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Premier Fitness
1300 Bath Rd, Kingston
Telephone: 613 545-1787

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Member Reviews

5/10 5.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/10

Reviewer: Melissa Hudson

Date: 4/28/2010

Pool and hot tub often out of order. Shower heads and water pressure not reliable. Daycare is great. Classes and instructors are great. Generally run down, things do not get fixed quickly if ever. Only staying because I am paying $35/month and can't get a similar deal at the YMCA, and The Good Life Fitness near me does not have a pool.

5/10 5.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/10

Reviewer: James

Date: 11/22/2008

Similar facilities used:
Premier Fitness, Oshawa
Extreme Fitness, Whitby/Toronto
Platinum Fitness, Whitby
Goodlife Fitness, Oshawa/Kingston

A waste of time and money for serious trainees.

The Good:
Lots of cardio machines
Perpetually empty boxing gym with heavy/speed bags and a great boxing coach
Swimming pool

The bad:
Lack of serious weightlifting equipment; what's available is overcrowded
Poor service from managers
Costcutting rampant: Frequent lack of gym staples such as shampoo, conditioner, paper towels. Steam room is a barely warm room on a 15minute cycle.
Steam room turned off 23 hours before closing
Complaints promptly ignored

Section breakdown

Customer Service:
The people working at the front desk are friendly, but can't really answer any questions and direct you to the managers.
Managers don't like to work or answer questions, usually telling you they'll ask someone higher on the food chain "in the morning". That someone is never actually at the gym, so you can't get any straight answers.

Quality of equipment:
Cardio equipment is in great shape, as are machines
Weights somewhat rundown; handles missing rubber, ends falling off of some olympic bars
One single squat rack, Smith machine, several benches. No cage, no dip belts, no true chinup bar, no boxes, no sturdy steps, no thick bars.

Reasonable. The cleaning staff do keep the place clean, but they're not always very quick about it.

Always clean

Ab/Stretch Area
AbBench, decline ab bench, a few floor mats. Not very expansive, but usually unused and available anyway

Water Fountains
There is ONE water fountain in the main gym. There are NO water fountains in the change rooms!!! This results in lineups at the fountain, and if you want a sip of water when not on the main gym floor... that's too bad.

Kept reasonably clean; fully enclosed individual bathrooms (not stalls).

Spacious, with big screen TV and couches
Family changerooms available
Blow dryers always broken, except for one. Still not replaced, after months.
Plenty of standard gym lockers (need your own lock).
No water fountain, persistent lack of paper towels
Six sinks with large mirrors, a couple sinks broken
Some shower heads broken to various degrees. Shampoo/conditioner often missing.

Gym is part of a mall complex, so it shares a large parking lot with several large stores. Harder to find good parking spots during peak shopping hours.


Varies from night to night, but generally not stuff you want to hear. Bring an mp3 player with good headphones.


Staff and members are generally friendly.
Managers care mostly about commission, and nothing else. They have no problem telling you to screw yourself once you've signed up.

How busy?
Very. If you plan to use the weights, you're S.O.L. anywhere between 4 and 9:30 (!!!) pm. That, or plan on sticking around for 23 hours.
One squat rack, no place for deadlifts, fratboys doing curls as far as the eye can see
Cardio equipment always available
Weight area cramped; very much a fishinbarrel scenario

Payment plans:
About 2530 biweekly.
Min. commitment of 1 year.
Will not let you terminate contract, even if you're moving out of the city. Signed up? You pay. Management does NOT extend any help, not even to broke college students.
Facilities NOT worth the money.

Bottom line:
The place looked great 1.5 years ago. Facilities were clean and worked as advertised. Now... I wouldn't take the membership if they offered it for free, because it's just a hassle trying to train here. I do NOT recommend this gym unless you're a cardio bunny or hate seeing any results from your training. Will be terminating my membership later this month anywhere's better.

Note: the owner, not the name, makes the gym. Other Premier Fitness locations are different, e.g. the Oshawa location was excellent when I last visited it.

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