How to Cancel a Gym Membership Contract

Cancelling a Gym Membership

PenCancelling a gym membership can be a very long and frustrating task. Getting through to the head office of your health club can be difficult and finding the answers fast enough to avoid rebilling is extremely hard. 

I can't tell you how many times we hear: “I can’t get out of my gym contract!” or “They are still billing me when I cancelled!”  Here is the what you did.  You signed up with the gym and signed a contract that you read right?  Well, in that fine print there are details on how to get out of your contract including:

  • How much you’ll have to pay if you leave early.
  • The process of breaking the contract and the requirements to avoid re-billing.

Here are your rights as a consumer

Here are your customer rights

Tips for entering and exiting a gym membership

1. Pay with a cheque and do not sign-up using your credit card  

This is the most important thing you’ll read here.  That way if there are issues you can easily stop payment rather than them just rebilling your credit card.  Look, we know it’s easier but if you think there is any chance you’re going to quit before your contract expires then do it. 

2. 14 days! 

Most gyms require 14 days to cancel your membership.  You must give 14 days notice if you are going to cancel your membership with regards to billing cycles.  (This detail is in your contract! Check yourself!) This rule must be included with ‘Poor health’, ‘Relocation’ or some other exiting excuse.

3. Google the gym

Chances are that you found by Googling  ‘how to cancel a contract’, but why not Google the gym you go to and see if there is any class action lawsuits already in progress.  You might just be able to take part.

4. Sell the membership

Many gyms allow you to sell the membership to someone else, you can always put it on craigslist to try your luck before you end up paying the full amount to get out of your contract.

5. Relocation  

Some gyms say that if you relocate more than 15 miles away (note that this is usually measured by direct distance, not driving on a road) from the nearest club.  You may then be asked to produce a hydro/water or whatever statement saying that you have left your current location.

6. Poor Health 
Most contracts in Canada and USA state that if you physically can’t attend the gym you may exit the contract but you will require a doctor’s note stating so.

7. Write a letter to cancel your contract.

One requirement of most gyms is that you write a letter to their ‘office’ with the details.  This applies to contracts that are month to month. If you are in a 'year' contract you may have to use the above techniques. We have made a template for you below:

Sample and More Resources 

Sample cancellation letter

Discuss your problem with other members

Want to read more? 

THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  Consult your lawyer for ALL LEGAL ADVICE. takes NO responsibility for any kind of issues resulting from reading this website; this article is merely ‘ideas’ to look into with your own legal professional.  EXIT NOW IF YOU INTEND TO USE THIS AS LEGAL ADVICE.  The fine print of your contract will provide the details of your own personal situation.

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