How to Choose a Gym or Health Club

Choosing a Gym or Health Club

Have you ever walked by a fitness health club and wondered if it would be a place for you?  Have you watched thin women on the best exercise bikes and felt embarrassed about the idea of working out next to them?  The truth is there is a fitness health club for everyone and, after a little homework; you'll be able to find one for you.


First, you'll want to check out are the monthly fees.  Some private clubs can cost more than a hundred dollars a month, while the YMCA is generally half that cost for monthly fees.  Ask the individual at the membership desk what the rates are.

Community centers are another option for the budget minded fitness person. Most centers have exercise programs and weight rooms for most people allowing you to get a quality workout without paying an arm and a leg.


Location is a key element. Is the club close to home, on the way to or from work, in a busy area? Not much point if you never make it there. A busy lifestyle with children or working hours requires some consideration. You'll want to inquire about childcare and hours of operation of the facility.


Overcrowding is a big thing at health clubs. While you won't want to exercise alone, you definitely don't want to try and exercise with a crowd as this takes time. Check out different times during the day for quieter periods that may make exercising quicker if you find it is too busy.

After the trip to the exercise room, you'll want to see what they offer for weight training. A good health club should have weight machines, benches and plenty of free weights. There should be machines for working your upper and lower body parts as well as abdominal and back muscles. Make sure everything is clean and well kept. Weights should be organized and they shouldn't be lying all over the place.

Check out the walking track and make sure it is made of an absorbable material. Also take a look at the basketball court. There should be balls available and nets up for practicing basketball or for playing a pickup game. Lastly, spend a little time in the pool. Check the pool temperature to make sure it is set up for doing laps. See if there is a Jacuzzi or hot tub. Check the facility for steam rooms or saunas. A good club should have many of these amenities available for its customers.


If you're satisfied with the equipment, another thing you want to check out are the classes offered. Do they offer swimming classes? How about spinning class for those bikers? There should be aerobics and yoga classes that don't cost much or anything extra but are available at times that will be convenient for you. Be sure to check out the costs of the programs as some are part of your membership and some are not, adding costs to your budget.

What about a trial membership?

Sometimes health clubs will offer you a trial membership.This is a great idea to see if the facility will fit your lifestyle. Be sure to workout normally like you would if you we paying for a full membership. Check on the cancellation policy and see how much the joining fee is. This way you will avoid any surprises if you decide to join. 


Not all fitness health clubs are the same. You need to look at several choices to see the differences between them. Some are higher quality than others and simply offer more for their clients. You need to decide if the cost is giving you the kind of fitness experience you have been looking for. All of these things come to play when you are looking for the right club.

About the Author:
Scott Gray is currently a fitness enthusiast and freelance writer who enjoys providing health and fitness tips to consumers. He maintains a fitness tips web site where you can find information about getting in shape, losing weight and how to live a healthy life style.

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