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Mississauga Club One Goodlife Fitness Club
100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga
Telephone: (905) 804-0707

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Results based on 5 votes. Overall Average Rating of: 3.45/10
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The average is score is 4.6
The average is score is 3.8
The average is score is 4.4
The average is score is 1.8
The average is score is 2.4
The average is score is 2.8
The average is score is 4.8
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1. Customer Service 2 Equipment Status 3. Cleanliness 4. Mirrors 5. Ab/Stretch Area 6. Water Fountains 7. Bathrooms 8. Changerooms 9. Parking 10. Lighting 11. Music 12. Accessories 13. Friendliness 14. How Busy is it? 15. Payment Plans

Member Reviews

3/10 2.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/10

Reviewer: Ana

Date: 11/12/2011

Cost of membership: reasonable
Pros: in the mall, many classes available
Cons: poorly maintained; filthy changerooms and bathroom area, floors are very dusty and smelly, hairs are found everywhere, broken soap dispensors,broken sink faucet (in women's bathroom), just DIRTY and smelly all around. Also it does get very crowded during peak hours, it gets unpleasant. Some cardio machines make odd noises due to their age.

Thoughts: Management needs to spend some time on serious housekeeping and customer service. I heard there are over 1500 active members. Many are unhappy yet due to the convenient location, keeping coming to this gym.

3/10 3.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/10

Reviewer: Tina

Date: 2/16/2011

Cost of membership: reasonable
Pros: Its in the mall.
Cons: Changerooms are not maintained, some members and staff are unfriendly, rude and insulting, too many people hard to get on machines, very dark atmosphere (no natural light), poor ventilation upstairs and not enough lockers during peak hours.
Thoughts: Location needs improvement externally as in the interior. Internally some staff not all staff needs to be retrained or removed based on ethical training and member safety.

2/10 2.4/102.4/102.4/102.4/102.4/102.4/102.4/102.4/102.4/102.4/10

Reviewer: Angela

Date: 5/3/2010

Unkept shower liners are dirty, shower rings are rusty, change area is dusty, hairdryer available sporadically, soap dispensers are broken, towels are dingy and rough like sandpaper. Not a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at all. Ask a question (any question) and no seems to have an answer (ever). Staff seem indifferent to member comments about the state of the gym.

4/10 3.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/103.87/10

Reviewer: Christine Wang

Date: 4/13/2010

This club has deteriorated dramatically over the years, it used to be a gem just about 3 years ago (in 2007), now from the front desk to maintenance, it's a club that does not care about quality of service but quantity of sales. The bathroom lights cover falling off, shower curtains badly stained and missing all hooks but two to hold up, shampoo and conditioner holders broken and looks dangerous, lighting intense and no ambiance, only one working hair dryer left, all others have been lying dead on the make up counter for ages.
Worst is the front desk treat you like thieves who steal their towels, speaking of towels, they used to be nice and white, now they are just yellowish and so thin. After work hours, it's a sea of people, fitness classes jampacked with people that definitely exceed the allowable occupancy load by building code, and of course most equipments are occupied, might as well go home. The only thing left is one or two good fitness teacher with whom I have been going to their classes since I first joined, if they leave like all other good teachers have done, I have no reason to be here.
Only if they have maintained the vision of the club when they bought over the place...

5/10 4.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/10

Reviewer: Jamie

Date: 3/23/2010

Unfortunately, equipment, fans and other items aren't quickly repaired in this club. Also, it has recently earned the dubious distinction of being a gym that plays thee worst music known to mankind. Make sure you bring your iPod, or suffer the consequences!

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