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Gold's Gym Franchise
4161 Dawson Street, Burnaby
Telephone: (604) 298-4653

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Results based on 7 votes. Overall Average Rating of: 6.14/10
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The average is score is 8
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The average is score is 8.43
The average is score is 7.14
The average is score is 4.71
The average is score is 5.43
The average is score is 6.86
The average is score is 6.14
The average is score is 7.43
The average is score is 5.86
The average is score is 4.86
The average is score is 4.57
The average is score is 6.14
The average is score is 5.43
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Member Reviews

8/10 8/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/108/10

Reviewer: fireguy

Date: 4/9/2012

Cost of membership:My membership cost is low as I got in before the gym opened. Did I really have to see it, its golds! Common peoples! I have been a member since it opened.
Pros:Big, Its clean because the staff are always wiping stuff down and mopping. Although, at peek times, the bathrooms get a little stinky and are untidy at times. But, Its not the staffs problem for lack of trying to keep up during peek times in the gym. Some people don't clean up after themselves...pigs! These are the same clowns that can't return their plates to the rack after use. There is a few, and if it wasn't for them the place would be spotless!

Cons: Stay way from peek time at 5pm then everything is as clean as a whistle, and there are no wait times for anything. Although, there is never really a wait time for cardio equipment.

Thoughts:Some of the other reviews I have read about cancelling and over charging. I cant comment on as I have never tried to cancel nor want too. I have never had any secret extra fees added to my credit card so there.
The staff are friendly. Pat the owner, since I met him in the trailer the first day, is a good guy, and straight up; tells you like it is. If you don't like that style then your probably one who writes bad reviews about him. As far as him being cheap, he brings in new equipment all the time, and the gym is good. Remember he is the Owner and has a business to run, he is not going to give shit away for
As for the rest of the staff, I have no complaints. Monika, the manager, is always nice easy to talk with. The rest of the staff all good and most are super friendly! (Todd, Carolyn, Bev in the mornings)
If you are serious and want to train hard, this gym is the place. As myself and other people compete out of this gym. Bodybuilding,male/female figure, fitness, bikini, amature, pro and the like. There is a wealth of people with knowledge in this gym. This doesn't mean go up and ask questions, as they may be training for competition. Most will have no problem answering questions after their workout. If you are there to look pretty, socialize, and talk on your phone while using the equipment then you are probably looking to join a Ron Z, or a Steve N, and countless other fluff gyms around Vancouver and lower mainland.
This is my 2 cents, Golds is all Good!

5/10 5.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/10

Reviewer: steve

Date: 11/25/2010

Pretty big facility with lots of space. Positives: lots of cardio equipment, locker availability, music (when not playing hiphop), I never dread coming for a workout Negatives: some folks are too quick to bump you off equipment instead of waiting for you to finish, often dirty washrooms and showers (almost hurt myself badly stepping into a shower where previous user left baby oil all over the tiles). But positives outweigh negatives.

7/10 7.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/10

Reviewer: Anthony Demare

Date: 3/28/2010

far superior in many ways, but except for tony and a couple others, the staff sucks. bathrooms are kind of grungy aswell. Best equipment going in any gym.

6/10 6.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/106.27/10

Reviewer: Elizabeth

Date: 12/26/2009

Except for Evelyn, believe all of the other reviews as the staff are all rude and snobby. Patrick is okay to deal with, but I think he works on his own schedule. Great equipment, reasonably cleanjust don't expect friendly service really. Billing can be an issue as the staff are not proactive in resolving the issue nor are they really even trained to answer any related questions.

5/10 4.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/104.87/10

Reviewer: mcec

Date: 11/23/2009

The staff are very rude. Sometimes billing problems come up on Gold's end that is no fault of mine, and when I try to discuss it with staff they tell me I'm wrong and are condescending about it; none of them listen.

4/10 3.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/10

Reviewer: Al

Date: 8/8/2009

The gym itself is not bad, but the owner Patrick is an absolute jerk. He is the worst person to be running a business and knows nothing about customer satisfaction. He's super cheap and won't pay extra for extra channels on the cardio machines. You get stuck with the 5 or 6 crappy channels with lots of static and snow in between. The customer service alone made me quit and I would rather pay 1.5 times the price at Steve Nash's Sports Club for a quality gym and great customer service!

8/10 7.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/107.87/10

Reviewer: Kris

Date: 8/8/2008

Very good gym. I've been going for two years now and it's one of the biggest gyms I've been to and it's very well maintained.

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