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Hello! I'm new to the forum...just looking on advice on how to optimize my work out plan :)

As it stands I'm doing fitness classes or jogging on my lunch hour 5 days a week...there are resistance training as well as cardio classes.

I've been doing a little exercise in the morning before work for quite some time and what I used to to was 15-20 mins of weights (alternating upper body and lower body daily) followed by about 30 mins of light cardio. Now that I'm doing these classes I'm not sure if I should either still be doing this in the morning or should I just do more cardio and not the weights? I want to maximize the benefits of course so I'm not sure what would be best!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!


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6/1/2010 7:08:01 AM
Hey don't exercise too much..must listen
to your body also...see if you are
overdoing it or something... but wow..that
is one strict routine... impressive.

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2/27/2010 9:37:52 AM
Thanks so much for the reply! I'm sort of in the process of changing my routine right now because my schedule has changed a little. What I'm planning on doing from now on is a full body resistance training work out Monday(at lunch), Wednesday and Friday(after work). I'm sort of following the X-treme lean plan (from the Iron man Institute). I'm also joining a running group Monday nights, and I plan on doing a cardio work out (most likely jogging) for about 40 minutes Thursday and Friday as well at lunch. Tuesdays I also do pilates on my lunch break. As for Saturday and Sunday I haven't really made a plan for those days yet.
I would say I'm in fair shape right now and I'm definitely looking to push it. Thanks for any input!

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2/27/2010 9:28:31 AM
I'd like to help but your post is fairly vague, what exactly do these classes involve?

What do you do in your weight sessions?

More importantly, what is your current level of fitness like and how intense are your various exercise sessions for you?

It may be a good idea to ask your questions to whoever is taking your classes as they presumably know how much more you personally can/can't handle.

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