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Steve Nash Sports Club
610 Granville St., Vancouver
Telephone: 604.682.5213

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Results based on 15 votes. Overall Average Rating of: 6.19/10
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The average is score is 7.93
The average is score is 7
The average is score is 7.4
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The average is score is 6.6
The average is score is 7.4
The average is score is 6.67
The average is score is 2.6
The average is score is 6.8
The average is score is 6
The average is score is 7.33
The average is score is 4.93
The average is score is 6.73
The average is score is 4.73
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Member Reviews

2/10 2.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/10

Reviewer: Megan

Date: 3/8/2016

Cost of membership:is too high especially for long term members
Pros:it opens early during the week (as long as staff shows up to open the gym)
Cons:It should remain a sports club and not be affiliated with the Fitness Worlds. Ever since they bought Fitness Worlds the sports club has gone down hill.
Thoughts:Hire people who know how to run a business instead of people who don't. The old GM didn't care and the new one seems to be following the lead of the old one.
The best gym in the city is (and why): It's not the best gym in the city.

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Steven Nash

Date: 12/24/2013

Cost of membership: $60+/month
Pros: nice equipment
Cons: poor staff, all the good employees seem to be gone, waay overpriced, no parking, get hassled about PT every time you're in there, changerooms are swapped around every day and sometimes there is a coed changeroom
Thoughts: save some money and find a different gym for a better price
The best gym in the city is (and why):

6/10 5.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/10

Reviewer: ben

Date: 8/11/2013

Cost of membership: over priced membership prices
Pros:good gym and equipment
Cons: very poorly designed changing rooms and showers, its a shame they didn't size the changing rooms, locker numbers to accomadate such a large gym. you cant work out at lunch as it takes 20 mins to find a locker and 30 mins to get showered and changed.
Thoughts: im about to cancel
The best gym in the city is (and why): sorry no

8/10 8.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/10

Reviewer: james bond

Date: 3/2/2012

To be 100% honest The is the best gym in the city still!!! People stop complainingwhere else is there a gym that is 40,000 sq feet that offers towel service electronic lockers and private showers with great looking people for consistent motivation? Sure this gym gets busy but have you been to the YMCA or the YW or some other local gym which is too small and claustrophobic like 24 fitness in Yaletown. I have friend that used to work there at the end of the END of the day this place is a business not a public facility dont get offended by that. Every business has quota's how put your self in a business makers shoes!!! Walmart is the same thing some days there are sales and some days there are notwhat people don't realize is that People that there is no flat rate because everyone qualifies for a different type of membership. Some students some who work for corporate some who want to be on a contract some that don't some that can afford to pay the whole year and some that pay one month. A business like Steve Nash will want to keep you as a member so the longer you are committed the better the incentive you will receive. If you stay one Month then of course its going to be expensive***The Sales staff in most cases are %100 honest in most cases since they need you to come back to them why would they screw you over if they would like you to return to them. They consistently same staff people>>>I have known the Manager and the general manager and some sales staff for over 2 and half years and its all about what you can do for them also if you would like a discount ASK FOR IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD***YOU DONT KNOW IF YOU DONT ASK*** THEY HAVE RETAIL RATES AND ANY BUSINESS WILL CHARGE REGULAR RETAIL IF DONT QUESTION THE REGULAR PRICE!!! DONT WALK OUT AND START ASKING OTHER PEOPLE WHAT THEY ARE PAYING BECAUSE THEY MOST LIKELY COULD OF CHOSEN A DIFFERENT PAYMENT PLAN AND COULD OF JOINED ON PRESALE DATES. and if want buy anything anyways its always better to buy a the end of the month anyways because that when month end reports are in**DUHHHH****Some people can be quite stupid when it comes to business that why they remain the working classstart thinking bigThink out side the box people*** the staff cant read your mind people**

7/10 6.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/10

Reviewer: G.

Date: 4/6/2011

Cost of membership:Expensive for no parking and Location
The best gym in the city is (and why): It is the best Gym in vancouver,downtown in size,very good light,needs more bench's a ladys gym?standing calve. machine,Trow machine,alittle more focus on martial arts club,friendly sales reps offers good cash deals,good cranked up muscle around.good bodybuilders,no powerlifters or Olympic lifters.

5/10 5.33/105.33/105.33/105.33/105.33/105.33/105.33/105.33/105.33/105.33/10

Reviewer: steve

Date: 11/25/2010

I renew my pricey membership because they have equipment that nobody else has. Towel service is first class.

