish a good reputation. Nevermind The Pavilion though, if you like sports bars JJ's (next door) is DEFINITELY a GREAT place to be. Recently I was there on a Saturday night to watch a UFC fight. I could not have had a better time. Great drinks, food, service, and management. I highly recommend trying it out you wont regret it.

4/10 4.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/10

Reviewer: J H

Date: 8/4/2009

Terrible! No services what so ever. The management just tries to cut back on expenses: turning off lights, renting out space, reserving more equipment for personal training. Recently a person got his feet cut because the glass door of the shower collapsed. Only hot water available from some taps. Staff don't keep their promises. Very disappointing. I recently decided to get my own equipment instead of paying them $80 each month. Not worth the money!

5/10 4.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/10


Date: 5/5/2009

great trainer...freindly people...amangement and admin staff absolute disaster. NEVER stick to their word. Theives through and through and I put up with it for 4 years before cancelling!

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: t

Date: 4/21/2009


4/10 3.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/10

Reviewer: Jenna

Date: 2/10/2009

1. all the good trainers have left the gym since inception, and only the cheap and amateur instructors teach the fewer classes that remain; 2. lack of resistance bands and equipment for regular paying patrons, you will have to pay extra to use certain equipment; 3. gouging clients by sneaking a $25 admin fee after they continually mischarge credit cards on file; 3a. their accounting department will not return calls, and is extremely argumentative upon requesting adjustments; 4. membership is whopping over $70 with tax; 5. potholes in parking are terrible and can damage your vehicle suspension; 6. management is hard selling personal training services by imposing health fears;

Terrible. Avoid the gym.

6/10 6.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/10

Reviewer: Peter

Date: 1/11/2009

It is an expensive gym. They are constantly mis charging my VISA.

6/10 5.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/10

Reviewer: ann

Date: 1/8/2009

1. rude sales staff
2. lots of classes have been cut as personal training overshadows any kind of free programs, such as aerobic cardio classes.
3. expensive membership, as anything below $60/month is out of the question

7/10 7.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/10

Reviewer: Mike

Date: 5/30/2008

When the gym first opened, service was excellent, operated 24/7, pool opened till 12, parking always available, parking lot in great shape. With time the management is doing everything possible to cut back on costs. pool opened till 10:00PM, Gym is no longer 24/7, parking is full, must park on the curb of the street quite frequently, and the shape of the parking lot is just horrible (recently improved, but still not great. Pot holes were so big that i thought my car broke.

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