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Guelph Athletic Club
80 Stone W, Guelph
Telephone: (519) 824-2200

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Member Reviews

6/10 5.53/105.53/105.53/105.53/105.53/105.53/105.53/105.53/105.53/105.53/10

Reviewer: ab

Date: 2/1/2012

Cost of membership:47
Pros:Clean and nice looking
Cons:Operational hours for women's only gym and staff

It's sad that I can agree with all of these negative comments. I wasn't able to take time off one year when I was really sick since I was advised against it if I don't have a doctors note. Finally, when I did get the note.. There was still a problem with crediting me the time off because my doctor wasn't specific enough. For the second time, I has to ask my doctor for a very detailed note. When I took the note in I was told it still didn't tell them what they needed to know and that I didn't give it to them early enough and that they weren't sure how far back they could go..*sigh*. How stupid can you be.. They organization makes the criteria foe notes so ridiculous. That time, I said, " maybe you should tell me exactly what my doctor needs to write". Additionally, when I joined I joined for the convenience of the operating hours in the womens gym. I worked out in the all womens area because I absolutely cannot workout in a tshirt.. After a few years of working out after midnight in the womens only part, I was told one day that I had to finish up my workout and continue upstairs in the coed area . They are no longer open after 11. Now, I was forced to workout in discomfort and I wasn't even allowed to workout upstairs in co ed since I didn't have a shirt with me. In the 15 years of exercising consistently, I have never worn anything but a tank top with my bottoms for comfort and flexibility. My other concern was about all the conservative women, the religious women and women who must dress a certain way in front of men, by covering their skin to comply with their culture. These types of women can no longer workout at their regular hours because the gym suddenly changed the operational hours for the womens only gym. I have been told it's for insurance purposes since there is not enough staff at night, they cannot have both open. There is a simple solution to this dilemma... Hire more staff at night. It's unrealistic to have one person working at night in front desk for such a large gym. If almost each members fees are approximately 50 dollars and you charge a whopping 90 promotional price and 250 regular price joining fee.. You can quote me on this since I just called to confirm, how on earth can you be so cheap as to only have one person working the desk at that gym? I was told goodlife in the mall has over 5000 members. Almost all of use know how small that location is. Let's say the athletic club has 4x that amount minimum..about 20,000. Times that by 50, then times by 12 representing months of the year. Guestimating about 12,000,000 is minimum what they make a year on membership fees not including what they make on joining fees, personal trainers and th coffee bar. Hmmm... I feel as though I was being robbed. I'd rather spend that money on a local gym and get the service I deserve for my hard earned money

The best gym in the city is (and why):
I have no idea, but I would like to say YMCA is a functional and affordable gym that also has pretty great hours. They are also clean. Good life in the mall is okay as well as the one located off College and Edinburgh.

6/10 5.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/10

Reviewer: BCG

Date: 1/25/2012

Cost of membership: $650/ 14 months (paid all up front for an annual membership and got 2 months free.)
Pros: Hot yoga and pilates instructors/classes. That's the reason I still go to Athletic Club. No issue with the staffalthough I'm not billed monthly and don't use trainers.
Cons: Classes during peak hours are slammed. Gym/parking during peak hours is slammed. Poor layout no stretch/ab area to speak of, machines constantly broken, cleanliness in the coed weight area leaves much to be desired.

Thoughts: This is an honest review. I am originally from the States and have gone to Golds Gyms for the last 15 years, so this review is with that in mind. I go to the gym to work out not socialize, watch TV in a lounge, play pool, do my hair, etc., so those amenities are a waste on someone like me. I don't care about granite counters or towel service, and prefer a gym that focuses on equipment and cleanliness, not aesthetics. That's just mebut plenty of people want to feel like they are going to a country club when they are going to the gym, and the Athletic Club scratches that itch (I guess) for some in Guelph. When I first started here, I was alarmed by the fact that no tank tops were allowed in coed areas of the gym. It's ridiculous and indicative of the type of gym this ismore focus on "whatever else" than those that just want to get in, get out, and get on with their lives. Recently the gym abolished that rule, so it's good for those who don't want to lift weights or do treadmill sprints in a baggy tshirt.

