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Shapes Fitness Centers
1150 Nairn Avenue, Winnipeg
Telephone: 204-989-6680

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Member Reviews

4/10 3.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/10

Reviewer: ?k

Date: 8/14/2018

Cost of membership: Fair in comparison
Pros: Classes available, better than working out at home, there are a handful of pleasant girls at the front.
Cons: Unprofessional staff (manager) is constantly fooling around and flirting and touching the young trainer at the front reception desk. My information was entered incorrectly into their system multiple times (personal information and scheduling). There is clearly a revolving door with their staff, those who are nice turn bitter and clearly unhappy very quickly. Members are allowed to abuse equipment and drop weights, the pins in the weight machines are always missing and there are not enough of those clip on handles(?) available. Trainers do not have updated (or any) certification to train members (certification, cpr, sport history, constant updated learning, understanding in working with different types of people with inury or different levels of fitness or goals).
Thoughts: Staff need to be trained about appropriate front desk behavior, importance of proof reading, certification for trainers should be up on the walls, and there should be more variety of classes, as advertised in the book, available at the location and more convenient times for people who work fulltime. They had an excellent trainer with amazing work experience and interest in constant learning and personal updating, what an honour to have this person at such a small gym, but they fired him for taking holidays (likely it was because he didn't fool around like a clown at the front to impress the female staff.

I look forward to contacting head office to get out of my contract as this gym can no longer provide me with the trainer I need to help me reach my fitness goals, they also don't have values that I want to support or be apart of.

5/10 5.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/10

Reviewer: debbie

Date: 5/30/2018

Cost of membership: It is a scam they rush you to sign and don't tell you that you keep paying unless you go out of your way to go down and sign a cancelation when you sign up for a year and pay for it. It doesn't mean a year......I guess people don't resign for good reasons so they have to get their money elsewhere.
The best gym in the city is (and why): it is far from it, I have had memberships at other gyms and never had a problem. when you sign up for a sign up for a class. If you sign for a year, it means you sign for a year......not hard. WE NEED TO KEEP SPREADING THE WORD AND TELL PEOPLE NOT TO SIGN UP TO SHAPES

4/10 4.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/10

Reviewer: Laura Vanderzwan

Date: 2/12/2015

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why): is a total and complete scam! If you sign up for a specific period of time, Shapes continues to charge you after that period is up unless you physically go down and cancel. When the staff goes over the contract with you it's interesting how they strategically miss telling you that part. When I called head office to dispute the money taken from my account that I was unaware of for the past 11/5 years (aka stealing) they said too bad. It's in the contract. Should I have read it more closely? Absolutely. I unfortunately trusted the employees of this disgusting facility and then got reprimanded for not reading it on my own. Why don't you give us time to read it before pushing us to sign the contract? Why "go over" the contract with us if you are strategically leaving out such important information? At least own the fact that you are a malicious company that scams people out of their hard earned money. I think Shapes forgot what it's like to make an HONEST living. "It's in the contract" falls short as an excuse for the misleading information provided by their employees. Shapes/head office did absolutely nothing to help me and on top of it told me I still had to come down to cancel in person when I live over an hour out of the city. With enough arguing I was finally told I could mail in a letter. Again, why wouldn't you say that in the first place?? Did anyone at Shapes think to send their clients a letter or email stating their initial contract term was ending? It's interesting how they used to send you coupons in the mail or reminders to renew your membership when it came to term, yet no one thought to point out such a major change in their contract, especially to repeat customers. Completely evil business and even worse people who back up such immoral standards. Karma's a bitch.

5/10 5.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/10

Reviewer: joel

Date: 4/7/2012

Cost of membership:Fair
Pros:No frills, fairly rounded for muscle builders and classes for aerobics and cardio type training.
Cons:This gym called Shapes caused two NSF charges. One was a misunderstanding and I was told I would be okay putting my money in the bank the day of billing even while I had the money and could have put it in the bank if I was quick about it. The other time is a lot more serious seeing as how I was never told I had to give twoweek notice, though I asked from the start of my contract, and then I was told my account was frozen when it wasnt by the front desk and even head office didnt tell me it was too late after wednesday, when I had spoke to them earlier in the week. My situation was made clear to them that I didnt have the money and I was lied to by the front desk, head office literally makes it my word against theirs in ignorance of any facts on their part, and head office made no effort to assist me and explain the rules they try to later bind me by. While at Nairn, the Metis girl with glasses was making nasty faces and insisted on having a toxic and offensive attitude when I was there only to cancel. She at first wouldnt let me, then I said, Im not paying Im just cancelling, and she let me sign the form and then snidely said this is your notice of 30 days and you will have to pay us still. I made it clear once again theyre not getting squat and she kept taking everything personally. She tried forcing the gym contract upon me which I could care less about. She obviously knows I dont respect anything Shapes says or stands for. This is the same girl who said she wouldnt let me in if I didnt have my card once again before, and she simply didnt use the computer database correctly. Not to mention the new people at this location who dont make an effort to assist you, and the weights that never get put away, this gym is just a playground for thieves and those who want to wade through the bullshit to exercise.
Thoughts:Gyms like this arent making a killing by accident.
The best gym in the city is (and why): Not this one because it lacks control of membership and good policy practices. Id say the Y or Wellness in its own way.

6/10 5.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/10

Reviewer: sunfire

Date: 3/10/2011

Cost of membership: You will be paying LONG after you quit...and the aggrivation of dealing with these types of peopl is TOO HIGH a cost!!!
Cons:I joined for the lunch hour classes which were cancelled even though people were attending!! Also when I quit and was continually charged on my credit card. When you call the "head office" no one is EVER there to take the cal!!! I am filling a complaint with the BBB to get my money refunded.
The best gym in the city is (and why): DEFINITELY NOT SHAPES!!!! I would NEVER recommend it to ANYONE!!!

4/10 4.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/10

Reviewer: Annoyed

Date: 11/24/2010

I have been going to this gym for 5 years, I believe when shapes started it only offered woman's only memberships, now it seems they are all going coed. Shapes Narin location has offered woman's only services since it opened, now they have cut the size of the gym in half and NO longer offer woman's only section. The most frustrating part was that they did not tell their members, they claimed to be doing "renovations" and now that they are almost done and people can see the gym is now half the size they finally put up notices that this is now a coed Only gym and the floor plan shows how much smaller the gym is now. As someone who has been a female member for 5 years I feel lied to and cheated, I signed on here to use a woman's only facility, which they now no longer offer. My comfort level is gone to non existent and so has my patience. I really hope another gym opens in the area that offers woman's only otherwise I will be buying my own equipment and working out at home. I would NOT recommend shapes to anyone I know.

Also I gave parking a lower rating because the lot is always busy and very often cars are hit and damaged in the lot,

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