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I have tried to get to 85% HRmax when doing cardio workouts on crosstrainers, but the problem is I seem to have acquired such a low heart rate through years of fitness training, I can't seem to get to this rate. I am trying to vary my workout to avoid a training plateau. Any advice for being able to get to a high and challenging cardio zone?


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1/22/2008 2:05:53 PM
Humm; that's a very interesting situation and I've not heard it before.

You didn't say that you're not reacing your weight loss or sport-specific goals -- so I will assume that you are not reaching your goals.

If mediation is not causing your low heart rate it sounds like you're on the right track -- vary your workout method. Running at full-speed or spinning at full-speed would seem to be the most aerobic!

Also, though, remember that machines are not always the most accurate when detecting heart rates or zones.

Maybe focus more on getting an intensity level of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 rather than trying to get a reading on your heart rate.

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