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Eclipse Fitness Club
20 Eglinton W, Toronto
Telephone: 416-483-1234

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Member Reviews

9/10 8.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/10

Reviewer: Fit One!

Date: 9/5/2011

Cost of membership: like everyone else
Pros: great spin classes. 2 hour free parking, great music
Cons: change rooms need face lift
The best gym in the city is (and why):

2/10 2/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/102/10

Reviewer: Suma Gahi

Date: 7/7/2011

Old, in serious need of repair, renovation, cleaning and management. Floor is covered with machine parts, garbage, bolts and screws that fell from equipment, broken junk, and weights. Machines are missing parts and bolts. The bolts that are still on are not tight and are coming apart. The barbells are BENT – YES, BENT AND CROOKED.
The change room is a disaster, the staff are indifferent, don't bother to complain since no one cares.
As the previous post stated:

2/10 1.67/101.67/101.67/101.67/101.67/101.67/101.67/101.67/101.67/101.67/10

Reviewer: Frogo

Date: 5/26/2011

Stay away from this place.

7/10 6.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/10

Reviewer: Runner

Date: 4/28/2011

I have been a member for years but just cancelled my membership as I moved. The gym is well equipped and had everything that I needed. This includes kettlebells, weights, and pulley attachments. The treadmills are great. One can run on the treadmill and watch TV with a monitor that does not make you dizzy. There are also flat screen TVs above and a good view of Yonge and Eglinton to distract you from the urge to jump off the treadmill. Not busy when I went but I used worked out on off hours.

4/10 4/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/104/10

Reviewer: Wayne Morrison

Date: 11/26/2010

Cost of membership:
Pros:At the time I used the facility it was never busy,friendly staff and guests.Good location.
Cons:Equipment was rundown,pads ripped,dumbells all over the floor,hard to find a pair that matched,congested weight lifting area,sometimes no towels available.I was only a member for a month before cancelling my membership.
Thoughts:The facility definitely needs a make over,needs more weight lifting equipment.
The best gym in the city is (and why): All gyms have their faults,I personally use all of the Extreme Fitness facilities.

4/10 3.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/103.67/10

Reviewer: Veronique

Date: 11/25/2010

Members are cheated by efforts of management to jam pack the gym, offering discounted rates and better deals to new members, without any talk of planning to expand the facilities. The changerooms are worn out and extremely cramped: only three functional shower stalls; wobbly faucets; mold smelling steamroom; bare minimum amenities... The qualified trainers who care about their work tend not to stick around due to poor working conditions and lack of support, once again to the detriment of the members. Bottom line, the members don't feel respected and don't get value for their money. I wouldn't recommend that gym. Eclipse has turned into nothing else than a business venture for its owner and management and it shows.

3/10 2.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/10

Reviewer: Robert Strong

Date: 9/22/2010

I am a member of Eclipse Yonge & Eglinton. My girlfriend likes the classes, but I work out with weights. I can tell you that the weights, barbells, dumbbells, machines, benches, etc. are in a terrible shape. No one maintain them and they are falling apart. Parts and screws are missing form benches and machines. There are not enough barbells to go around, so people constantly move them around from one bench or rack to another. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself if you know anything about weights.

9/10 9.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/10

Reviewer: NewMember

Date: 6/11/2010

This gym is a really good experience compared to previous gyms. Members who've been there a while don't know how bad it really is at other gyms. The staff are all great and know you personally if you want to be known. Lots of helpful advice. Equipment is the heart rate monitors for spinning that work on most other cardio machines. Very up to date!

2/10 2.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/102.27/10

Reviewer: Janice

Date: 4/6/2010

I guess things are so bad at Eclipse that they can only afford to advertise their club on a free review site (see previous comment 3/10/2010; who are they trying to fool?).

