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Goodlife Fitness
2020 Walkley Road, Ottawa
Telephone: (613) 526-0917

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Member Reviews

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: WeightRls

Date: 9/12/2012

Personal Trainers are hired for the time you spend with them in actual training, as well as their professional credentials and their professional conduct at related events. The trainers at this gym are exceptional technically in the gym. Their online presence is disgraceful, as seen in photos their own management freely promote online on personal Facebook pages from their corporate events. Whether it is Open access or limited "Friend" access, it still impacts the client/ trainer partnership. Clients should question whether to promote their trainers (i.e. free training sessions if a contact results from a referral) if they value their own credentials and reputation.

4/10 4/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/10

Reviewer: BodyPump121

Date: 4/2/2012

Cost of membership: approx. $800 per year
Pros: large locker room, lots of parking
Cons: busy, small gym overall, lack of air circulation/temperature control
Thoughts: expand/renovate the gym
The best gym in the city is (and why): GoodLife Hunt Club gym because it has lots of space, equipment, parking

3/10 3.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/103.27/10

Reviewer: Charles

Date: 1/7/2012

None of the trainers are drug free, or in shape. Don't hurt yourself along with your bankroll. If you're wondering why you're not getting the same results its because you need drugs. I've even been told some of the trainers can hook you I want that shit. I saw one big fat blonde guy getting his older female client to deadlift at least 150 lbs off the floor with the worst form I've ever seen. I'm not stuck in the fifties, I do think women should lift weights, but getting them to hurt themselves doing it only makes the stereotyping seem true. When I asked her how she liked her trainer after she said she was loosing weight but she sure didn't look that great to me.

Staff will be standing right at the front when you walk around the corner after your workout and will pester you daily to give them phone numbers so they can harass your friends...multiple times. DAILY. My one friend really got mad at me because she kept getting calls when her baby was sleeping.

2/10 2.07/102.07/102.07/102.07/102.07/102.07/102.07/102.07/102.07/102.07/10

Reviewer: cheryl

Date: 9/21/2011

Cost of membership:too expensive for the quality
Cons:equipment too close together/audio plugs don't work and often treadmill is out of service
Thoughts:the manager is arrogant and not helpful at all. The trainers are up sellers only. The cost of personal training is outrageous!
The best gym in the city is (and why):Of all the GOODLIFE facilities, I would have to say St. Laurent. The best gym is the Athletic Club or the OAC. Too expensive to switch at this point however. Too bad because Goodlife sucks

8/10 7.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/10

Reviewer: Al Evans

Date: 1/6/2011

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why):

8/10 8.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/10

Reviewer: Abbas

Date: 12/4/2010

I have been going to this gym now for 3 months and I already lost some weight. The staff is friendly, and has been helpful to me. My only complaint is that they need more water fountains.

3/10 3.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/10

Reviewer: Tia

Date: 9/20/2010

People at the front are really rude, the blond one with the glasses specificaaly, the policies are ridiculous and i'll never refer anyone there... Go f* your selves

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Carol Laity

Date: 8/30/2010

Because I live close to the Walkley club, I go home to shower afterwards. I joined the club when it was new and clean. Now the shower area is not up to standards.

As a senior I'd like to see some classes like Gentle Yoga held at Strandherd. I'll be going there next week to try it out.

7/10 7.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/107.13/10

Reviewer: Kristen

Date: 8/5/2010

Nice people. Reasonably clean woman's changerooms. Very rarely do I have to wait for a machine. I find very little wrong with this gym... maybe I'm just more easily pleased than others

2/10 2.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/10

Reviewer: Julian

Date: 7/7/2010

The change room is disgusting. the floors are always muddy, after using the sinks... water always seems to SOAK your shirt, There are only 2 urinals (with no dividers and only like 2 feet apart), The machines are really close together, Is it just me or is there NO A/C? The trainers are stuck up and are only there to make money. They never help you with anything. One thing I really hate is that they don't have free towel service. On top of all that, The headphone jack for the television audio in the machines doesn't work... So if you don't have an ipod, your having a SHITTY workout. I've been to the OAC recently and I've notices that everything is AMAZING compared to goodlife. I would totally switch over if it didn't cost $200 to cancel my membership at goodlife

