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Goodlife Fitness - Merivale
5 Roydon Place, Ottawa
Telephone: (613) 739-4070

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Results based on 13 votes. Overall Average Rating of: 6.11/10
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The average is score is 7.08
The average is score is 6.69
The average is score is 6.77
The average is score is 5
The average is score is 5.23
The average is score is 5.54
The average is score is 6.54
The average is score is 7.54
The average is score is 7
The average is score is 6.23
The average is score is 6.54
The average is score is 6.38
The average is score is 5.92
The average is score is 4.23
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1. Customer Service 2 Equipment Status 3. Cleanliness 4. Mirrors 5. Ab/Stretch Area 6. Water Fountains 7. Bathrooms 8. Changerooms 9. Parking 10. Lighting 11. Music 12. Accessories 13. Friendliness 14. How Busy is it? 15. Payment Plans

Member Reviews

5/10 4.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/10

Reviewer: Maher Naji

Date: 1/10/2012

Cost of membership: Great
Pros:Great Location
Cons: Verbally absued by a membership consultant named Chelcie (Last name unclear) who is usually at the signin area. She had no respect and used very abusive and verballly slandering language towards me.

Thoughts:Overall great Gym, however, membership consultant named Chelcie should definately be fired or dealt with as she was extremely rude and used abusive language towards me.

The best gym in the city is (and why): Merivale because of its big capacity to hold all the members and its location.

5/10 5.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/10

Reviewer: Joe

Date: 3/3/2011

Cost of membership: fair. corporate plan helps
Pros: gym hours, location, parking, good # of free weights, fitness classes
Cons: equipment goes unrepaired for long periods of time, sauna is small and not always working, bathroom is not always clean, music not always playing, towels are too small and not always available, breakins in the lockeroom
Thoughts: Decent gym but needs to make improvements
The best gym in the city is (and why):

8/10 8/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/10

Reviewer: sUE

Date: 8/12/2010

Well maintained, and quick response to any complaints about cleanliness. High pressure attempt to get me to sign up for personal training; staff clearly know how to convince different age groups that they need it! However, staff/trainers still friendly after I said no. Teacher payment plan is nice one payment for 14 months. Many fitness instructors are excellent, but beware the Body Pump if you have not done weights before. Despite friendliness, it might have been intimidating if I had not had experience with machines and free weights. In that situation recommend the 12 session personal training then just say NO.

8/10 7.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/10

Reviewer: Heather

Date: 4/10/2010

Annoyed that there is a sign out the front door with the address saying it is OPEN 24 HOURS. I show up at 10pm on a Saturday and it was closed. WTF?

5/10 4.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/10

Reviewer: erik

Date: 2/18/2010

Club have the right to cancel membership at any time without cause or notice to members

4/10 3.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/10

Reviewer: Sara

Date: 1/1/2010

I had issues with personal fitness. I purchased the 12. Unfortunately, the first girl I signed up with quit for family reasons so I was switched to another trainer who had a different style. This was fine and I got used to it until she quit as well. Then I had one training session left and it has been 8 months now and it still hasn't been honored by the gym. Right now my membership is on hold because they stretched my training lessons out so far that I feel I didn't benefit from them. I wanted the training sessions to be finished in a 35 week period, not 8 months! The club manager, Jourdon, was unwilling to comprimise with me a strategy to work this out, so now I am thinking of going to another gym, although I do like this gym a lot! I also had problems with one of the girls when I wanted to go tanning. Customer service was poor, and she didn't turn on the lamps for me so I had to get dressed up again and come back out to get her to turn them on... TWICE! All staff aside, the gym is large, clean, nice looking, fairly new equipment, I like that there is a sauna in the changeroom and there are lots of activities to keep you busy while working out. I get motivated by the younger people who use the facilities. All of the other clients there are very nice. And there is a massage chair at the front before leaving. I do not recommend the personal training, just ask another client who has used the machines to teach you about them.

5/10 4.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/10

Reviewer: G Smith

Date: 1/1/2010

Good variety of equip. stretching area unacceptable,music not good have to listen to spinning music combined with gym music listening to spin instructor screaming not wanted when working out! Close the dam door!!!

6/10 5.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/10

Reviewer: marley

Date: 11/6/2009

Had a consultation with a salesman/trainer to find out personal training. (Cost, types of sessions etc.)

He told me that I had to purchase a minimum of 100 sessions over 6 8 months at cost of $6200.

I asked if I could purchase less than 100 sessions. He told me no. I told him I could not afford it. The goodlife employee/trainer suggested I put it on my line of credit.

Disgusting high pressure sales.

6/10 5.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/105.87/10

Reviewer: marley

Date: 11/6/2009

Had a consultation with a salesman/trainer to find out personal training. (Cost, types of sessions etc.)

He told me that I had to purchase a minimum of 100 sessions over 6 8 months at cost of $6200.

I asked if I could purchase less than 100 sessions. He told me no. I told him I could not afford it. The goodlife employee/trainer suggested I put it on my line of credit.

Disgusting high pressure sales.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: ngoc bui

Date: 10/23/2009

7/10 7.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/10

Reviewer: Jeff

Date: 1/18/2009

Join in January to avoid initial fee and membership card fee. Ends up being about $31/biweekly and you're stuck in a one year contract (there's a fee to escape, or you can pass your contract onto someone else, contract can be suspended if you can't go to the gym for some reason). Pretty reasonable, but definitely a bit confining. Still do not like how they do a direct debit from my chequing account biweekly.

I'd definitely recommend the 6/12 personal trainer sessions they try to sell you when signing up to get familiar with equipment and motivate you (when you realize how truly weak you are ;D), but don't enjoy them too much or you'll get hooked; pursuing personal training is expensive, but definitely motivating, enjoyable, and rewarding. Comes in around $55/h, you finance (14% interest rate, initially O_o) or pay for ~60+ 1h sessions in advance.

Okay, those two paragraphs basically sum up all the stuff that isn't readily available online, but you should know before going to sign up.

Gym is nice, gets busy at certain times mostly in evenings/weekend afternoons (surprise ...). Strangely I find Monday evening to be the busiest time.

Big missing thing: stretch area. There are padded areas but they tend to be pretty small, unless you're in the freeweight area.

Second minor complaint: haven't yet figured out how to (if it's possible) make the treadmills display distance in Km instead of Miles. At 10km I've found that my ability to do unit conversion extremely poor at best ;)

Third minor complaint: maybe I've missed it, but I think the only water fountain is on the first floor? It's worth it to bring a water bottle, anyway.

The woman I signed up with still remembers my name, definitely makes you feel welcome. Lovely atmosphere. Lots of free classes included with membership (can't comment on them, haven't tried any yet).

Quite a few meatheads, but definitely not as many as other gyms I have been to. Very wide balance in abilities, though I'd agree with a previous reviewer: average age at this gym looks to be around 2440 in the evenings (not that this is detrimental!).

Great facility, definitely enjoy going to it. Not the most transparent organization with regards to fees, but fantastic staff and great equipment make for a wonderful experience.

9/10 8.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/10

Reviewer: J M

Date: 12/24/2008

GoodLife should give the customers a choice of selecting the payments plan. Currently, it is biweekly but GoodLife should consider a monthly payment plans as well of increasing popularity and excellence in customer service!

7/10 7.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/10

Reviewer: Rod

New facility, you can take home movies and bring them back the next day. Nice staff, but geared towards 25-38 yr olds. Many TV's to plug into as well.

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