Let me give you some reality check after the enthusiastic marketer comment (oops, sorry, 5 year member). The place is dirty, the equipment is old and in terrible shape. Broken equipment is not fixed or replaced, the floor is falling apart, held with glue and duct tape, broken drywall everywhere. Do you like to run on a treadmill? Well if you are lucky, you will get on the one with good tv screen. Most likely you will step on one with such fuzzy tv signal that you can forget about watching tv.

Oh yeah, they have KKRRAANNKK whatever. Before you krank it a full cycle, it will be relegated to the pantheon of yet another fitness fad that no one cares about. It is so popular that they cancelled many Kkkranankek classes. Don't you know, they are the first club in Kanada with KraNNkk

How about being the last club in Canada with Kranka, but having a clean gym with well maintained equipment? Now that's a concept.

9/10 8.73/108.73/108.73/108.73/108.73/108.73/108.73/108.73/108.73/108.73/10


Date: 3/10/2010

club has really improved in the last year. i have been a member for over 5 years. free 2 hour parking is back, spin classes are awsome, TV screens in the spin rooms, they just got KRANK CYCLES at the club in January... apparently the first club in Canada to get them. Lots of room to stretch after your workout. They are located on the 2nd floor so the club is full of natural light

2/10 1.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/101.93/10

Reviewer: LAW

Date: 3/1/2010

I've tried twice to join this gym. The sales process was too aggressive and daunting for me.
The first time the gym was under construction and offered no price consideration.
The second time was Q1, 2010 on a Saterday. The place was crowded and dirty and that was just the enterence. The staff were talking about how busy and tired they were, hoping and planning to leave work early, not wanting to do anything other than the minimum. This is who I had my appointmnet with.
I wanted to see the gym post renovation.
I had been in a car accident and the insurance company had suggested I select a gym for a 3 month trial membership with personal training, to see if I could achieve greater pain relief through exercise.
The sales person was not willing to consider this as an 8th month membership is the mimimum they offer (period).
As I left, he started yelling at me!
I've heard of aggresive sales techniques but this So if you don't fit in their little box, they really are not interested in having you as a client.

That is two negative experiences for two. I can only emagine what members experience on a day to day basis.

4/10 4.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/10

Reviewer: quick fix

Date: 8/11/2009

I just called because I work in the building and want to try to fit a workout into my day. No trial period and when I asked how much 1 month was... $100 WTF that's nuts my old gym (a big chain) was only $35 a month with no commitment. This sucks

4/10 4.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/104.27/10

Reviewer: Jeff

Date: 7/27/2009

Always overbilled. This club is a disaster. Owner is always barking orders at staff and receptionists always complain about management. My year is up in September and I can't wait to go down the street. Trainers are friendly and will always lend a hand. Dont walk around barefeet in the showers they are rarely clean. And LOCK UR LOCKERs there is always breakins by the lockers area.

4/10 3.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/10

Reviewer: Dan

Date: 5/2/2009

First of all, note that “A”, who gave a glowing review on 7/5/2008, is probably the owner or one of his confidants. So, ignore this review.

I have been working out at Eclipse Yonge & Eglinton for a few years now, so here is my take on the Yonge & Eglinton gym:

The most fundamental problem with this gym is the incompetent and indifferent management. A gym must have a skilled manager on the floor day in day out. He/She should run the place on a daily basis and address and solve issues that arise and listen to customers. Unfortunately, the person is MIA. No one attends to problem, empowers the staff and ensures that customers are happy. Standards are very poor and indifference reins supreme. The stuff, as a reflection of management, does not take ownership or responsibility. They just do their “job” and nothing beyond.

Some examples:

The gym’s equipment is poorly maintained and repairs either take ages or never get done. No one goes with a set of tools on a regular basis and tighten screws, make small repairs, etc. Machines, barbells, dumbbells all have loose screws. Cable machines are sticky and only get repaired when the cable breaks completely. Numerous times weights fell down, cables snapped, exercise balls exploded midworkout. Sooner or later someone will get injured. At least a few years ago things used to get fixed when they bought new equipment, but now they stopped replacing old equipment and many of the machines and equipment are falling apart or in disrepair. One case in point, a benchpress (out of 2) broke. I swear to god; it sat broken for close to 3 years. Even now, the 2 benchpresses have been missing the screws that secure them tightly like for ever.

