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Bloor Park Club The
8 Park Road, Toronto
Telephone: (416) 922-1262

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Member Reviews

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Gil

Date: 5/18/2012

Lost a SD card in the locker room. Probably fell off from my shirt pocket. If found pls call or text me on 4168187163. Thanks.

2/10 2.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/10

Reviewer: sheley

Date: 10/7/2011

Cost of membership:Too high for Goodlife low standards
Thoughts: Very poorly run
The best gym in the city is (and why): Really bad gym, dont bother. I moved in the area for the convenience of a gym but wrong choice. This place sucks, has huge management and staff turnover. Maintenance staff rule the place, what they say goes. Really bad attitude. Once amenities i.e. towels, sanitizer, shampoo, soap, kleenex run out, you need to wait for weeks. Lazy maintenance staff see how they work. Equip not functioning half the time, takes long to repair. Filthy towels that have been trampled over and placed with the clean batch. Some days towels seem like not washed, just refolded. Place is not cleaned well. Weights scattered around.

4/10 3.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/103.93/10

Reviewer: Jon

Date: 10/5/2011

Cost of membership: Too high for what you get
Pros: location
Cons: Badly managed
Thoughts: Rubbish
The best gym in the city is (and why): Definitely not the best gym in the city. Period. Filthy towel service, you should see the folding process. Now they are giving one towel at reception. ONE towel. How can you workout with only one towel which you most definitely need to lie on given the sweaty benches? Besides included in the fee is a $23 towel fee. Something really wrong with this management.
Maintenance staff with big attitude. Dont try to ask for anything as they will bark. And bite.
Equipment out of order for months. Somedays music is so loud, you cant even drown into your own.
TV does not tune to stations or it has so much static you might as well just not watch.
New manager is unapproachable and if you complain he tells you how great Bloor park is. Hello, who is paying the high fee here? Totally oblivious to customer service. He needs to go which they all do within 6 months anyways.
This club has always been bad since Goodlife took over from Sports clubs. When this happened we continued paying the high fee when Goodlife members, some of them paying $13 month. Which means the Sports club members are supporting the low paying Goodlifers. Then why do we have to go through all this bullshit?
Please dont join this rubbish club because altho it has space and location, it is not well maintained and management sucks.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: justaguy

Date: 8/30/2011

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why):

7/10 6.67/106.67/106.67/106.67/106.67/106.67/106.67/106.67/106.67/106.67/10

Reviewer: Dan

Date: 7/31/2011

Cost of membership:
Pros:Easily accessible, lots of equipment, good atmosphere in the gym, quiet.
Cons: Lockers are too crowded and small. No hooks and not enough supervision to ensure people clean up after themselves (lots of fre weights lying around, dirty towels left, machines not wiped down). Hire someone to return weights to proper racks at the end of the day.
Thoughts: It is a good place and i have never seen sexual activiity happening. I know it does because others tel me vut i stay out of the steam room. If someone is cruising me, i ignore them and only once i told a man to loomk elsewher instead of in my shower stall. People need to speak up. Most guys don't wanyt a bath house mentality going on. The lockers ned to be single lockers from floor to ceiling. Not stacked above each other. aLSO, BENCHES SHOULD BE IN THE CENTER OF THE ROOM, NOT BELOW THE LOCKER. (tAKE A LOK AT THE GOD LIFE IN SAULT STE MARIE. tHEY DID IT RIGHT.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

Reviewer: Goodlife Fitness Head Office

Hello Ė We have read the comments below and wanted to take this opportunity to talk about what kind of environment we are trying to provide at our Toronto Bloor Park Club.

It is our priority to create a safe and positive atmosphere in our clubs, so that all of our members can have an optimum environment in which to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Any sexual acts taking place within the club are inappropriate and prohibited. If you witness a situation like any of those described in these blogs posts, please inform the management team immediately. Any members that are caught performing inappropriate acts will have their memberships revoked immediately. We have measures in place in the club to supervise the facilities to ensure that our members are safe. In addition, we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to communicate our policies around appropriate behaviour to our members.

