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The Fitness Center (Formerly Ultra Fitness)
32 Colville Road, North York
Telephone: 416-913-9033

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Reviewer: Jarid

Date: 2/26/2015

Cost of membership: ~350/yr, Shady and rundown place, rudest customer service. Not worth the price!
Pros: Empty
Cons: The machines are old, the place is far from clean or nice, people do not wipe the equipment after they use it, the locker rooms are disgusting and worst of all the customer service is HORRIBLE. Owner is a bully, intimidated and threatened me. VERY SHADY PLACE, avoid it I'm never going there again.

Thoughts: The worst gym in the city is Fitness Center on 32 Colville Road, ON (and why):

I signed up because of the low prices, close to my house and because I only use the treadmill, which suited my needs. However, no matter if they gym is fancy/exclusive or modest, the customer needs to be treated with respect and courtesy, as any person deserves it. The owner, Mike Jackson, yelled, threatened and intimidated me and used very aggressive words and body language (pointing his index finger, close to my face). I could only tell him to calm down twice because he would not let me talk and at one point I had to ask him to stop spitting in my face while talking! (yes he was that close!). He went as far as to say "You don't want to mess with me, you don't know what I'm capable of". It was humiliating and way out of line, a bully who only relies on fear and intimidation unfortunately. I honestly don't know what he is taking, steroids maybe, no idea, but I found it awfully disrespectful. Although I agree with the previous comment about notwomen friendly at all, this just indicates that this person is just plain aggressive and a bully.

Point of the story is, I do not recommend this gym to anyone. I regret going to him and giving him access to my personal information. I believe if you sign up for a service and provide your details there is a level of trust and decency the business owner should maintain and not intimidate or threaten you. However, that was not the case.

I will look for a decent gym with respectful customer service, this gym is not worth the price!

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