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What do most Life Time Fitness Centers have?

Name of Service Click if Available Name of Service How many Available? (approx)
Swimming Squash
Nutrition Center # of Tanning Beds
Aerobic Classes # of Tennis Courts
Spinning Classes   # of Treadmills
Personal Training   # of Rowing Machines
Towel Service   # of Steppers
Track   # of Ellipticals  
Massage Therapy   # of Bikes  
Freeweights   Approx Square Feet:  
Machines   # of Other Gyms which you can use your membership  
Air Conditioning Free Parking
Hours of Operation
(How many hours of the week is it open?)
(lowest plan for an average general public adult without any money down per month)

Life Time Fitness Locations or Health Clubs

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Life Time Fitness Clubs and Workout Centers

Keeping yourself fit has lots of benefits. But, one benefit that we can consider the most important among all the benefits is the change in perspectives that a fit person undergoes. Once you are fit, you will be a different human being and you will have loads and loads of energy and your attitude towards life changes. Life Time Fitness is one place where you can get all the guidance and the necessary equipments so that your journey to attaining fitness remains effortless and comfortable. Life Time Fitness has provided all the necessary set-up for any kind of people.

What is unique about Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness has got hundreds of the latest cardiovascular and weight machines, indoor/outdoor water parks with waterslides, sport courts and rock climbing caverns, classes that are both creative and refreshingly new, instructors and trainers, superb Child Center for kids ages 3 mos. to 11 yrs., 24-hour access, free lockers and towels, memberships which suit any budget. 

Life Time Fitness delivers Total Health to their clients in three primary areas:  Wellness Solutions and Consulting, Benefits Consulting Services and our National Fitness Network. All three combine to give proficient population-based assessment and engagement programming.

Life Time Fitness History

Life Time Fitness has been providing total health to its clients for the past 15 years. It possesses 15 years experience in Consumer Driven Health Plans. It was the first fitness center to introduce an incentive-based fitness program.  Life Time Fitness boasts its own Health Insurance Consultants, Coaches, Medical Assistants, Personal Trainers, Registered Dieticians and Experts from Mayo Clinic. The innovative methods employed by Life Time Fitness ensured improved employee health, morale and productivity.


The atmosphere you get for your workouts at Life Time Fitness is second to none. You will get a comprehensive workout with Life Time Fitness Group Fitness programs and that also in a class that is both friendly and at the same time one that energizes you to do your workouts as efficiently as possible. You can also join special courses that combine cardiovascular training with strength training, stretching and sports-driven functionality.

You can do your workouts in the company of your friends and the social environment created. The social environment will help you to go through your workouts without feeling a lot tired and exhausted. It also makes sure that you stick to your Life Time Fitness Group Fitness program and makes the workouts a habit in your life. Life Time Fitness boasts some of the premier instructors available in your locality. These outstanding instructors make the classes as interesting as you can imagine. You also get the luxury to choose a course that goes well along with the fitness level and experience you have.

We also offer you LifeStudio, which is a place perfectly built for practicing yoga and Pilates. It gives you an excellent setting for your practice and you will get all the piece and calmness you want. Even though it is part of a larger club, LifeStudio gives all the care you need. You will definitely enjoy the small class sizes and the service provided by the specially trained instructors. All these things make your practice a fantastic experience indeed.

Life Time Fitness Personal Trainers are your ultimate companions when it comes to launching and sustaining an effective exercise program. They get you out of any kind of troubles you encounter while you are going through your exercise program and their friendly approach ensures that your fitness concerns are no longer a major issue. The safety they provide and the pace at which you achieve results really makes it a refreshing experience for you.

Personal Trainers at Life Time Fitness

A national professional association has certified all the Personal Trainers at Life Time Fitness. A Personal Trainer has far-reaching impacts on you apart from the fitness aspect. A Personal Trainer can help you raise your confidence and resolve to a level that you would never thought you would be able to achieve in your life.

Understanding and sticking to a balanced diet and thus answering your nutrition needs is as significant as following the right Personal Training program. The Nutrition Coaching services provided to you by Registered Dietitians will solve all your problems related to this.

The National Weight Control Registry says that 89% of people who succeeded in shedding 30 or more pounds and kept it off for at least one year achieved their goals through a combination of both diet and exercise. Only 10% managed to find success utilizing diet alone, and only 1% managed to find success employing exercise alone. The signal is clear and unmistakable, if you desire to lose your extra weight, optimizing your nutrition is extremely crucial.

So, what you need to do is get into one of the Life Time Fitness centers and realize your dreams as soon as possible. You are definitely going to have an excellent time with them.

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