Weight & Fat Loss | What, how, how much?, plz help

okay heres the scoop!! i weigh 220 pounds. i should weigh 170 pounds. i so badly want to get to that again.
Now i did find a personal trainer once, and don't get me wrong she was great since i never been in a gym before.
but all she did was run though stuff and never really got into cardio with me.
Now i have been looking through exercise programs on this web site and i find myself lost.
basically i am looking for a step by step walk through somethingi can follow something that will show results in weight loss and muscle gain. could someone point in me the right direction plz.

now heres the oher problem i am having, i love to eat lol i am a chef and i just love eating. but i been trying to cut bad badly
and i have, but it is easyer for me to follow a step by step program that will alow me to cut back on food intake and well everything that
produces fat.. i been more or alot paying attention to callory intake and i try to limit it to 500-1500 cal a day but trust me it is hard
since you really don't eat much lol. now i have also seen meal plans on here and i am lost again on trying to figure out what is what.
basically i am trying to find one that wil hel greatly with weight loss... could someone help point me in the right direction? plz i'm on my knee's :)


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1/16/2009 1:49:17 PM
Hi! My understanding is that you would want to lose your weight for a longer period then 1-2 months. When the body is being "mechanically" reduced on calories, it gets the weight back and more as soon as people start to eat again. Why this is happening? It is simple. Imaging that we have some kind of inventory system where our body checks the intake. Example, we need XYZ nutrients at predetermined of amount of each, like 10X/20Y/100Z. We consumed 6X/0Y/50Z. The body is using the stored nutrients to compensate the shortage (at this point you are loosing your weight), but with a notice "in the book" to get extra when it will be possible. So, after a few months when you finished dieting and starting eating, your body will get required 10X/20Y/100Z and store extra XYZ for the future. This is one of the reasons people can not keep the weight after the diet ends. So, you have chosen the above path, keep in mind that your diet never stop and you have to always count your calories for the rest of your life. Also, your body is the best nutritionist, i.e. only your body knows which nutrients and how much would you need. Just do not forget that beside you appearance, you also maybe thinking about your health. I will put the “etc” on the last thought.

When it comes to dieting I suggest to following:
1. Intake
a. Give your body all the required nutrients. Here are two thoughts: all the food we have is diminished in nutrients. So, an appropriate food supplements is required. The best I found is BioSuperFood. I was trying to similar, but I could not so far. You can find more information on Google or check the or call the numbers on the site.
b. Drink a lot of water. Preferably before and after your meals
c. Eat alone and in the quiet place where you can concentrate on what you are eating. Ask yourself after each “spoon” if you would want more. Your body will let you know when to stop. It will come with a little practice and usually takes up to a week. Please, do not confuse the craving for the favorite food with body craving for nutrients.
d. You will eat less, but more often. Try to make not less then 3 hours spaces between the meals.
e. Do not eat 3-4 hours before the sleep time.
2. Increase an amount of exercise. It could be a gym or parking your car a few blocks further or anything else.
3. Adopt positive attitude. This maybe the most important point then all the above speech. This may sound foreign to you, but I have seen people loosing weight only after they accepted themselves the way they are. Remember, you can NOT change anything you judge. We have been told and thought differently, but not everything we have been thought is working, isn’t it? If you have more questions, let me know.

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1/11/2009 7:04:24 PM
hey i'm going through a program right
now which is pretty good. I didnt have
a serious weight issue just needed to
lose 40 pounds or so and this one made
it happen for me. It talks about both,
exercises and diet. Really useful and
makes sense IMO.

Feel free to check it out:

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1/9/2009 6:35:59 PM
I started training Muay Thai as a way to get my body in shape. Guess what? I lost 15 pounds in 2 months! I am felling a lot better, i have a very good work out on a 1 hour and a half class and i work all the muscles of my body! I got muscles definition, i am a lot more powerfull, more confident and i fell more secure too. I strongly recomend the cardio work out. I specifically train at Renegade Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym and i love it! Also i made a lot of new friends ;)

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