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Hi! i need to shape up myself, want to gain weight and muscles. Should i start taking suppliments from day one?


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Personal Trainer
4/4/2003 12:41:31 AM
Ok first of all I think there is a slight "misconception" with regards
to the term "supplement". Supplements are just that- they supplement the
calories and nutrients from food. So, if you can't consume 5-6 meals a day,
like Evolutionmonkey points out, nutritional supplements such as weight gain
powders MAY be helpful. For example a shake made with weight-gain powder
might contain upwards of 1000kcals which might require the
consumption of a huge volume of 'natural' food to get the same
caloric intake. I agree that certain body types have a faster
METABOLIC RATE than others and hence have more difficulty gaining
mass; however, the basic principle behind weight gain remains: increase in
mass is possible only with a positive caloric balance. So, as long as you
are eating more than you're burning, you're going to gain weight. Forget all
the cheesy gimicks that magazines portray, a calorie is a calorie. The trick
is just to make sure you are getting enough calories and enough protein (through
food or supplementation) to sustain muscle growth.

From the sounds of it, your research is being conducted
on the basis of magazines and not through actual valid studies. (Ie. pub med)
If you would like to find out how to go about researching a supplement for its
effectiveness and usefullness don't hesitate to ask.

However, I would like to thank you for the interesting and useful reply.
I believe that many people will benefit from this stimulating conversation. =)

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4/2/2003 3:06:15 AM
Screw the supplements,Weight Gain and Protein Powders DON'T work as many claim and will have you believe.I have tried so many and they are just bogus,the health industry for bodybuilders is just about making money not really helping you to put on mass.

However creatine no doubt does work,if all you want to gain is 5-10lbs,after that it becomes useless.

If you really want to put on weight eat,eat,eat,eat 5-6 meals a day,but if you have a problem in being able to eat that often(lack of hunger)then the only other way would be steorids or testosterone pills,which I don't suggest unless it's your last resort to trying to gain weight.

People like me who can eat all day and never put a pound on because of extremely high immune system,would need steroids to put on weight.I have never personally touched the stuff myself yet,but I am definitely considering it.

Which ever route you decide for yourself to follow in your goals to gain weight,proper eating and exercise should always be your #1 priority.

Myfit Expert
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1/30/2003 12:26:07 PM
If you are new to weight training and are wanting to gain weight and muscle, you can do so with out the help of supplements. First, take a look at your diet. Make sure you are getting enough calories in your day and from the right sources. Remember, athletes need more calories than the average person.

Within 4-6 weeks, you will begin to see gains. Once your gains have diminished, try altering your workouts and diet. If you feel you need to, then try using supplements to help you out.

When looking at supplements, be sure to know what it is you are taking. Look at how many calories are involved and where they come from. People may recommend using one supplement over another but ask yourself if they are recommending it for your benefit or so they can make money. Knowledge is power! Check out the supplements link if you have any further questions.


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