Nutrition | When do i eat?

I finally have the exercise portion of my fitness down and have made it part of my daily routine. I know that diet is key to sucess and am trying to figure out when to eat. MY goal is continued muscle gain and fat loss. I work out in the morning as soon as I get up. I can't move my workout time but I need to figure out when I am supposed to eat. It seems like everything I am reading is for afternoon workouts. I am certainly not by myself in the morning at the gym, so I know others are struggeling with this also.


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Myfit Moderator
Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
4/28/2008 9:50:48 AM
Not quite sure if this is what you are working out but like in the afternoon, the morning workouts you want to eat from a half hour to an hour after you workout. Just make sure that when you are eating protien that is complete protein..

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