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Fredericton Uptown Centre Goodlife Fitness Club
1174 Prospect Street, Fredericton
Telephone: 506-455-2255

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Reviewer: milne.james.1986

Date: 12/14/2010

I worked for a new gym that opened in Fredericton New Brunswick in 2008 until 2009. With a bachelor of science in kinesiology and three years of experience as a university varsity athlete, I figured it would be a job I'd enjoy. They put me in an MC position to start off with. This is a "member coordinator", which is basically an underpaid janitor who occasionally gives tours of the gym. In the meanwhile, some of my colleagues were only hired because they did cocaine with the fitness manager prior to the gym's opening (according to the rumours), and were completely incapable of providing adequate training to any of the members. Others were hired because they are talented at their work, but Goodlife's remuneration for this skill and hard work was in no way sufficient. There was one day where I made just more than two dollars an hour. How is this possible, you ask? See below:

At goodlife, the employees are only paid based on how many hours they're 'active', even if they're doing gym tasks in their downtime. For example, as an MC, I would only be paid when I'm giving a tour (at the time it was 8.50 hourly). On one occasion in January, 2008, I worked two hours of tours in the morning, earning 17 dollars. I then had 4 hours off until my next tour, which I used to organize the weights, clean equipment and do that kind of thing. After this third tour, I had a long stretch of 'consults', which basically was me trying to hock PT sessions (we keep between 10 and 12 percent of the pretax sale as commission, but it's usually 10). None of these worked out (which was strange, as I was one of the higher selling members at the club), which meant I made no money for those hours of work. All told, I worked from 930am 10pm, and made a grand total of (drum roll)... 25.50 dollars. To save you the math, that's 2.04 dollars per hour.

The staff there hate their jobs (understandably.. even after I became a full time PT, I was only making on average between 7 and 12 dollars per hour, depending on the day. This was about average for my club). The fitness managers are either overzealous, undereducated jocks or people who might be nice people, but simply don't have any place in a gym. The management trainees (the people who sell the memberships) will fleece you for anything you're worth, and this practice more or less summarizes Goodlife's entire corporate strategy. This company's only redeeming factor is that the girls I worked with from the club opening committee were funny, kind, and adept at their work. This was fortunate, as they ended up having to step in and completely manage our club for the first three months (they usually leave after two weeks).

In short, don't work for or work out at Goodlife. As an employee, you'll be paid less than you would flipping burgers (trust me on this), and you'll be working with a lot of funny, smart and kind individuals who also happen to hate their jobs, which will bring you down on a daily basis. As a patron, you won't really be cared about by the staff To corporate, you're $ signs, but valueless after you're locked in. To Staff (PTs especially), we'll try to sell you sessions, but move on if you don't seem interested/don't seem like you can afford it. The reason we treat you this way is because we don't make nearly enough to be comfortable, and are across the board feeling pressure such luxurious amenities as bills/rent/buying food that our shitty jobs won't allow us to indulge in.

Don't go to Goodlife to work or to work out.

8/10 7.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/10

Reviewer: Edward Jenkins

Date: 4/2/2010

There's a horrible smell in the shower area and is constant for over 1 year now. Otherwise the gym is great.

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