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Name of Service Please Rate
Customer Service
Considerations : Friendly, quick to find your answers, smile, do they know your name? =10
Need to search for answers, short abrupt staff= 1
Quality of Equipment
State of the art (computerized) and new = 10
Used and worn = 1
Never dirty, smelly, no garbage on the ground = 10
Dirty floors, smells, garbage = 1
Do they have many mirrors/clean? =10
No Mirrors (and uncleaned) = 1
Abdominal/Stretch Area
Do they have a clearly defined stretch/ab area?= 10
Stuck away underneath a staircase= 1
Water Fountains
Do they have multiple fountains all chilled?= 10
Often broken, too busy, warm fountains= 1
More than enough superclean autoflush toliets, clean floor/counters, perfect smell, never dirty= 10
Gross, smelly bathrooms= 1
More than enough lockers, mirrors, clean floor/counters, perfect smell, never dirty, breakins are never a problem= 10
Gross, smelly changerooms, bad design= 1
Parking Availability
More than enough parking right beside the gym, 10 second walk into the facility= 10
paid parking, hard to get spaces= 1
Bright lighting which compliments the atmosphere= 10
Dull lighting, some bulbs are burnt out= 1
Music/ Entertainment
play music, have a cardio theatre, draws, raffles, tournaments? = 10
no music, nothing to look at while training, no draws, no raffles= 1
Provided with free hand sanitizer, free towel service, shampoo etc.= 10
N o extras with your membership= 1
Staff are friendly, members are friendly, you enjoy being at there becuase of how friendly everyone is= 10
Staff are not friendly, members are not friendly, you hate going= 1
How Busy is it?
The gym isn't busy at all, you've never had to wait for equipment EVER= 10
Difficult time getting onto equipment, if you dont reserve it: forget it.= 1
Payment Plans
Excellent payment plans, you are satisfied with the price and they have no problems with payment= 10
It's a hassle, overbilled, too expensive etc. = 1

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