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Primier Fitness (formerly Curzons)
2121 Carling Avenue, Ottawa
Telephone: 613-725-1571

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The average is score is 5.56
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Member Reviews

3/10 3.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/10

Reviewer: Steve

Date: 9/20/2011

Cost of membership:Good, but considering facility is 40 years old, it should be better.
Pros:Lack of membership means equipment usually available.
Cons:Billed long after I gave notice. Years to upgrade facilities, time constantly cut short for trainer.
Thoughts:I have read that staff has changed. If so why did it take Premier Corp office 3 years to fix.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

3/10 2.87/102.87/102.87/102.87/102.87/102.87/102.87/102.87/102.87/102.87/10

Reviewer: Lauren

Date: 9/14/2011

Cost of membership: Cheap but all their services are low quality
Cons:unclean, poor equipment, loud, smelly, unfriendly
Thoughts:Had problems getting out, as staff refused to finish the agreement even when the time of the contract was over. They illegally kept credit my card information.
The best gym in the city is (and why): YMCA, they do something for the community and the fees are really low.

3/10 2.53/102.53/102.53/102.53/102.53/102.53/102.53/102.53/102.53/102.53/10

Reviewer: Matt

Date: 8/22/2011

Cost of membership:The cost is reasonable
Cons:Terrible equipment, things are always broken, zero management, personnel is under paid and therefore second rate.
Thoughts: This gym does not care one bit about its clients all it wants is your money and for you to give it up quietly. I used to work at this gym and I know full well what transpires there and how badly they treated me as well. My final thoughts is to go anywhere before trying this gym.
The best gym in the city is (and why): The best gym in the city is the Athletic Conditioning Center. They have the most up to date equipment and the best strength coaches in the business. If you are looking for results it is the place to be. Professional athletes and olympians train at this gym, enough said.

9/10 8.93/108.93/108.93/108.93/108.93/108.93/108.93/108.93/108.93/108.93/10

Reviewer: Jamie

Date: 2/18/2011

The little gym that can! That's the title this gym deserves. Ive been a member off Premier since 2007 and I've seen a lot of things happen here; the turn over of managements, the empty promises, the cleanliness, the rude staff & agressive etc.

But let me say, 2011 is certainly a new year for this Gym ever since the new staff and management took over in December. They are busy bee's who are constantly doing damage control while trying to put this place back on the map. Ever since they came, the Gym has made such a dramatic change; it's cleaner, more lively and upbeat that there positive attitude has begun rubbing off on members and there hasn't been a time where I don't see someone with a smile on there face when they talk with staff.

The staff are social, friendly & helping. Most of all, they actually care about there clients, from what I've seen.

This is the gym that has potential. Like what many have said here on the reviews I've gone over. Don't judge a book by it's cover and by what 'old' news has shared. I'd recommned giving this gym a try.

I've already gotten my boyfriend and mom to join and they don't have any complants at all1

Changes are happening. And i'm happy to see that this isn't an empty promise. :) <3

Jamie Michaels

9/10 9.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/10

Reviewer: Fadi

Date: 2/16/2011

I came to this Gym with a friend last month and I was really liked what I saw. The gym is small and private. Not to busy and none of those jokers who think there jacked walking around like they own the place.

Ive been to the Y and Goodlife, OAC and the times I usually go there around 4 or 5 its super busy that I have to weight for equipment but when I was here at Premier there was no waiting time and if there was... it only took a couple seconds.

The staff are pretty sick and don't have attitude. There down to earth and helpful. Even when I came in as a Guest, they were welcoming and one of them came onto the floor to see how I was doing and if i had questions.

The bathroom's are clean, and it's solid that they have a coed pool and jacuzzi to relax after a work out. The only downside is that there's two water fountains so you have to do some walking but whatever... it covers the break inbetween my set.

I came back in February to signup ... and being a student... there rate are affordable.. .they look scary at first but after you sing up and the amount of time you use it if your commited it works out in the end. And the staff were nice enough to hook me up with this thing they call asssesments every three months for free to make sure I'm still following my fitness goals.

Id suggest coming to this place and seeing what they got.. dont judge a book by it's cover.. or what people say about this place. This apparent new staff, be it true or not are legit!

9/10 8.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/10

Reviewer: Max

Date: 2/10/2011

Premier Fitness is a small and private gym. Yeah it's a basement gym, but this place packs a punch for its size. Ive read some old reviews left by people here and let me say there critism is some thing to be ignored for 2011. I recently signed up two weeks ago, and there's been nothing but positive comments that I have to share.