5/10 4.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/10

Reviewer: Asta La Vista

Date: 3/20/2011

The workout equipment is arranged in an awkward and therefore hazardous manner. Small adjustments are made continuously all over the place so it keeps getting worse. Plan for injuries. The whole point of it all is to make more and more room for the trainers and their clients. As if this wasn't enough space, they also use the stretching areas say goodbye to a relaxing post workout cool down. All the best trainers have left and the remaining ones all give the same formulaic workouts. Over twenty day use only lockers have had locks on them for over three months. This makes it difficult to find a locker and youíll have to wander all over the change room before you might find one. The lockers themselves are the smallest possible and the hooks have fallen out of most of them. So after stuffing all your clothes in these you will have some extra ironing and cleaning to do. The steam sauna, the dry sauna and the showers are popular cruising areas. The continuous movement between these three areas makes winding down impossible. The cruisers are pudgy, out of shape and ugly Ė they need to work out more and spend less time in the Good Life Bathouse. Witnessing sex acts taking place is not a pleasure. Nor is catching the guy sitting next to you jerking off. Or witnessing blow jobs. Make sure you keep one eye open and watch where you step and sit. Workout equipment remains broken for months. The music is horrible and played on tiny loudspeakers too loudly which makes it sound even worse. You will have to turn up the volume on your own device to drown it out. Life expectancy for managers is six months Ė one year maximum. Which means a new manager has to learn all over again how to run a gym Ė if they ever learn at all. Ongoing problems with high temperatures and humidity means you will break out in a sweat from even a light workout wearing moisture wicking clothes. Also there are problems with providing oxygen in the air so you will not be able to workout anywhere close to your maximum. The showers keep breaking so there will often be lineups. The Good Life plumbing contractors couldnít figure out how to fix the leaking hot tub after two years and a reconstruction so they just closed it. And to top it off, as you enter the gym you will have to run a gauntlet of Good Life employees who will try to bribe you for a referral with some cheap prize like a chance at a $100 gift certificate from Holt Renfrew. All this and more occurs with various degrees of intensity at various times but you can be rest assured that there will always be something that will interfere with you reaching your fitness goals. You might try mentioning any problems to the Good Life Staff or even contact head office but nothing will be done and eventually you will give up. All the comments here noting the decline from when Good Life took over from Sports Clubs of Canada are correct. I would add that the decline hasnít stopped. It just keeps gets worse. This place is dying. Iíve abandoned all hope. Iím leaving. Fast.

5/10 5.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/10

Reviewer: 4daysaweek

Date: 12/11/2010

Cost of membership:$38 every two weeks
Pros: Staff are friendly
Cons: Some showers are broken, whirlpool doesn't work, and steamroom closes 45 minutes before closing time.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

3/10 3.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/10

Reviewer: Gayle Charambura

Date: 10/29/2009

After almost a decade as a member of this gym location, the conditions have degraded so badly that I felt forced to quit and join another gym, to protect my health.
When this location was under Sports Clubs of Canada, there was a sincere passion for fitness; everyone cared about the members. Since being consumed by the Goodlife organization, the good people have been stifled with many just leaving.
The equipment has been allowed to run down to the level where a piece is not replaced if it can be patched to work. So many items are shredding or damaged, it's hard to find decent workout equipment. Little things like clocks not working is bad, especially when staff is told day after day about these items. Outdated activity postings left hanging on walls or boards.
The fees are much higher than at other gyms with comparable or better facilities.
Trainers receive a much smaller percentage from the training fees charged by the club for members.
If you give your notice that you are quitting, your privileges are terminated immediately, even if you have outstanding training sessions to be used and even if you have just been charged your monthly fees.
As for the cleanliness, the building has been having extremely serious water issues with floodings in the women's change area, and a majority of the ceiling in most of the women's changing area is leaking, with towels and large white buckets placed all through the area. This issue has been ongoing for months now with no resolution in sight. I am positive that if the health inspector was called and the flooring was pulled up, there would be mould found, and I don't think that is a very healthy environment.
Earlier, there was only one toilet available for women with only a thin shower curtain as the door while the floor was being fixed, and this mess went on for a week. You can't know if someone was on the toilet without calling out.
Bottom line for this location and this organization, Goodlife:
There are some very good people, staff, left over from the Sports Clubs of Canada days that are just hanging on. These people have made it hard for me to decide to quit this gym but I value my health more.
If you want a well equiped gym that is clean, and well maintained, I would pass on this location, Bloor Park.
After a decade at this gym, the location had become a habit. I am now at a gym that reminds me of what Sports Clubs of Canada before Goodlife Fitness steamrolled in. Awesome to be at a gym again that cares about the members and their fitness.