4/10 3.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/103.6/10

Reviewer: Barb Farrell

Date: 6/29/2010

I still attend the fitness classes (Newbody) at this site but have changed gyms for my workout due to the overwhelmingly busy fitfix section. I have spoken to staff on numerous occasions and sent an email to the manager (which was never answered) about the problem with people sitting on the machines between their multiple sets and not allowing others to take turns. Even when I have asked,'can I have a turn please', they usually answer 'no, I have another set'. There is no sign indicating that it's a circuit (I asked them to put signs on the machines but they haven't). Some people state that they're saving the machine for a friend. Since Christmas, the problem has become MUCH worse with the expansion of the personal training section (which is empty much of the time).
Luckily, I get my membership at half price as it's a professional organization perk but I"d never pay full price for this gym.

4/10 4.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/104.33/10

Reviewer: Aaron

Date: 6/4/2010

I got into an argument on two seperate occasions with the crappy training staff on this location.

They interrupt YOUR workout to use the equipment you are using with their clients. ITS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. If it wasn't so close to where I lived I would NEVER EVER go to this location. Unfortunately its only 2km away.

5/10 5.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/10

Reviewer: AJ

Date: 5/19/2010

Mostly rude kids working at the Walkley location (not all but most)focused more on upselling clients (its a business after all)than being helpful, men's change room is absolutely disgusting, showers looked like they never get cleaned, some of the equipment is starting to get pretty worn out. Lack of decent ventilation makes it way too hot when the place is packed. Machines are packed in tight. This location would benefit from a good scrubbing/disinfecting/reorganizing. Manager seems oblivious to the state of the place.

3/10 3.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/103.2/10

Reviewer: Jim

Date: 4/30/2010

I have to agree with most of the negative comments on here. The Manager requires a wake up call by the owners. He has little to no social or people skills. He left me with the impression that I was inferior to him. I, like some other concerned customers, took the advantage of the Free Fitness/Health Assesment. I never fell down when my potential trainer told me that it would cost in excess of $14,000.00 for one on one training. The best part is, when I queried her on her qualifications, she said she had none, other than what her Personal Trainer taught her. The showers are filthy, I have been to the Third World and have better shower facilities. What Walkely Road has is a cesspool for a shower room. I won't even bother to comment on the Sauna, that is a joke. I suggest that someone from the Corporate hiearchy of Good Life take an unscheduled visit and see for themselves, what a good name Good Life Fitness has for itself on Walkley Road. I have had that much of a disappointment at this facility, that I have told my many coworkers to choose a different venue, instead of paying in excess of $700.00 per year for a Bush League facility. The only thing that this building has going for it, is the adequate parking. For those who take these survey's serious, I will not be renewing my membership at the end of this year.

3/10 3.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/10

Reviewer: rebecca

Date: 3/20/2010

When I first walked into this gym I was shocked at how packed it was. I agree with other comments, that the equipment is far too close together and that it's obvious they are more concerned about making money than promoting health. The gym is not big at all and there is so much equipment that it feels jammed. I once saw some staff openly making fun of a gym member right after he'd finished speaking with one of them. The showers are gross and they smell like dirty sewer. I've also gone to the goodlife at Merivale and it's a bit better. In my opinion, the typical Goodlife member is far too worried about looking hot at the gym, being tanned at every time of year, and talking about calories like they know anything about nutrition.

5/10 4.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/104.53/10


Date: 3/18/2010

The staff and personal trainers have a very obvious clique going on that makes members selfconscious. I pay sixty a month for the services and tonight when I went I wasn't even acknowledgedthe staff who was not in uniform didn't greet mejust plainly ignored me. The atmosphere this evening was unprofessional and I am considering visiting another club in the futurepotentially going to stick to the women's clubs from now on.

4/10 4.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/10

Reviewer: i

Date: 3/13/2010

been going to Walkley location for a year now, but will start looking for new goodlife location.
Staff needs a refresher in customer service, since they have absolutely zero social and people skills.
Equipment is placed way too close together, which is a health/safety hazard.
Generally I am not happy with the location and must agree with all the negative comments other patrons have made on this site.
p.s. shoes got stolen a week ago as well :)