The gym cleanliness ranges between filthy to unclean, depending on the day.

Whenever you mention a problem to the receptionist, nothing ever happens and it never gets addressed. So don’t waste your time

Some genius manager took a whole bunch of very popular “bread and butter” machines like cable pulldown and leg extension, so now you have to wait even when the gym is empty. How can you have a single cable pulldown machine in a gym? Just shows you that the people who make decisions know nothing about working out in a gym. Yes, now we have large empty space that was supposed to be used as ‘functional areas’. Hmmmh?

To summarize, this is not a $65$80 a month gym. It’s more like a $20$30 a month gym at its current state.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Muhammad

Date: 1/28/2009

just wonderin.. could 14th yearz old kid join dis gym.. and how much they guta pay monthly/yearly?

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Muhammad

Date: 1/28/2009

just wonderin.. could 14th yearz old kid join dis gym.. and how much they guta pay monthly/yearly?

1/10 1.2/101.2/101.2/101.2/101.2/101.2/101.2/101.2/101.2/101.2/10

Reviewer: lena

Date: 10/1/2008

Worst customer service

8/10 7.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/107.93/10

Reviewer: A

Date: 7/5/2008

Inexpensive for the area, always clean, never overly busy, agreement with parking for members!!! free except Sundays (2.00) offers a solid variety of classes. Can't ask for anything more in a fitness club. Only pool. Been a member for over a year and wouldn't change.

7/10 7.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/107.2/10

Reviewer: Charlie

Date: 5/16/2008

I've worked out at this gym for about a year. It is clean and not too busy. I find staff friendly and the change rooms are usually clean.

5/10 5.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/10

Reviewer: The Beard

Date: 5/5/2008

This is a gym for a very specific crowd. If you're not a middleaged WASP, the staff will act like they're doing you a favour. Very disrespectful. The worst are the higherups, the ones who will register you. Avoid Lindsey. The patrons are the least friendly of any gym I've ever been to, absolutely no one talks to each other unless they come in knowing each other.
Eclipse's free weight area is very cramped, about the size of a living room or slightly smaller.

They also blast screeching loud R&B/hip hop. So unless you like that, you'll want to bring a MP3 player along.

I can't wait to join another gym. I would not recommend this gym to anyone.

9/10 8.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/10

Reviewer: sam

10/10 9.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/10

Reviewer: Iman Idiot

Really improved since some snotty trainers quit. Love the staff and the classes are amazing. Heard they are expanding and going to open up somewhere close to King and Yonge.

10/10 9.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/109.6/10

Reviewer: joey cheffy

Best gym i've ever been at and i used to be really fat.

9/10 9.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/10

Reviewer: peter reilly

Best spin classes i've ever taken.

10/10 9.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/109.73/10

Reviewer: john kin

Excellent place. Not too busy, all friendly and always clean. Don't negotiate on price which is impressive these days...

8/10 8.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/108.4/10

Reviewer: claudio martine

2/10 1.73/101.73/101.73/101.73/101.73/101.73/101.73/101.73/101.73/101.73/10

Reviewer: john

gay gym, village people who never put equipment away, hard pressed to get a hello from front desk person, chronicically depressed

5/10 4.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/104.8/10

Reviewer: danny

Been a member for over a year. The only thing that works for me is the location. The receptionist are great but don't ask to speak to the owner. I had my locker broken into a few times and but nobody seemed to care. When the machines are working great but if repairs need to be done be prepared to wait at least 3 months. Changerooms are a little dungy and the showers need a make over. Never go barefeet(gross). I have freinds paying a different price than myself so ask around to get the best deal. Staff seem to be constantly changing. Can never seem to find someone to assist when I'm working out. Never crowed though - don't know if this is a good thing or not. My advise - shop around, there are 2 other clubs within walking distance. I'm paying 63/m

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