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Mikael

Date: 10/15/2009

This club has become as a known place to go and have gay sex. Other members along with myself have reported over and over again these complaints to the different mangers that they seem to keep changing and nothing has stop the sex activities within the club. It is outrageous, and humiliating as these acts are happening in an adjacent shower stall, steam room and Sauna where other members are using.

5/10 4.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/104.67/10

Reviewer: Cate

Date: 10/3/2009

This Club has gone downhill since Goodlife took over. It is still a nice spacious, welllaid out Club...but...They are packing in so many people that we are having to share that gym with people paying lower fees who feel entitled to the same privileges as those paying full membership fees. There is an increase of dirty, obese members who leave the machines dripping with sweat and very few members wipe down their machines properly after use. There is an increase of senile hostile old women using this club, who act as if they have first priority over everything and who are very rude to and picking on the younger members, especially in the changeroom. The new members are hogging 23 pairs of weights at the same time, and not letting others borrow the weights for one set. They are limiting access to other members. This Club was much nicer, tidier, and cleaner when the majority of members were gay. I am not gay, and no one bothered me when I was using that Club. I hardly use this Club anymore. The new members are disgusting. They are like "gym flies", hanging out, and not seriously there to exercise. They are taking up space and annoying people who are there to exercise. Sadly, this Club is becoming a "meat marketasylum" for charity cases. I'd like to know where the dedicated bodybuilders and weightlifters workout.

5/10 5.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/105.47/10

Reviewer: LockerStud

Date: 8/11/2009

I've heard that this is a hotspot for tittyeffing... not the adipose feminine kind though, the overmuscular manboob kind.

6/10 6.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/106.13/10

Reviewer: Jacob

Date: 5/28/2009

the people are very friendly and never have to wait for equipment.

8/10 8.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/108.07/10

Reviewer: Biff

Date: 12/30/2008

It's a really nice club. Natural lighting in a large part of the gym. Good assortment of equipment. A bit busy 57pm week days. Monday the busiest day. Like the general pblic,most people are nice have not seen anyone being harrassed.

5/10 5.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/10

Reviewer: Daniyyel

Date: 11/13/2008

Within this club at any time of the day and night one will find men having sex with other men in the shower stalls, Steam room and Sauna. Sexual harassment and assault is widespread. I was alone in my gymís steam room when another man entered and started to masturbate openly and without concern about whether I was comfortable with it or not. After a few minutes of avoiding the man and hoping he would get the picture, I turned to him and asked him to stop. I am gay, but this manís behaviour was in no way provoked and was the most degrading experience of my life. The fact I was naked does not mean I had given up my personal freedom.

5/10 5.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/10

Reviewer: Charles

Date: 9/14/2008

With all sexual activity in the wet area this club at times is like a bathhouse catering to gay men. I am sure some of the sexual activity violate the City Sanitary Code. What a shame it has a wonderful facility. I'll cancel my membership when my contract expires in a month.

5/10 4.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/104.6/10

Reviewer: holy cow

Date: 9/14/2008

This place is a total mess since Goodlife took over. I was miss billed and they tried to tack on mysterious late fees and couldn't explain why. I paid for towel service and almost always had to wait for towels to show up. Even at off peak times like 3PM on a weekday they'd be out of towels.

Change area is a mess, gross members wet towels, spill protien shakes on floor staff doesn't bother to clean up. There was seriously a protein shake spilled underneath a bench that stayed there for 3 days! Disgusting. There's people that go there just to hang out and try to have sex in the wet areas. It can be like a bathouse at times there. What a shame it used to be a really great club.

5/10 5.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/105.07/10

Reviewer: Dave

Date: 9/12/2008

I have been a member of Bloor Park Club here in Toronto for two months and, have witnessed some of the most gross sexual activities happening in this club. It is a place to go if you like getting harassed.

6/10 6.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/106.4/10

Reviewer: AMG

This gym has been taken over by Goodlife & it has gone downhill. They are trying to pack more people into the facilities, and the new GoodLife members don't really seem to be there to work out--just be seen in their lululemon outfits and do a class. The complimentary products are cheaper (except they are now providing real shavecream in the women's shower), and they don't seem to want a woman to use more than a subway token sized amount of hair conditioner. I'll continue to go there for at least the length of my contract, as it is convenient for work/subway, but it's been a big disappointment since the takeover.

9/10 9.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/109.07/10

Reviewer: TK

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