5/10 4.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/10

Reviewer: Susan

Date: 1/11/2010

For what I'm paying, I'm not impressed. The showers are always dirty. There has been the same shampoo cap in one of the shower stalls for a week. There's always hair on the shower walls. The water is tepid at best and there's not water pressure so it takes a long time to rinse shampoo out of my hair. After a good workout I want a hot shower, not a lukewarm shower. The sauna is never hot and pointless to go into. There are only two countertops with mirrors in the change room to put on makeup, blowdry your hair, etc, which is absolutely not enough space during peak hours. It's pretty bad when I have to wait in line to blow dry my hair and/or put on makeup. There are not enough benches to put your bag on so instead you choose between trying to get dressed for work with your bag jammed into a tiny locker or put it on the floor (usually dirty and wet) where people can trip over it. The personal training is ridiculously over priced. I guess it's all about the dollar rather than healthy clients at this club. I would love to have some help and guidance from a trainer but was told that they would "only commit to me if I commit to twice a week with them" at over $100 bucks a week. Add on what I'm paying in membership fees and that's an awful lot of money!!! It cost $5 a shot to use one of their towels so I end up carting towels in and carting wet towels home. They ask you to clean the equipment after you use it but half the time there's no paper towel or the spray bottle is empty so you spend you time going from dispenser to dispenser. On a positive note, the classes are great but usually too crowded. The instructors are very motivating. There is plenty of equipment but it's pretty jammed together. There are six televisions to watch while you're working out but there are only three channels on two televisions are duplicated on stations. The music is pretty good but some mornings it's way too loud and way too hard rock. One morning I was in the locker room and couldn't hear my friend talking because Led Zeppelin was blaring crazy loud. The people working there aren't all that friendly and it's hard to get staff to return calls. When I joined I bought six sessions of personal training. No one called me to schedule training and nine phone calls later I finally had someone return my call. There are too many negatives about this club for the price I'm paying so I definitely won't renew my membership.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: TurthExposer

Date: 12/30/2009

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Tim

Date: 12/22/2009

5/10 4.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/104.73/10

Reviewer: Dan

Date: 11/12/2009

I can't walk into this gym without being hounded with some kind of new promotion. Their personal training advertising approach
is far too aggressive, making them sound as if they're miracle workers. All I see are a bunch of bulky, minimally educated,
self obsessed and badly mannered young adults, three in particular. I'm not sure how they stay in business. The worst part is they will hire people as trainers who have no credential's,give them on job training and them give them a window of time to take a weekend Personal training course AFTER they hire them.
Then charge people an arm and a leg for someone to merely just stand there and count your reps for you and play the role of a gym buddy. On top of that, the trainers only make around 40% of the total hourly fee they charge. I personally think they hire
these trainers based
on physical appearance. The regulars at this gym are also enough to put anyone off from ever returning. There seems to be an abundance of conceited, gossiping, old
gym rats who spend hours talking about others rather than working out. My overall opinion is that the management and staff lack any kind of proper social etiquette
, and personally If I was a potential weight loss client I wouldn't want a trainer that's built like Hercules with the brain of a mouse. These people will say anything to get a sale,
even if they know there's not much potential for change in the client.

2/10 2.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/10

Reviewer: Edward

Date: 10/27/2009

I am outraged at the staff on Walkley Road. They come across as a bunch of rude kids. They need to work on their professionalism. They tell you to ask them a question whenever you need one answered. Then when you do, you are made to feel as if your bothering them. I overheard two employees talk about me when they thought I wasn't listening. I was outraged. I then asked for a service to be provided and was questioned as to why I wanted it which is getting into personal territory. They need to rethink their approach altogether and hire mature, perhaps older professionals.

5/10 4.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/10

Reviewer: Trev

Date: 1/9/2009

I'm sure it's great for some people. I find it a very cold, impersonal atmosphere. The mandatory assessment was clearly a shallow attempt to make you book personal training sessions. It's a franchise business *first*, and a gym *second*. Still busy, though so I guess it works for them.

9/10 8.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/108.53/10

Reviewer: Chris

I think all the gang over at walkey Goodlife are doing a great job! Thanks for all the motivation guys!

5/10 4.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/104.93/10

Reviewer: Jo

Good Gym. Good desk staff. The reps who sign you up are lacking a lot of knowledge and marketing skills. The manager is very rude and needs to sharpen his people skills... you don't kick people off machines 10 minutes before closing.

10/10 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10

Reviewer: Ryan

Awesome Fitness Center and environment

7/10 6.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/106.73/10

Reviewer: Rod

Nice facility, It's a goodlife so there are many benefits.

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