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Ottawa Vanier Market Goodlife Fitness Club
100 McArthur Rd., Ottawa
Telephone: (613) 842-8797

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The average is score is 7.67
The average is score is 7.33
The average is score is 6.33
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Reviewer: lorena durcal

Date: 5/4/2018

Cost of membership: its great
Pros: it has a lot of pros
Cons: the trainers are OBESE. They have fat trainers. WHAT THE HECK?
Thoughts: if they care about us really and our health, then promote health not obesity.
The best gym in the city is (and why): goodlifefitness in Mcarthur

7/10 7/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/10

Reviewer: michelle

Date: 1/6/2012

Cost of membership:There should be a reduced price for low income families or single moms expecialy to the womens only location.
Pros:love the staff,great for moms,
Cons:child minding is under staffed and children are not being changed when needed.
Thoughts:encouragement and support for single moms like me. we need time for our health "mental and physical". please support us at the womens only locations.discounts on child minding or memberships with child minding packages. i know othere single moms in need of this oportunity. single moms are becoming more commen and there is a huge market for it.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

5/10 5.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/10

Reviewer: Carole

Date: 11/10/2010

This would be an incentive to an increasing "Menopausal" population !!!
What exercises are best for menopausal women?
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Nov. 08, 2010 2:35PM EST
Last updated Monday, Nov. 08, 2010 3:09PM EST
7 comments Email Tweet Print/License Decrease text size Increase text size We ask the experts to settle common questions we’ve all wondered about.

Question: What exercises and fitness programs are most beneficial for menopausal women? Are there any activities they should avoid?

Answer: Maintaining an active lifestyle at any age is beneficial to overall health, but women aged 45 to 60 face a unique set of factors when it comes to their fitness program. For this age group, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are common health risks, so not every fitness program is ideal.

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Have a seat: leg lifts on the ball Highimpact exercise is not usually recommended for anyone in this age range because of the amount of stress placed on the joints. In women diagnosed with osteoarthritis – which involves wear and tear of the joints – stopstart activities such as highimpact aerobics or sports such as squash can be particularly problematic and can aggravate arthritic joints. For those with osteoporosis – characterized by low bone mass and brittleness of bones – spinal twisting or forward bending required in yoga and some aerobic exercises can actually cause fractures.

The good news is that there is still a vast array of fitness choices, and being active during menopause can add a host of benefits, including weight management and a reduction in the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

An ideal fitness program can be as simple as walking around your neighbourhood or as involved as enrolling in scheduled classes. Health Canada recommends 60 minutes of light activity, or 30 minutes if the workout is more intense, four to seven days a week.

How you choose to exercise, though, is up to you. The important thing is to determine what activities you enjoy. If you love to dance, maybe you should try a bellydancing class, or if you like to swim, aquafit could be ideal. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and strenuous. In fact, the most beneficial fitness programs are filled with activities you enjoy doing – because having fun will motivate you to continue.

If you feel that the fitness industry is geared to a younger demographic, you are not alone. There are many women going through menopause who want to exercise, but can’t find a program that suits their needs or interests. The fitness industry needs to catch up to this growing group of women who want to be active, but until that happens, the best thing might be to develop an exercise program outside the gym, or join a program with friends or other women with common fitness goals.

When it’s the right program, it will easily fit into your life and can become a regular part of your routine. The most important things to remember is that it’s never too late to start being active and that if you stop, you can always start again.

Heather Robinson is a certified athletic therapist in the department of Sport CARE at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.

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