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is it necessary to use different exercises for a muscle after a certain period of time so the body wont adapt to it? or is it possible to just switch back and forth between the amount of reps and the weight in that particular exercise and still be able to gain muscle? due to the fact that i workout at home, i do not have a wide variety in terms of different exericises i can do


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Personal Trainer
11/13/2003 10:54:14 AM
It is possible to switch back and forth between the amount of reps and weight. That is called periodization training and athletes use this type of training during different parts of the year to maximize their efforts.

It is possible and is encouraged to at least mix it up betweeen training for hypertrophy and muscular definition.

Right now, I workout at home as well and you can just adjust the amount of reps to maximize your workouts.

Since you are working out at home don't forget about ball exercises. You can do pretty much everything on a ball.


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