It's beyond busy during peak hoursthe worst I have ever seen in any gym I have used (i.e. lack of parking, no cardio machines open, lack of free weights, etc.). The layout is a joke. I'm a woman, so I get the benefit of either the coed or women's gyms depending on what is open, but guys who must use the common areas are S.O.L. Cleanliness is a real issue I never shower at the gym, don't use the pool or sauna, and don't use tanning beds. I've heard bad things about those amenities, but I don't know from personal experience.

I absolutely love the classes. I alternate pilates/hot yoga with standard cardio/weight days and have experienced some of the best yoga/pilates teachers at the Athletic Club of any gym I've been to.

Another big caveat: I work from home, so I can alter my workouts during the week and choose to workout during "off" hours. If that were not the case, I don't think I could stand the Athletic Clubpeak hour availability of everything is that bad.

GoodLife is building a nice, new gym in the south end of Guelph that should be ready in a couple of months (and will be ~$15 less per month, I'm told). My membership is almost up, but I'm not certain I am switching to GoodLifeand that is ONLY because of Athletic Club's classes. I'm serious. If GoodLife can poach some of those instructors or offer similar classes, I would seriously consider switching. Otherwise, I'll likely be loyal to Athletic Club.

I understand why people trash the Athletic Club, but I guess it has a lot to do with when/how you work out and what you want from your gym. I'm reasonably happy, all things considered.

6/10 6.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/106.07/10

Reviewer: Senior

Date: 1/1/2012

Cost of membership:50 (senior)
Pros:Pool is half salt water and half chlorine. Not as busy as city pools and less chlorine used. Depending upon staff on duty, showers And change rooms cleanliness is variable.
Cons:Pool is very dirty and needs to be cleaned more often especially tiles above the water line. There are "dust bunnies" on the bottom of the pool. Aquafit classes are overcrowded. some members do not know how to share lanes if swimming laps. Broken tiles in hot tub. Emergency phone at pool out of order.
Personal trainers are not trained for seniors with joint, disc and other issues. I tried three different ones. Two were very nice and one was quite rude. None of them knew how to work with degenerative discs. Firness and nutrition session was a joke. Late, tried to sell packages, not worth the cost.
So do not get sucked into buying packages.
Thoughts: Cleanliness in whole facility could be a whole lot better. It was good when I first joined a few years ago but is not so great now.
The best gym in the city is (and why): Much less chlorine in the pool. Pool is open for all but a few hours in the night.

10/10 9.53/109.53/109.53/109.53/109.53/109.53/109.53/109.53/109.53/109.53/10

Reviewer: Maria

Date: 10/26/2011

Cost of membership: Around 55
Thoughts: FYI my friend who use to work out at Goodlife told me that 80% of these comments in this forum have been written by Goodlife employees =S So please don't base information of the gym on these comments!!!

The best gym in the city is (and why): Athletic Club!!! Been there pretty much since day one! Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I've worked out most of my life in various gyms and by far The Athletic Club is the best! I really enjoyed my consultation too. Even though I'm very active and fit, it was interesting to find out my body fat percentage, and where I was in regards to my strength and flexibility. I had no idea how poor my flexibility was until the consultation. Now that I focus more on stretching and have increased my flexibility, i don't feel as tight and stiff. Also, my body looks much more defined! If i had never gone, I probably wouldn't of changed this! My consultant was so knowledgeable and I could tell that he knew what he was talking about! Overall, I LOVE THE ATHLETIC CLUB GUELPH!!! Don't pay attention to these "GoodLife" comments. They are so tactless in their business!!!!