Positives: weight machines are excellent, chest press area, towel service, gym temperature, always look forward to my workout

Negatives: dumbbell area always crowded, staff not particularly friendly (guess it depends on who you are), background music is too low and bland

Positives outweigh the negatives

8/10 8.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/10

Reviewer: Paul

Date: 10/12/2010

6/10 6.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/10


Date: 5/5/2010

6/10 5.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/105.6/10

Reviewer: MinniG

Date: 4/7/2010

The price varies from club to club by a large amount. The granville location charged me $75 a month, but when i went to the scott road location in surrey it was $35 a month, and when I said i'd think about it he told me that they had a promotion that expired THAT DAY and if I didnt sign up that day it was a $149 sign up fee. The whole thing just felt like a big sales pitch and different ways to take my money. He offered person trainer packages when I clearly said that I wasn't interested in spending that much more ontop of the monthly fee.
My friend had also gone in to use a week free pass, but instead of honoring that they gave her the same sales pitch and she ended up leaving 15 minutes later and never went back. When asked about the free pass that she had, she was told that it wasn't valid.
The downtown location is a pretty trendy place full of good both looking and stuck up people, but if you're there to get your workout in and go on with your life you can definatly find a cheaper gym.

6/10 5.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/10

Reviewer: Don

Date: 3/20/2010

Steve Nash is a good gym but after a years membership I am looking for a new gym. Previous reviewer mentioned the inconsistent rates and customer service. This is a very accurate rating. New fitness world members are offered $59 a month on a 2 year contract, but if you ask the sales staff you will get told $69+ sign up fees. I ended up asking two fitness world members at two different fitness worlds to validate this information.
The staff are quite clueless, which is common in gyms. All queries are directed at the general manager but he NEVER responds to any emails / phone calls. Asking to speak with him in person, and he is never available. Over the year I have had 2 inquiries and 1 complaint. I have never received a response. The only response available from staff is to hand you the general managers card.
The gym is very busy. Getting a locker is difficult. The personal trainers often use up equipment at peak times. The stretching / abdomoninal area is unusually small for a gym this size. Overall after using the gym for a year, the design does not work well in practice and people are congested in the same areas, with large areas of unused space e.g. the weight machines on the upper level.
I have never seen any staff available for questions / keeping an eye on the gym floor. Personal trainers often don't clean up the 2/3 pieces of equipment they take over with their clients.
I did several session with their personal trainers, but ended up spending my money with a company who appreciated it. The personal training manager (old and new) are not customer focused and the trainers can act like children with their behaviour. It feels like this gym belongs to a high school with students running it.
I am seriously waiting / looking for a decent alternative, which would be worth spending the money on.

If you are signing up do NOT pay the initiation fee. Do not pay more than $59 a month.

6/10 6.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/10

Reviewer: De2

Date: 4/3/2009

The gym is very nice but the customer service is inconsistent. They charge different rates for each person depending on how desperate the sales person is that day to make a sale (the sales people are paid commission per sign up and have quotas). They tell different people different rates and then negotiate down to totally different prices yet again. For instance, I signed up awhile ago and they had told me a cost of $120 per month but gave me a discount down to $75 per month. During that same period I heard of people getting all the way down to $50 per month or as high as the full $120 per month. I heard from a trainer that Sundays are the best day to sign up because sales people are trying to hit their weekly quotas ;) I wanted to put a freeze on my account to save my rate because I was going away and they wanted to charge me $20 a month but my friend was able to do this free of charge. Even the GM denied me this and denied this was even possible when my friend got this a few days earlier. Very inconsistent. By the way, never pay their initiation fee, everyone gets it waived so if you paid it then you got screwed!

8/10 7.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/10

Reviewer: fred

Date: 2/6/2009

Very good facility!

7/10 7.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/10

Reviewer: Bob

This gym is probably the most expensive in the city. If you're looking to get a workout in with the best equipment possible you're in the right place but don't expect to get any deals. This gym is for the wealthy.

8/10 7.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/107.73/10

Reviewer: Suzanne

It's new, so we'll see how the cleanliness holds up over time. Very nice, very new, very clean, not too crowded. Like all of downtown Vancouver crap parking. Fairly highly sales oriented - can't look around without the sales pitch.

9/10 8.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/10

Reviewer: Myfit

After speaking with a representative from the Steve Nash Sports Club at 610 Granville St they have said that the facility will be a 5 Star fitness facility and contain: state of the art equipment, juice bar, sports shop, vancouver finest personal trainers, friendist staff you can find.

The sports club will also be built to a Green Building standard and have many different payment plans available for the general public.

The above ratings are not based on anything seen yet, please ignore them until after the facility has been built and we have properly evaluated them.

If you are interested in a membership contact Andrea at 604.682.5213 or drop by their showroom floor at 640 Granville St.

June 1st building date.

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