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6465 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga
Telephone: 905-814-5854

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The average is score is 7.6
The average is score is 7.4
The average is score is 8.6
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The average is score is 7.4
The average is score is 7.8
The average is score is 7.6
The average is score is 7.6
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The average is score is 3.2
The average is score is 8.4
The average is score is 6.6
The average is score is 9.2
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Member Reviews

8/10 7.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/10

Reviewer: Lisa

Date: 3/20/2012

Cost of membership:amazing
Pros:always get machines
Cons:no aerobics classes
Thoughts:has exactly what I need at the right price
The best gym in the city is (and why): close to work,convenient, and always clean

8/10 8.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/10

Reviewer: Gary

Date: 2/25/2012

Cost of membership:great value
Cons:get what you pay for
Thoughts:keep muscle heads in control,everyone benefits
The best gym in the city is (and why): value for money

8/10 8.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/10

Reviewer: Moses

Date: 4/17/2011

Cost of membership:under 8 bucks every 2 weeks
Pros:good equiptment great staff friendly ppl come to the gym everyone is soo polite :)
Cons:just some times it gets a little busy but not too often
Thoughts:i love it its awsome they always put in new things n update equiptment n keep it clean alot cleaner then bigger gyms its not about the side its how u utilize it
The best gym in the city is (and why): there is a gym down the street from there its called anytime fitness and u pay 45 bucks plus taxes a month there plus 25 bucks to get ur key card to get in the place the size of that place is the exact same n the equiptment there is garbo

6/10 6/106/106/106/106/106/106/106/106/106/10

Reviewer: Louella Witney

Date: 1/28/2011

Cost of membership: 5.82 bi weekly
Pros: Friendly staff always willing ti help
The best gym in the city is (and why):

7/10 6.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/106.93/10


Date: 2/12/2010

The management and staff could not seem to control 'notsosafetyconscious' members bringing weights and barbells to the stretching area something that can put other members in harm's way. Sooner or later, one of those weights will end up in the face of somebody on the floor or cause another to trip and hurt himself. The sign they put up is not even large or conspicuous enough to be seen. I have thrice called the attention of management and staff but I think they will need to do more, before something ugly happens. I believe this is not just for me but for the benefit for everyone.

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