The gym is clean. The equipment, like any other gym is somewhat warn down but fairly new and well maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful and EVERYONE seems to have an athletic background as they are very knowledgable about workouts and the equipment whenever Ive asked for assistance. The bathroom for guys is clean and spacious and we have a lobby with leather chairs and a t.v for us to lounge in. Not to mention there's a fairly big coed pool and hottub that we're free to use whenever there isn't a class going on.

The gym never gets busy like those other big known gyms here on Ottawa *cough* YMCA *cough* goodlife. And I always find that there's no waiting time for cardio machines, especially considering the size of the facility.

I'd suggest for people to give this place a chance and get to meet the new staff and management that are working hard to turn this gym around.

Premier Fitness for the win!

9/10 9.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/109.4/10

Reviewer: Hunter

Date: 2/4/2011

There has been a lot of flag about Premier Fitness for quite some time now. And it's unfortunate that the media covers the bad news, but never the positive changes that happens following it.

I've been a member with Premier for quite some time. But late last December, there were some big changes within the management that I quickly noticed. Managers & staff were replaced!

And I must say within the last two months of them staying here, there has been several changes in the facility. Not just aestheticallly, but also the atmosphere.

The staff is kind, friendly and after awhile they begin knowing you by your first name. If you have questions or concerns, there more then happy to help. The staff knows what it means to work in a gym atmosphere and they have been doing there best to cater to everyones needs and making sure the transition between management goes smoothly.

Let me say within a short time, they've fixed the pool and hot tub. That now the hottub at times can be TOO hot :) the men's bathroom is prestine following the renovations and the women's from what i've been told is going to be going under the same phase this month!

I've gone and visited gyms time to gym to switch up the atmosphere, and the equipment is almost if not identical to what you find in other facilities. But what sets them apart?

With your membership. Premier the only gym I know gives you an Assessments every 12 weeks FOR FREE! That's an assessment with a Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist! And I know from experience that an asessment and a consultation with a personal trainer and nutrionist on average costs 120.00+ plus tax per session.

There many other things that are good about this gym. And hopefully, these negative comments about Premier Fitness here in Ottawa makes a substantial UTurn. Premier Fitness is certainly unlike any other club.

Unlike Goodlife you don't become just a number and forgotten. You become a part of a family that will help you achieve your goals. And they've helped me along the way!

3/10 3.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/10

Reviewer: Sara

Date: 11/9/2010

Wow where to start. I just did a 14day trial at this gym and I'm so glad I did a trial because I would never go there. Changerooms are dirty, a lot of renovation going on but has not been completed, hot tub is broken, 'heated' pool does not have the heat on, the yoga instructor and zumba instructor and the cleaning lady all quit while I did my trial and no showed to the classes, the water fountain was broken so they supplied us with 2 coolers that were always empty and out of water! 2/5 treadmills and 2/5 elipticals were broken, a lot of the headphone peices on other equipment were broken, the weight equipment is old and ripped and dirty, the club is the most expensive among YMCA, Gym Max, Goodlife, AOC, and City of Ottawa gyms, staff do not take complaints seriously, and do not fix problems.

9/10 9.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/109.13/10

Reviewer: Guy

Date: 5/6/2010

I love this gym. Pool, jaccuzi, wet sauna, spinning room, almost never wait for treadmills or any equipment. Nice renovated bathroom and chnge room with tiles. Even a tv room to watch the game. Mostly new equipment and a special area for weight training. A large stretching, wooden yoga and aerobic floor is available to all. Nicely located exercise equipment with indication on usage.

6/10 6.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/10

Reviewer: Hugh

Date: 3/31/2010

I am a member at a different Premier Facility, and found this one to be small, and the cardio machines to be lacking, but overall not too bad. I would hate to visit when it's busy though, I like to go to the gym for 4550 minutes, not 3 hours.

4/10 4.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/104.4/10

Reviewer: jason

Date: 2/11/2010

As plenty of people , have been writing about the same issue me and my partner are going through the same ideal.. they like to take money from peoples accounts without thinking they won't find out.. i called to speak to a manager and was told by numerous people that the manager was busy .. everytime they give me a different person as manager. The last and final time i called to speak to a manager i was told that the GManager was a women when this guy told me he was the GM. after another time i was told that that the GM is always too busy to help a customer in distress.. I find myself having to take legal action against them cuz EVERY manager is too busy to come to the phone and we are finding out that they are causing us financial issue with our bank.. STAY AWAY FROM THOSES CROOKS...

