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Ottawa Queen Street Goodlife Fitness Club
199 Queen Street, Ottawa
Telephone: (613) 232-7648

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Results based on 5 votes. Overall Average Rating of: 4.95/10
The average is score is 4.8
The average is score is 5.4
The average is score is 4.2
The average is score is 5.2
The average is score is 5.8
The average is score is 4.2
The average is score is 3.6
The average is score is 3.6
The average is score is 2.8
The average is score is 7.4
The average is score is 6.8
The average is score is 6.2
The average is score is 5
The average is score is 5
The average is score is 4.2
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1. Customer Service 2 Equipment Status 3. Cleanliness 4. Mirrors 5. Ab/Stretch Area 6. Water Fountains 7. Bathrooms 8. Changerooms 9. Parking 10. Lighting 11. Music 12. Accessories 13. Friendliness 14. How Busy is it? 15. Payment Plans

Member Reviews

6/10 6.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/106.2/10

Reviewer: AA

Date: 3/7/2013

Pros: Friendly staff
Cons: Terrible system to process payment issues the staff sends you to their HQ, who sends you back to the club manager, who is hard to get a hold of and then sends you back to talking to their HQ! Huge hassle!!!

**BEWARE** Staff will promise things to get you sign up, without it being fully honored.

****Also, DO NOT GO ON THE BIWEEKLY PLAN YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!!! YOU WILL MAKE EXTRA PAYMENTS AND NOT BE COMPENSATED FOR THEM!**** The biweekly plan involved 26 payments, whereas the monthly plan is 12. If your monthly plan is $66/mo, when you pay once a mo for 12 mos, you will pay $792. However, if you go on the biweekly plan, they will charge you $33 over 26 payments, which works out to $858 for the year!


Quite backwards compared to most companies that typically offer discounts for that! They should divide the 26 payments by the total amount per year in order for it to work out, but they don't.

5/10 5.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/10

Reviewer: Jane Winders

Date: 1/25/2013

Cost of membership: Prohibitive $1200+ year

Pros: Well equipped, new expansion in works

Cons: Inexperienced Trainers (paper CANFIT instructors), Insulting sales tactics for personal training and terrible contracts with high pressure methods; unreliable attendance letting them take money.

Avoid the personal trainers and any help particular offers to assess you. Just a gateway to sales pitch

3/10 3.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/10


Date: 7/8/2011

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why):

3/10 3.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/10

Reviewer: Matt

Date: 9/15/2010

OK... not sure where to start and I really should QUIT this gym because it's not worth HALF of the $66 dollars a month that they charge. Gym is too crowded, equipment, benches, machines are too close together, dirty, weights are often missing or not sorted, showers are mildew filled, shower curtains are ALL missing grommets, today there was no soap or shampoo in any of the 6 showers, only conditioner. Trainers are hit and miss from what I've seen. I will be sending an email to the manager, I've been at this gym now for six months and it's time to pack it in. The only problem is there is not much choice in downtown Ottawa, sadly.

7/10 6.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/10


Date: 3/11/2010

The changeroom showers and bathrooms are always dirty. The weights are never sorted and rarely put away. The staff is nice, however, I find trainers rather pushy. It is well lit and the equipment is nice. However, I do wish they would maintain and test their equipment better.

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