6/10 6.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/106.33/10

Reviewer: Claire

Date: 6/7/2011

Cost of membership:55/month
Pros:have a great personal trainer!!!
Cons:busy in winter, one hour assessment sucks
Thoughts: everybody has been nice, helpfull
The best gym in the city is (and why):

4/10 3.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/103.8/10

Reviewer: Sarah

Date: 2/24/2011

Cost of membership:$55
Pros: Usually I can get on cardio equipment. Class instructors are great and seem to love what they do. Definitely do classes over PT!!!
Cons:Personal training is a joke! DON'T DO IT. They sweet talk you until you sign your name, then you are nothing to them. It's way too overpriced for what you get. Only thing the personal training dept. cares about is number of sessions sold. I have spoken to other members getting personal training and across the board it's bad. Also do not pay for the fitness assesments. As someone mentioned before, you pay for an hour and get about ten mins worth of things you could have figured out yourself. Management could care less about complaints or legitimate concerns.
Thoughts: This is a nice gym with a lot of bells and whistles BUT buyer beware. The customers opinion does not matter here, it's always packed and awkard, never good enough parking, poor management to say the least. I NEVER complain and I felt compelled to warn others about the PT and management. Just steer clear of the whole PT department, you will be glad you did.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

6/10 6.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/10

Reviewer: Jenn

Date: 2/15/2011

Cost of membership: 55$ per month + a huge joining fee. I think it was 75$. If you do a month to month, I think it's like 90100$ per month.

Pros: The instructors that teach the classes are AMAZING. They are all very nice and very knowledgable. They have some neat classes from boxing to spin, to hot yoga to dance.

Cons: You always have trouble finding a parking spot and a locker during pear times (430830pm). The management and front desk staff are not very knowledgeable and people always have issues with putting a stop to the monthly payments that are deducted from their bank account. I have talked to a few people who had this issue and Canada Trust told me the same thing. So, I'm a bit nervous for when I quit one day. The boxing gloves they provide for boxing class smell.... horrible. Also, it's super expensive.

Thoughts: The instructors that teach the individual classes are super nice. The gym itself is nice, the front desk staff and the management suck, but if you can avoid dealing with them or asking them a question, your time at the gym will be great.

The best gym in the city is (and why): I am not sure.

7/10 6.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/10

Reviewer: Chris

Date: 1/19/2011

Cost of membership:
Not the cheapest in the area but not outrageous. Facility has lots of amenities so it's actually a pretty good bang for your buck if you make use of everything. (See pros below.)

Has all the amenities you could want: large changerooms, spin/yoga rooms, squash courts, pools, saunas, steam rooms, tanning booths, machines, freeweights, cardio, personal training, etc, etc, etc.

Staff is mostly approachable. A lot of the girls that work the counter are friendly and greet my wife and I by name when we come in. In contrast though, the managers are notrious for being a**holes. Go figure.

Plenty of free classes are offered to members at all difficulty levels including yoga, spinning, cardio, salsa dancing, weight training and so on.

Extremely busy in the evenings. Not so bad from June to August when the university students are home with mommy and daddy but the place is packed for the rest of the year... to the point where I usually can't find a parking spot when I show up to work out.

Not the best crowd to work out with mostly young douchebags being loud and hanging out with their friends around the machines. Plenty of kids who look like they're about 17 setting the machines ridiculously high and swinging their bodies around violently to get the weight stack to move.

Management tends not to keep on top of the upkeep and maintenance. Some jerk poured water on the electric heater in the sauna in the men's changeroom a while back and it was down for about three months. Treadmills often break down and are out of commission for weeks at a time. I've heard that women's showers get pretty gross but, obviously, I can't confirm that personally. (Men's changeroom is acceptably clean.) The facility itself is fairly new (only a few years old) but I'd hate to see it in 510 years if it is neglected like the equipment is.

Stretching and abs area could be bigger I sometimes can't find a spot to do my stretches.

Decent facility for the most part but needs some serious readjustment to the way it's run. First, maintain the place! Stop fixing stuff only after it's been broken for a month or two! Second, a little exclusivity would make the place a million times more tolerable. I wouldn't even object to a small hike in membership fees if they would stop aggressively signing up every university undergrad that wandered in off the street! They have their own gym on campus!!!

5/10 4.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/10

Reviewer: Sheena

Date: 1/18/2011

Cost of membership: On the expensive side.

Pros: Has pretty much everything you need. Better in the summer months.

