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Family Fitness 24 Hour
1550 Upper James Street,, Hamilton
Telephone: 905.388.2725

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The average is score is 5.85
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The average is score is 3.54
The average is score is 3.46
The average is score is 5.77
The average is score is 5.77
The average is score is 4.38
The average is score is 3.92
The average is score is 4.92
The average is score is 5.46
The average is score is 4.62
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Member Reviews

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Reviewer: stan

Date: 5/8/2016

Cost of membership:too much
Pros:in my country
Cons:in my country
The best gym in the city is (and why): not this one

6/10 5.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/105.8/10

Reviewer: Mike

Date: 11/11/2010

I was a member of Champions gym on stonechurch road back in 1982. It then became family fitness at Upper Wentworth then at Upper james where it is now called Goodlife so I have been a member for over 28 yrs. The current gym has improved in the last number of years however still leaves much to be desired in some area's. The mens shower facilities are often very smelly due to inadequate ventilation. There is often traces of mold around the soap dishes, the toilets are not cleaned nearly enough to the point I never use them. The music in the gym is enough to drive you nuts, I am not 16 yrs old & do not wish to be subject to constant RAP,HIP HOP,DANCE music. I wish they would have consideration for something resembling rock music. The water fountains in the wight area of the gym are luke warm at all times and have been such for most of this year. Nobody seems to ever complain & if you do you might as well be talking to a barbell as nothing gets done. I had complained about the mould problem a few years back and it was in vain. The lockers are designed terribly (lack of space)& you have a major problem if anyone is next to you which is about 100% of the time. There have been many occasions where a weight machine has been out of order for a unreasonable time. As I said there have been improvements lately but it is still not enough. The old Champions Gym on stonechurch was in my opinion the best however I guess the current situation can be called progress?. Where is Mike Watson when we need him!

3/10 3.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/10

Reviewer: Alexandra

Date: 8/15/2010

My husband and I went to this gym on January 29, 2010 to become members, we paid upfront as requested, as was advised that we had a 10 day cancellation period if we were not satisfied. We were less then impressed. The machines looked filthy, some were clearly broken. We have been requesting a money back since Janaury 29th, 2010 and have no received a cent. We have gone in and spoke to someone directly twice, we have called numerous times, no one will assist. It has been almost 7 months now.

6/10 5.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/105.67/10

Reviewer: Sammy

Date: 7/5/2010

7/10 7.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/107.47/10

Reviewer: betty

Date: 5/8/2010

I used to work for this gym.. and i am sorry. but the staff is great anf friendly. it was after goodlife took over it went down hill. and goodlife took over fsamily fitness a year before they made changes. alot of the staff hated the changes and left, other hated and are staying, but they are not as happy as they were when it was family fitness. and yes the one cleaning girl at this location sucks. so you have to called the cleaning company that sends them over and complain to them, they are not empolyed with goodlife.

2/10 2.47/102.47/102.47/102.47/102.47/102.47/102.47/102.47/102.47/102.47/10

Reviewer: christine@hotmailLcom

Date: 5/6/2010

I have worked out since I was 16 and I'm 26 now, being a member of 3 gyms (1 exclusively woman, and 2 premier) I'm so embarrased of the upper james gym.. I live close and don't drive so I go there, the cleaning staff in upper wentworth (the woman) are AMAZING. The lady in upper james is rediculous! She doesn't do anything, lazy and I have seen her gossiping 3 times.. My mom cleans for a living, I'm actually very friendly to cleaners but this lady is horrible, no manners and I have seen her use the same towel she uses in the bathroom toilets in the sink and fountain.. I so upset about this and if it wasn't for how OLD my package is with a good discount I would of left.. The philthy place embarrases me and that's why I haven't recommended the place to ANY of my friends, I actually talk bad about the gym because its true. To have a successful business means taking care of the customers and and this gym is disgusting and I'm very upset that the owner is making premier fitness look like crap.. I respect the upper wentworth one specially the cleaning staff but unfortunately I don't drive.. Pick up the slack upper james cuz you guys STINK!

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: deepak

Date: 8/1/2009

8/10 8.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/108.47/10

Reviewer: alex

Date: 3/25/2009

7/10 7.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/107.4/10

Reviewer: sam Barrih

Date: 12/1/2008

Change rooms and sauna, showers, locker room and lockers are dirty discusting. Please clean these areas there has been alot of complaints about the above mentioned.

2/10 2/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/10

Reviewer: Cory

HA! i know it is the dirtiest place ever and the gym are gross. the bathroom is gross and the weights unorganized. however i dont care i have been goin 4 frE since the summer they dont swipe the cards no more so i just go in and they recognzie me and i dont pay its the worst gym ever but its free all you have to do is walk in and say helo. it sux alot it smells and the mens room worst ever but its free seriously and if they ask for a card just say its at home and dont came back free free free they are so dumb

3/10 2.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/102.6/10

Reviewer: aleshia

As a woman this gym is disgusting. Dirty, sweat stains on all the workout benches. Old cardio equipment. And the manager George is a complete asshole. I told him personnally about some of my issues as a woman and he would not cancel my plan even though they are far from clean and as a woman it is disgusting not to mention the mouse I saw run across the gym one night at the emergencies doors at the back. Unclean, and Unsuitable. Can't believe they charge similar to other gyms in town. I went to another facility and WOW just the change room alone at the other fitness center would of been worth the extra money. The cleaner smaller gym was Pheonix fitness just for the curios. As I am also still upset with Premiere for their double billing scam in the past. All I know is any lady out there. This is not a gym for you or me and any lady for that matter. I am surprised the men can even deal with it. A mouse in the gym.............................ooouuwww

3/10 3.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/103.07/10

Reviewer: 2

Dirty gym, seen mice in it, gum in sinks for 4 days in a row, mens sink in bathroom broke for over four months. overpriced, lots of weights on floor, uncooperative staff. All and all I had a terrible experience at this gym. I have been to many gyms all over and this is by far the worst kept and dirtiest gym. How do you leave the same peice of gum in a fountain for 3-4 more than once? Terrible. I highly recommend going elsewhere. This gym is subpar and for an extra ten dollars anywhere else you can get a clean gym with nice washrooms and up to date equipment.

7/10 7/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/107/10

Reviewer: Kelly

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