8/10 7.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/107.67/10

Reviewer: Chantale

Date: 1/30/2010

I am a new and proud PREMIER member. My daughter and her partner recently joined and they were so excited about this facility that it perked my curiosity to check out its membership services for myself.
After an hour of meeting with the Manager and staff of PREMIER, touring the gym, pool, locker room, reviewing a wellestablished yearly contract with an excellent payment plan, I immediately signed up.
Todate, I am completely satisfied with the excellence of service rendered by all the staff at Premier.
Other features that are outstanding at this fitness facility are: the wellmaintained pool with aquatic classes, whirlpool, sauna, 3 to 4 assessments offered to firsttime members which include a Fitness Assessment; Personalized Program; Nutrition Consultation; & Program Demonstration. Then the members have the option to hire a trainer to establish a training program with a professional at a reasonable rate for a chosen period of time.
This is a friendly gym where everyone knows your name (staff & members, vise versa). People of all ages are members too. On weekends members are permitted to bring a guest. The location of Premier is perfect for Carlingwood Mall has a variety of stores whereby a person can shop before or after working out. I would recommend this fitness club to anyone. Yes, the renovations are a minor nuisance for some people. But for people like me who really need to workout and destress, there are no excuses, but to enjoy the luxury of being fit and healthy!

7/10 7/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/10

Reviewer: Stephanie

Date: 12/2/2009

I recently signed up with Premier Fitness and must say I disagree with the comments I read. I admit I was never here before this month, and they are still doing renovations but they allowed me to see the progress as the mens changeroom is almost complete. (they let me in after close don;t worry) They actually had the pool area closed for a full week to empty and clean thouroughly. There is a new Manager and apparantly a huge turnover in staff and I have to say I think they're great. It was the people above all that made my decision to sign easy not to mention I got a great deal for me and my husband. I did go on here and almost never came in but it was closest to my house and glad I did.

2/10 1.87/101.87/101.87/101.87/101.87/101.87/101.87/101.87/101.87/101.87/10

Reviewer: Jack

Date: 7/3/2009

As another former employee, I completely agree with all of the other comments. If you want a clean club or one at which the staff cares about its empoyees or members, I'd strongly suggest looking elsewhere. This club used to be really great but over the past 23 years has really gone downhill this coupled with the neverending renovations makes for a very bad experience for anyone paying to go here. I only stayed for the members but eventually left becuase I couldn't accept the poor standards for the staff or members.

1/10 1.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/10

Reviewer: blake

Date: 6/29/2009

Blake:This gym will scam your bank account! Do not visit even as a guest or you may also get ripped off 5 years down the road as I am currently experiencing! A word of caution!

1/10 1.33/101.33/101.33/101.33/101.33/101.33/101.33/101.33/101.33/101.33/10

Reviewer: chris

Date: 6/29/2009

L. Hutchison:3/8/2009 Do NOT let Premier get ahold of your banking info, regardless of ease, instead if you MUST, pay cash outright. They will continue to draw from your bank account even with 'written' instructions and verbal confirmations to the contrary. Word to the Wise: The ONLY way to stop their automatic withdrawals is to incur bank charges and use STOP PAYMENTS to halt them. It was the ONLY way I was able to block their access.

2/10 1.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/10

Reviewer: colin

Date: 6/11/2009

save your money and time...the manager is a thief and the company double dips into your account...check it.

i'm a former personal trainer there, i know my stuff...worked with the ottawa sens...and i disliked al the managements rules, all they cared about was the money and not the clients....i doo for my clients...and always will...that's why i've gone solo and do personal training and massage on my own and train at studio's around membership fees and i'm more flexible for rates and all. come talk to i'm takin' on new clients all the time...i'll get you to your goals and i'll make it fun and light hearted me...don't sign up with this'll soon find them, at any given time, they're bein' sued for all kinds of fraud.

talk to me... i'm certified and like is i said, physio/rehab background too...take care.

3/10 2.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/10

Reviewer: MJ

This Gym hasn't been cleaned in the last 6 months, they got rid of kleenex's because they said they were too dirty, one shower hasn't been fixed in over a year, it smelly bad in the change rooms and the bathroom, the members are awesome, the personelle, is horrible except the poor ladies at the front desk, the manager has no client skills, his answer to any critism is "go somewhere else", the trainers don't know how to use the machines properly, and now, they are charging $2/towel no refund. Been a member for 10 years, time for a change to goodlife.

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