Cons: Where do I start? Was good in summer 2010 but now that students are back (University) along with the gym always accepting new members (only seem to care about quotas and not about quality of service) it is so hard to find a parking spot, showers are gross (needs to be cleaned more regularly and proper maintenance like recocking to prevent mold and mildew; have to wait in line for them more often), tanning beds are not cleaned (at least every time I have seen it) before that next person they leave it up to the members to do that (do you trust it?).

Also, they allow young teenagers in without supervision or proper training so they travel in groups, are loud and immature, take up an area/equipment for extended periods, and I have been teaching some of them proper technique and how to use some of the machines so they don't seriously injure themselves (it's really sad to see a gym not care about the safety of their members – when I was younger I went to the YMCA, in another city, and if I wasn’t doing something properly I was instructed for free by the helpful staff).

Also I have noticed this the whole time I have been going the maintenance/upkeep of their equipment (especially the cardio machines) is ridiculously slow and most of the time they don't notice the machine is down until you tell them, if you can find someone (why don't they do this themselves? it wouldn't take long at all). I usually take a page out of my workout log book, write that it's not working, and leave it on the machine.

So basically they care about meeting unrealistic membership quotas and fail to understand that more members means more cleaning staff as cleaning is needed more often to insure the health and safety of their members and staff. Also more members means better upkeep on...well...everything!!

Shop around by getting a free trial membership/day passes. Go the days and times you predict you would normally go to see if it is too busy. Remember that just because a gym looks snazzy it doesn't mean it's a great gym!
Hope this helps :)

9/10 9.47/109.47/109.47/109.47/109.47/109.47/109.47/109.47/109.47/109.47/10

Reviewer: Donna

Date: 1/5/2011

Cost of membership: 50
Pros: There are no better clubs in this area!
Cons: Wish there was something to say here.
Thoughts: The Athletic Club is actually a really great place to work out! I have had only pleasant experiences with the staff and the management. The management/manager has always been availbale, she signed me up, when I have had questions. I like the place a lot! Amazing classes too!!
The best gym in the city is (and why): The Athletic Club for sure!!

4/10 4.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/104.13/10

Reviewer: Jackie

Date: 11/19/2010

I applied to work here a few months ago. Ryan the guy who was conducting the interview was really rude. He started off the interview by saying "there are a lot of 'you' people from (where I live) applying here." The guy was rude and I didnt even try on the interview because I already knew I didnt want to work there. The people at the front desk were also horrible and not very knowlegable.

7/10 6.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/10

Reviewer: june

Date: 10/8/2010

I went in for my sixty dollar cosultation which i was told would be an hour in length and would instruct me on personal excercises for me, tour of the club, brief explain about equipment, etc. I ended up paying for ten minutes of someone weighing me and doing my bmi and leaving me to work out on my own having no idea where anything was.

6/10 6.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/10

Reviewer: Greg

Date: 6/7/2010

An Honest review. Staff is ok. Very busy 59pm. Moderate amount of douchebags (~4050% of anytime sample). A lot of cardio monkeys during the day (seriously people, it's june. go outside). Provide sanitation devices which some elect not to use. Limited amount of power racks; occasional idiot will use power rack as a place to do biceps curls.

Also, people, if there are two people sitting in the hot tube or steam room chatting, don't go in by yourself and be that "third guy" who makes everything silent. Wait 515mins (there's a pool you can swim in) and then try again, by then, it's ok cause the two are now the asses for staying in so long by themselves.

5/10 4.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/10

Reviewer: Heidi Bailey

Date: 4/25/2010

The management here is really badinconsistent service. I have had multiple problems in the 4 months since I joined. I asked to revoke my membership due to repeated problems but they told me that was too badI had signed a contract and was obligated to pay no matter how much I disliked going to the club.

7/10 6.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/106.6/10

Reviewer: Patricia

Date: 3/9/2010

I agree about the Management! Especially the PT Director, when are they going to get that we are the customers and start bending over backwards to make things right?

5/10 4.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/10

Reviewer: Sarah

Date: 11/25/2009

The gym is nice, the management sucks. Especially Steve. I would NOT recommend this gym to my friends. The staff is ok, just not the management. They always back track on what they say.

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